4 Ways How Blaming Others Is Holding You Back

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We are living in a day where blaming others for our problems is the norm. No one wants to take personal accountability, it is always someone else’s fault as to why their life is going to crap or why someone cannot do something because someone else is standing in the way preventing them from doing “being great.”

I am convinced that the reason people do this is that it is so much easier to blame other people for their issues instead of taking a look in the mirror and to really face that you can take your destiny into your OWN hands despite what other people are doing to you.  Also, check out my video below on the entitlement mentality for more on how to stop blaming others for your problems.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel click here. 

1. What Blaming Others For Your Problems Will Never Get You

Blaming others for your problems is not going to get you anywhere and I hate to break it to you, but most people are not sitting around thinking about how they can screw up your life.  And even if they are, they have no control over you any way you are free to do what you want no matter what they are or are not doing to you.

2. Blaming Others ~ Case in point.

As I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show on my way to work, there was a gentleman who called in for some “inspiration.” The caller’s complaint was that he was black and that he did not feel that he was being treated in the same way as white people. And this was the reason why he was not succeeding in life. Why he did not have a job. Why he was broke and why he could not get ahead. Now me being a black person, I admit that racism exists.

I have experienced racism myself BUT let’s not deny that there are black people out here all day every day who have a job and who are doing well.  Many of them may have faced racist people but they NEVER allowed it to hold them back. In fact, I have experienced some racism when applying for a job (watch my video down below) BUT that never stopped me from getting one. Do you see what I mean? You can blame, sit around, be broke, and do nothing OR you can get up and do something.

Back to the story. Listening to this gentleman I felt sad for him and not sad in an emphatic way but I was sad that he had fallen prey to the “blaming others for your problems” mentality.  Sad that he kept hanging on to what was not being done for him and who was doing what for him instead of looking to get things done on his own.

I mean unless someone is chaining you to a bed and you cannot do anything you always have the power to get up and get your life. You always have the power to get up and give what other people won’t give you. The reason why I bring up this man is that he is many people. People who give other people WAY too much credit and power.  Power of your emotions, power of your situation, and power whether you succeed or not.

3. Stop Blaming Others For Your Problems Because There Will Always Be Problems

Through my 30 something years of living, I have quickly learned that people are not going to like you. You are going to face opposition.  People are going to mistreat you or be jealous of you (see my blog here).  People are going to put you down.

You are not going to be treated fairly because you are a woman, because of how you look, because of how your hair is styled, because people do not like your name, because of where you come from, because of your job, because of your skin, because of your age, because you are too fat, because you are too skinny, or because of anything. I can name anything about you, and I can guarantee that someone out there is going to hate you for it.

blaming others

4. Blaming Others ~ Case In Point #2

Through my 30 something years of living, I learned that you cannot change people BUT you can change the way that you respond to people (Click here to read my blog on accepting the things you cannot change). And that includes stop blaming others for your problem and get on your GROWN WOMAN stuff and rise above all of that.

Succeed despite what is or is not being done for you and STOP focusing on other people. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing you.

Because at the end of the day blaming others for your problems is energy wasted that can go toward something more productive.  There has been a whole list of people that have not to like me, and the list keeps growing. There are even more people who have tried to hold me back.  But you know what I realized?

No matter how much you hate me it is not going to change who I am, it is not going to change what want to do, and I am not going to allow you to stop me. If it is up to someone else to open a door for me and they won’t then I will bang through it or build another one if I have to (click my blog here).

The last thing I am going to do is sit around and run my mouth about what is or is not being done for me and why the other person is not doing for me and how my whole life has gone to crap because of what someone else did.

So I am here to tell you that you cannot allow other people’s opinions of you to hold you back and to stop blaming others for your problems. If you do, then you are allowing them to have dominion over you.  You are giving them power over you that they do not deserve.  And the more that you worry about them and what they are doing to you, the less time you have to worry about yourself and the things that you should be doing to propel yourself forward.

blaming others

It is sad to say that in the world in which we live, people make too many excuses why they cannot do something. Why they are failing or why they cannot get ahead. They want to blame everyone else for their problems.  No one can stop you from what you really want to do. The only person that can REALLY stop you is yourself and you can do that by not doing and just blaming.

So every time you open your mouth to put the blame on someone else, change your thinking and instead choose to open your mouth and say something that you are thankful for. Instead, choose to do something positive instead of focusing on the negative.  Nothing in this world worth having is given to you easily (see my blog here).

Just because you were meant or even want to do something does not mean that your path will be easy and clear. There will be opposition and sometimes that opposition will be people. But no matter what other people are doing to us or have done to us. Sometimes we just need to build a bridge and get over it. It really is a simple as that. Do not point out what everyone is doing wrong to you and stop blaming others for your problems saying they are the reason why you cannot get ahead.  Instead, just get ahead.

“The best revenge to give someone who thought you would fail is to succeed.”

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