What To Do After Graduation When You Have No Options

Many people are wondering what to do after graduation when there seem to be no options. I mean let’s face it, times can be uncertain. In a blink of an eye, the world can be in quarantine and the job market is on hold, there can be layoffs, hiring freezes, or you may have the education but find a hard time finding a job with no experience. BUT all is not lost, even though you may feel lost on what to do after graduation just know that you are living in the best time ever and have many options available to you, even if you do not feel like it. So, let’s get into what they are, shall we?

# 1 Become an Influencer

There are so many stories of major influencers that did not know what to do after graduation. Or perhaps they did know what to do after graduation, but no company wanted to give them a job. Let’s get into some actual real-life people so you can see what I am talking about.

Case in point: Color Me Courtney

I had the opportunity of hearing her speak at a blog conference I attended, and she had a lot of trouble breaking into fashion after getting her MBA. She started her blog and brand Color Me Courtney to gain experience and build up her resume. She was able to get a full-time job before eventually quitting because her blog started to make more than her full-time job. You can read her full story here but here is just an excerpt.

Before we get to how I started my blog, let’s focus on the why. I had graduated with my MBA and moved to New York City with the hopes of landing a job in corporate fashion. I was 21 but my resume made me look 30 with interests in math and finance rather than fashion and styling. I couldn’t get hired at all so that’s when I really started working on my blog.

I had a Pinterest account, polyvore account (RIP) and a blog before where I posted photos from the fun themed dinner parties I hosted in college, but none we’re really “serious” if you will. When I first moved here and was miserable in looking for a job while working retail, Color Me Courtney served two roles: a creative outlet and a resume booster. Eventually, with its help, I maintained my sanity and creativity while eventually landing a role in corporate fashion … that I ultimately hated.

What you can learn from Color Me Courtney

First, no matter if you are graduating from high school, bachelor’s, or graduate school everyone struggles to find something. Here she was with an MBA for goodness sake and she had trouble finding a job. BUT also no matter if you are graduating from high school, with a bachelor’s, or graduate school you can still start some form of online business. You can be control of your income and even if having your own online business is not for you, forever, this can be a great resume booster for you so that you can get into the actual job that you want.

Some of the resources I have to help you out.

You can watch my video below on how to start your own online business that I posted on my YouTube channel. Where I give you some basic tips.

For more tips, I have an entire section on how to start a blog that you can click here and read. BUT if you’re really serious then you can join my Patreon where I post content regularly on how to start your own brand and online business and it is more of a detailed outline on what to do. I also give other information and advice on how to find a job as well. Just click here.

#2 What To Do After Graduation, You May Have To Take Any Job

Notice that in the Color me Courtney situation she said that she had to take jobs in retail which I am sure was nowhere near her MBA experience, but something is better than nothing. I know that firsthand because my first job after I graduated with my BS degree was working at a correctional facility as a juvenile correctional officer in which I was underpaid and you only needed a high school diploma.

But guess what? My degree was in criminal justice so that job experience looked good on my resume. It was a state job so it was secure, there were many promotion opportunities, and the experience that I got working with children, then the sex offender unit, the substance abusive unit, the suicidal unit, and I mean SO SO much more; gave me the experience I needed to get into the mental health field. Which lead me to get two mental health degrees an MS and Ph.D.

What’s My Point:

When I had to get a low paying job that only requires a high school diploma after getting all this education was I a bit salty. YES! I was. But I also spent months and months applying for jobs and got nothing. So getting something was better than getting nothing especially when I was strategic about the job I took. Even though I was under-qualified like Color Me Courtney I took this job with a goal in mind that I would not be there forever and this would just be a leg up for my future.

#3 You May Have To Move

I know moving can be so hard for some people. BUT it is a fact that some places have more job opportunities in others. After getting laid off from my job I struggled to find another (see my blog here) and when I moved to the DC area that was about two hours away from where I lived at the time I got a job in less than a month. And it was higher paying.  Because the DC area has a lot of jobs, it is a city, and it is has a lot of opportunities. So do not stay stuck to where you are and do not be afraid to move. YOLO (you only live once) get out and see the world, move to New York, Calfornia, DC, or wherever the job market is that may be booming and don’t be scared.

Case In point: Taraji P Henson

After Taraji P Henson graduated from college as a single mom she moved to LA with her and her son so she could pursue a professional acting career with just $700 in her bank account. And of course, we know it paid off for her in the end for several roles but notice.  She was not going to become an awarding winning actress staying where she was when there were not acting roles where she was. The acting roles were in LA and that is what she got her degree in and that is what she wanted to do and therefore she moved from DC to LA, cross country with her son because she knew that was the only way to get the role of her dreams.  And even for her, it did not come easy, she worked odd jobs while auditioning before getting her first role. As I said in the last tip, oftentimes it is just like that. But you do have to remain flexible and willing to move if need be knowing that it will land you to your dream career over standing still knowing that it will land you to nothing.

Something things to remember:

  • Since you have just graduated there are some things to remember to make your move safer for you. First, apply and get a job before you move. Many people will at least do a video or phone interview first that way you know that you have an actual job before you move.
  • Ask about relocation expenses. Ask, not demand. Once again this depends on the job and the career level. Some federal jobs or big companies may pay something whereas some may not. You can ask if they pay for relocation expenses or even research the company to see if they do that way you don’t have to pay for everything on your own.

#4 When At a Lost On What To Do After Graduation Just Remember To Keep Applying

Applying to as many jobs as possible months before you graduate, let them know you plan to graduate soon and as many jobs as soon as you graduate. I recommend applying for 20 something a week (YES you heard me right) and I have a blog post to tell you how to find these jobs and how to do this.  I mean really this is common sense right, it is a numbers game. The more jobs you apply to, the more you will get interviewed for, the more you get interviewed for, the more likely it is that something will hit. Especially if you are willing to apply for jobs that you may be a little overqualified for but can lead to valuable job experience, or jobs that are in neighboring or bigger cities, and jobs in your area. You are bound to get something.

#5What To Do After Graduation You Can Go In The Military Or other Uniformed Profession

What I say, joining the military is pretty much a sure thing when you do not know what to do after graduation. And if you have a college degree it is a possibility that you can come in as an officer over enlisted which pretty much means more money. Either way when you join the military (unless there is some reason why you can’t such as a felony or something) you have a guaranteed job, money, benefits for housing and so much more.  I know this because my mother spend my entire life in the military and I work with the military population in mental health for over 5 years. So I am pretty aware of the benefits that the military has to offer and it is always an option when you feel that you have no option what so ever.

And it is not permanent. You can enlist for a little as 3-5 years sometimes and get out, knowing that when you do you have more job experience and people will hire you with military experience, especially federal jobs. Or you can stay in and retire if you like it. Plus you get to travel all over the world, pick your specialty, there are a lot of options in the military especially when you don’t know what to do after graduation. Sometimes the military scares people, don’t let it. It can be a great career choice.

As an honorable mention, you can join the police force, firefighter, etc.  Most of the time you may get in with a high school diploma some of these options or positions require a BS degree BUT they are always looking for people.

I really hoped I was able to ease some of your concerns when it came to what to do after graduation when you feel like there are no options because there are plenty of to options.  Remember you an always join my Patreon where I talk about more and more options on how to level up and glow up your life, career advice, business advice, and even how to network.  Just click here.

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