8 Must Have Mix & Match Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes

In this post, I really wanted to show off this classy edgy style that I like to call sophisticated punk. I say I like to call it that because it was something that I just made up BUT upon further research, I found that this style is actually called rocker chic. So I am not the original creator of this type of look. I just hijacked it and named it something else.  

But seeing how my name is Sophia and my blog’s name is Sophie-sticated mom me making up my own name for something that already exists seemed like a better idea. But no matter if you want to call it rocker chic or sophisticated punk, just know that it is an edgy style with a hint of classiness and for me conservativeness. I am someone’s mother so I have to keep it relatively modest by not letting my goods hang out. My son would legit tell me to go and put some clothes on. So I feel this mix and match is pretty good for any body type and for those who may not want to wear crop tops or to show too much skin BUT still look stylish. (Post contains affiliate links).   

I wanted to show the versatility of this sophisticated punk, rocker chic, edgy type of style by doing a mix and match. This mix and match look book contain 8 pieces (or 9 if you include my ponytail. Yes, the ponytail can be bought which you can buy by clicking here. 

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes

As you can tell from this mix and match you get different types of looks because of the versatility of the pieces. You can get a casual look or a more dressed up and feminine look, or you can get a more sophisticated mommy look all using the same pieces. Which all and all saves you money. When you have fewer clothes in your closet but you can pair them with each other it is a huge money and space saver. Plus mix and matches like this is perfect for travel and also vacation as well.  

The 8 pieces consist of (Click my affiliate link to buy all pieces). Or click the pictures down below. 

  • One pair of shoes. 
  • Two Outerwear 
  • A skirt
  • Jogger
  • Shorts
  • Two Shirts 

All of the pieces pretty much go together but you can watch my video below from my YouTube channel (click to subscribe) to see some of the ways I styled some of the outfits.  

And as you know I am pretty cheap so I like to keep the items reasonably priced, there are a few items that may be a little higher than what I would have liked to pay but sometimes we all have those moments where fashion takes the best of us and we cannot help ourselves. Now let’s get into the details of this edgy rocker chic sophisticated punk style, shall we? 

Printed Tees

One of these shirts is affordable and one of these shirts is priced more than what I would have liked to pay but what I can say it was so very cute. So sometimes we just have to indulge. 

Obey Women’s Welcome Visitor

This shirt comes in three different colors but I am the type of person that likes to stand out with bold colors which is why I chose red. If you are not one of those people then you can just stick with the black or the white options. 

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes

What I like about this shirt is that even though it looks really simple you can style it in different ways depending on if you want to tie it or tuck it giving it a versatile look. You can dress it up by pairing it with a skirt or dress it down by pairing it with joggers. And this shirt is super affordable. Click here to buy it. 

PHILANTHROPY Women’s Casual Tee Shirt

This shirt is super cute and it is the more expensive one. More than likely this shirt would do best in a casual setting but if you put a jacket or outerwear over it, it does look more dressy. I cannot tell you how much I love this shirt and I just thought that it was so cute and edgy at the same time but still fit in with my mommy style. Or my stylish mommy style. Click here to buy it. 

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes


Outerwear can make or break an outfit in terms of making it look very different by putting one on. It can make it look more settle, dressy, and outerwear makes a summer outfit into a fall outfit for the days where it is not as warm. 

Platinum Women’s Faux Fur Bomber Jacket

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes

So I legit love this jacket and it is very affordable. This jacket comes in two other colors blue and light pink which in my opinion is not as cute and this is the only color jacket that will give you that rocker chic type of look. The other two colors just look like a faux fur fuzzy jacket for Easter Sunday or something because the colors are too light.  This jacket is perfect because it is actually pretty warm and it is not just a jacket for “decor” it is affordable, fashionable, and functional meaning that it does its jobs as a jacket. Click here to buy it. 

