The Best & Most Affordable Natural Looking Red Hair Wig

My search for a natural looking red wig is finally over.  I found this Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig by the name of Halle (click to buy).  I cannot tell you how many red wigs I have bought only to try them on, and I look like Nikki Minaj or Cardi B or something. And although that works great for them, I cannot really walk into my office with a bright behind unnatural looking red wig on my head. People would be giving me the side eye.

However, when I bought this wig I felt it was one of the more natural looking red hair wigs for the following reasons:

  • It went well with my skin tone as brighter red wigs have a tendency to look a little fake on me.
  • It was a very good lace front wig (even though it was synthetic) and it looked like it was growing out of my scalp.
  • It had a pretty realistic looking part without me plucking or doing anything to it. 
  • The red hair had dimension which kept it looking more natural.

Natural Looking Red Hair Wigs Bonus Tip ~ How I Made This Wig More Natural

Before I get into the full review of this wig I want to give you an easy tip on how I made this hair look more natural. Obviously, my natural hair is not red, and so when I put on the wig, my eyebrows were still blackish/ very dark brown. Which to me just made it look like I was wearing a wig. My hair being one color and my eyebrows being another color.

And since I was not going to go crazy and actually dye my eyebrows, I came up with the idea to just get burgundy/dark red eye shadow.  Get my eyebrow brush and simply apply the eye shadow to my eyebrows.  Which allowed my eyebrows to match the wigs and gave me a more overall more natural feel.

Now on to the review

Natural looking red hair wigs  Outre Halle~ Why I Bought this wig

I really wanted a dark red wavy wig. It put me in the mind of when Rhianna had red hair. And when I saw this one online, I felt that it would be perfect.  But as I said, I had a few bad experiences with red hair wigs.

So instead of just taking a leap of faith and hoping for the best, I actually googled reviews of this wig and found a woman video on this wig and watching that video is what actually influenced my decision.

Natural looking red hair wigs Outre Halle ~ First Impression

The wig is very red, but it is an appropriate shade of red. The hair was not too bright, and the hair was not too dark.  It did shock me a bit as I put on the hair because I was not used to having such bright red hair but when I wore it to work, I actually got tons of compliments on it.  The lace of the wig was pretty decent for it to be a red synthetic wig. I did not have to pluck it or do anything special to it. The only thing I did was cut off the lace and wear it. And the hair came down far enough on my forehead that it covered up my naturally dark hair. It would not have been a good look if I had a red wig and you could still see my black baby hairs peeking through the front.

Another bonus that I was shocked about was that the hair was a lot longer than what I thought.  Granted I am short, and most wigs are longer on me then they are other people BUT this hair came past my butt.  One thing I also noticed as that the density in the hair was pretty thin but for me, it did not compromise the integrity of the wig, and the density went with the style of the wig.

Natural looking red hair wigs Outre Halle– Specs on this wig

This wig is a red synthetic wig.  For me, I actually think that as a bonus. I have a red human hair wig, and it had the tendency to bleed from when they dyed it.  Plus getting a wig in synthetic fibers over human hair allows you to save some money.  I did want a dark red wavy wig when I bought this hair it really did make me want to straighten it. I felt both the length and the color would look bomb with it straightened.   Although I have not done that yet because I am afraid the wave will be gone forever, and it is hard to get waves back after you straighten a synthetic wig.

Either way, you do have the option of straightening this hair because it can take up to 400F of heat and it is made of heat resistant fiber. I personally think that this hair would look amazing straightened. And I have tips on how you can put waves back in the hair of a synthetic wig (click my blog here).

The wig is a lace front wig, and it comes with 6 inches of parting space. I must say that this is NOT a free part wig. You have only have one part that goes 6 inches deep, you cannot change it, or just part the hair anywhere. For me that was no big deal if I really wanted a side part wig then I would just shift the wig to the side.

Natural looking red hair wigs Outre Halle – Pros

The pros of this wig are that it is affordable and it is only $39.99. An advantage of the wig is also the length of the hair I love the fact that it is long. I also like the dark red wavy wig effect, and it is perfectly layered. I did not have to cut the hair at all it is just naturally shorter in the front and gets longer in the back which I feel gives it such a beach wave feel.  The lace front is also a big PRO. I literally went into the 7-11 by my job that I visit very often. The lady commented on how I changed my hair. And I was like no this is a wig.  She opened her mouth and was shocked that it was a wig because the lace on the front was very well done and looked like it was growing out of my head. Also, she pointed out that my part looked like an actual scalp. AND then she asked me could I take off my wig in the stop to show her. I think you know what my answer is. I mean I visit that 7-11 all the time but I am not that close with her that I am going to show her the lace on my wig.  BUT there is a point to this story.  I feel like if you have random people confused on if you dyed your hair or not and think that your hair is real, then it must be a pretty good quality wig.

 Natural looking red hair wigs Outre Halle – Cons

For me, the only thing that I say is that I wish that the sides of the wig would come further down. And this may be a me thing. I get like this with a lot of wigs because I have lower sideburns that wigs do not cover. But the hair is worn down, so it is not like anyone is going to really see that side of your hair as the wig is a lace front, but it is not meant to be pulled back.

Another con is that I really wished that this wig was a free part wig in the front.  It did say it had 6 inches of parting space when the part is already there and cannot be moved. As of now, you can just wear the wig one way, but I think it would have given the wig more styling ability for it to have a more free parting type of situation. Either way, none of the cons about this wig are huge cons.

Natural looking red hair wigs – Overall Review Click to buy

Of course, I am going to give this wig a 10 out of 10 I really do not have anything wrong to say about it. I love the waviness of the hair, the length, the style, the fact that you can straighten it, and I love the dimension of the red that allows the hair to look more natural over a cosplay or a costume wig.

If you know a fellow wig lover that is looking for a natural looking red wig, then go ahead and share this wig review with them.

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