5 Celebrity Couple Goals To Really Strive For

I am not the type of person that stalks other people’s lives but certain celebrity couples are goals for me that I admire. Now obviously I do not know these people and I do not know what goes on behind closed doors BUT the point of this post is to understand that a lot of time we look up to celebrities for relationships goals and if you choose to, I hope that you start having GOOD positive celebrity relationships goals over just superficial ones. Because media plays a large part in our reality and so many unrealistic media standards have shaped a lot of unrealistic relationship ideals because of what they idolize. Because real long-lasting relationships are based on way more than that.

I wrote a blog a while ago on my grandparents that are real relationship goals for me because they have been married for over 56 years and having seen their relationship first hand as their granddaughter I understand that real relationships are not perfect and they have their ups and downs (click here to read this post) and you can always watch my video below. I have also written a blog post on celebrities that were celibate before they got married because once again these are things that I admire, and I seek to do.   Now, I know I am rambling a bit and I am about to get into it but remember when you stalk, like, or choose any celebrity relationship goals, know why you do and if you are single then learn from aspects of their relationships so that you can understand how you can apply it to your own life and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here

Stephan and Ayesha Curry Because Marriage Can Be Sexy Not A Ball & Chain

Celebrity couple goals

Why They Are Celebrity Couple Goals ~ I love this couple because they are Christian AND I think it is so rare to see a young couple that wanted to settle down and get married. Marriage is declining because of how people view it. But Stephan and Ayesha for me is a great reminder that marriage does not have to be some BALL and CHAIN that is going to be boring and ruin your life. You can be two attractive people, having great careers (as they both do), having a wonderful family, and settling down young does not mean that you are going to miss out on something in your life. PROVIDED that you have the right level of maturity and have found the right type of person. And it is a reminder that if you do settle down young that you could and SHOULD continue to grow and build together as they have done and not just get complacent. You still have the rest of your life ahead of you. Don’t forget to have fun, have fun with each other, and build a freakin empire together.

Will and Jada Smith

Celebrity couple goals
Why They Are Celebrity Relationship Goals ~ I know we have all heard rumors about their relationship over the years. But they are still celebrity relationship goals for me because what I know is true is that they do their marriage is long lasting which counts for A LOT in a celebrity world where most people tend to switch spouses like underwear. It takes a lot to remain strong amid rumors, calling them swingers at one point, and to still be a power couple. They have mastered MANY hardships in the sense that Will was married before, had a child, they had a blended family AND they still managed to keep their marriage strong, positive, for every single person involved. Even the ex-wife and that says a lot. I love this video that Will did below talking about real love because it is a reminder that real marriage and relationships take work, the work never stops, and nothing is ever perfect. But working at it and not quitting and CHOOSING to love is what yields the highest payoff in a successful relationship.

Michelle and Barack Obama

Why They Are Celebrity Couple Goals ~ I read Michelle’s book which you can click my affiliate link here to buy. It was not just about her marriage but about her as a wife and it really gave me great admiration for who her husband is as a husband. Despite how successful he is, never once did he make a move without consulting his wife and as a husband, he really prioritized her and put her wants and needs above his own. And ultimately it was up to her being “okay” with him running for president which to me is the biggest sign of being unselfish. To be willing to put what you want on the back burner and to only pursue it once you have had a discussion with your wife and understanding that decisions need to be made as a family. Something husbands SHOULD do but many don’t.

Celebrity couple goals

Secondly, even when reading the book Barack pursued Michelle. Like legit she tried to hook him up with someone else at first. Perhaps he saw potential in her but most importantly I think this is an example of an equally yoked couple. Seeing that someone has something just as great as you mentally, emotionally, and intellectually which is not something that most people look for. And I think why, even after all these years, to this day that he will still show physical affection for his wife that you can see. Seeing that a couple is in genuine love when you look at them because they have built a strong foundation is RARE in this day and age BUT very beautiful.

Ciara and Russel Wilson

Celebrity couple goals
Why They Are Celebrity Relationship Goals ~ I did a video on why I love this couple because as a single mom myself (also click here to get my best selling single moms book) I love the way Russell Wilson was willing to come in and be both a husband and a father (not a stepfather) but a father to her son when she was in a nasty and public situation with her son’s father. AND also a rarity, he led the conversation of no sex before marriage with Ciara. A lot of men say they are Christian but REALLY how many men would actually offer to be celibate. It showed that he had intentions for her went beyond using her for her beauty and sex. And most importantly both of them have their own careers BUT still prioritize family time.

I think they are a great reminder that a couple can have it all. IF THEY REALLY WANT IT ALL. He plays sports and she is a singer; this is not where they are both lawyers and are in the same field. No, they both have their independent careers that require separate planning and time, while still prioritizing family time, vacation time, and maintaining a fine balance. And they manage to do it. How many times have we heard people say that they have had conflicting schedules or not enough time to do XYZ but they were in love, but due to careers that is why they broke up. People will make time for what they WANT to, make time for. Just because it does not come easy if both people prioritize the relationship, family, and work, it is possible.

Meghan Markle and Harry

Celebrity couple goals
Why They Are Celebrity Couple Goals ~ I know that many people probably look at them as celebrity relationship goals but for me for very different reasons. I think this couple is a sign of compromise. We all know that Meghan is biracial and that entering the royal family has not been the easiest for her in terms of what people have said about her (race wise). I think that her husband has not only went above and beyond to not only defend her but to also find a way to define their own lives outside of royal protocol because he saw that it is what was best for his wife, family, and marriage. I know that you are not royalty but the fact is that so many people listen to a lot of outside people, family, and do not listen enough to their spouses. And there are potential wonderful relationships getting messed up based trying to please people who are not even in the marriage. Just like the Bible says:

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. Genesis 2:24

That means the couple is the priority, not what is going on with everyone else or what everyone else thinks you should do, but doing what is best for you two. The fact that Harry is willing to break royal tradition to make his marriage more peaceful and cohesive gets a lot of props in my book. Because his wife should be his priority and you can tell it is. So much so that he is willing to break hundreds of years of tradition.

These are the 5 celebrity couple goals that I admire and for very legit reasons.  And perhaps before you get into your next relationship you can either look for some of these things OR determine if you have some of these things in your relationships OR if your relationship is built off of something substantial or superficial. If you need more help finding out, then check out my video below.

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