Goodthreads Women’s Boucle Shaker Stitch Cardigan Sweater

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes

This sweater is not edgy per se, this is where the sophisticated and chic comes in. It is one piece that we need to calm down all the edginess and make the outfit more settled and more mature. Just notice by adding the sweater how mature and how soccer mom it looks. But you are a stylish soccer mom, not just one who fits into the crowd. This sweater makes says that. Or at least to me it does. This sweater comes in 8 different colors and so choosing a bolder color may give you an edgier look but of course, I would recommend staying with the neutral tone so you can pair it with other things. Click here to buy

BONUS Rocker Chic: Tanming Women’s Faux Leather Moto Biker Short Coat Jacket

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes

This jacket was not featured in the original video but it was featured in my capsule wardrobe blog that you can click here to read. But I decided to add it to this list because it is an edgy jacket it comes in many colors and it is just so freakin cute. Of course, it is faux leather over real leather which makes it more affordable. Since it is black it can easily be paired with any of the pieces. Click here to buy it. And below for more color options. 

The Bottoms 

To get the most from your mix and match it is best to choose different types of bottoms such as skirts, shorts, and pants or joggers in this case. For a mix and match, you would never want to choose all skirts or shorts because then it makes your mix and match, less versatile and it makes it so that you can only wear it in the summer. Which is what you do not want. 

Ideally, you want your mix and matches to be able to work for as many seasons as possible and the bottoms should be able to switch up the look altogether. As in dressier to making it more casual by switching the bottoms. That is how you will get the most from your mix and match wardrobe.  

NIC+ZOE Women’s Darling Pleat Skirt

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes

This skirt is everything and it is not a skirt that you would consider more of an edgy rock chic type of style BUT when you pair it with that type of shirt then it will become a good balance thus why I call this collection sophisticated punk. The shirt would be the punk and the skirt would be the sophistication. This skirt is a bit pricey but it is very cute, very high quality, and this is something that you can have in your closest to pair with other items you have and even to wear to work or a date depending on the type of shirt you pair it with. Click to buy it. 

True Religion Women’s Quilted Jogger Pant

When I put on these joggers they are something that I loved once I put them on. They are super cute and for those who like to be casual and cute, these would be perfect. As I always say, I get that “not everyone feels likes dressing up” all the time but I do believe in leaving the house looking presentable, even as a mother…no excuses. 

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes

So if you are thinking about leaving the house in those pajama pants and a t-shirt because it is comfortable. Just put on some joggers and a printed T. It takes the same amount of effort to put on. It is just as comfortable but one makes you look stylish and while pajamas make it look like you forgot to get dressed after you rolled out of bed.  Click here to buy it. 

BLANKNYC Women’s Linen Paperbag Short Shorts

These are great shorts just to have in your wardrobe period outside of the whole sophisticated punk thing. These are one of the shorts that you can dress up or you can dress down no matter if you pair it with this mix and match or pair it with something you have in your closet. Filling your wardrobe with more versatile pieces that can be casual or dressy is what you want. It will have you buying fewer clothes and creating more looks. Click to buy it.  

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes


One pair of shoes and that is it. This is why I think that the entire mix and match would be perfect for travel. For those like me who like to carry a carry-on, on a plane; shoes take up space and having one pair that goes with everything is better than packing many. 

GUESS Women’s Pemota Sneaker

Edgy Rocker Chic Style Clothes

I love these shoes because they are very edgy with the animal print and patchwork and I was able to wear these shoes with all of the above outfits (even the skirt) which should show you how versatile these shoes are even if you would not think so by looking at them. Click here to buy it. 

And because I am so obsessed with this mix and match then you can see this small snippet video below of the outfits together and of course don’t forget to subscribe to my Instagram (click here) for more fashion and inspirational content. 

And of course, you guys should know that I am a hair fan and none of the outfits would have been complete if I did not have that long behind a wrap around ponytail which you can click to buy.   I hoped out like my rendition of edgy style, rocker chic, sophisticated punk mix and match is something that you would like to try. Click here to buy all the pieces or individual ones. 

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