What Are Healthy Boundaries? 6 Ways To Have Them

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What are healthy boundaries? Let’s talk about you living for yourself. Yes, I am Christian, Yes I am humble, and yes I think that you should be too BUT there is such a thing called boundaries. As women, I think we are SO SO guilty of giving too much and doing too much for other people.

It could be wanting to build up our man, our family, our friends and we feel that it is our responsibility to do so. Do more for them and their lives sometimes more than we do for ourselves. Before we continue consider checking out my video down below on how to maintain boundaries and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

Therefore In This Post I Will Go Over

  • What are healthy boundaries?
  • What are unhealthy boundaries?
  • How to have healthy boundaries in relationships
  • What are healthy boundaries in a relationship
  • How to have healthy boundaries with friends
  • Healthy vs unhealthy boundaries

1. What Are Healthy Boundaries Vs. What Are Unhealthy Boundaries

If your man does not have his crap together then that is his problem. If your friend is going through her one-thousandth problem this week and she wants you to drop everything you are doing to cater to her needs, then guess what? That is her problem?

If you are at work, and your boss wants you to stay late to do their work, then guess what? That sounds like their problem. If that family member that cannot hold down a job is sitting around asking you for money AGAIN because their lights got turned off AGAIN, and you are the only one with a steady income then that sounds like THEIR PROBLEM!

2. What are healthy boundaries ~ Healthy vs unhealthy boundaries?

My point is you have to have boundaries and stop letting other people guilt you and attach themselves to your back allowing them to weigh you down becoming your eternal burden so much so that you do not have what you need to pick yourself up and carry your own weight. Because now you have to carry them too.

And that is how you can tell the difference between healthy vs unhealthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries will have you able to still focus on yourself, your life, your goals, and what YOU are doing to make yourself happy. Unhealthy boundaries are when you are weighed down so much by other people’s crap that you are unable to focus on the things that you want in your life and things that make you happy. Also, check out my video and blog on how to put yourself first.

3. What Are Healthy Boundaries ~ How To Have Healthy Boundaries In Relationships?

Most of the reason why people fail to have healthy boundaries is that they feel bad for putting themselves first and they tend to put other people and other people’s crap before their own life. Therefore, remember this.
It is okay to live for yourself, do something for yourself, tell people no, don’t let people take advantage of you, cut people off, see people for who they are even if they are users, even if they are using you, and don’t be afraid to cut them off.

4. What Are Healthy Boundaries In A Relationship & How to have healthy boundaries with friends?

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I cannot count how many times in the past that I hindered my own growth based on what so-called friends have said to me or so-called boyfriends have said to me all for the sake of “caring for me” wanting the best for me and not wanting to me to get disappointed. When really they just did not want me to live up to my best full potential because they did not want me to leave them behind. Or simply because they were jealous.

Even though I am a straight shooter I was and can still be a bit naive. In the sense that I really want to believe that people want the best for people. I really want to believe that people are not jealous or mean or not backstabbing BUT unfortunately, life has taught me different and those lessons have often come from those who have been close to me. And these are the people that you want to draw boundaries with. Friends aka frenemies (click my blog here to read more on that) who pretend they are friends but really they want to make your life a living hell.

And so I want to tell you this when it comes to how to have healthy boundaries with friends or to even help you understand what are healthy boundaries in a relationship are. No matter if it has been from friends, dating, relationships there are legit people who are just mean or want to hurt you simply because they do.

Or what you will come to find is that people are completely cool with you that is UNTIL you start to want better for yourself AND their ill will get worse for you when you start to GET better for yourself. And these are the friends and relationships that you want to draw boundaries against. The one who wants to take from you all while wanting to sabotage you or one that cannot be happy for your success. Also, consider checking out my video down below on how to not give a crap.

5. What Are Healthy Boundaries ~ How To Have Healthy Boundaries In Relationships & What To Do?

I have learned that sometimes you have to keep your circle tight and surround yourself with those who want to love and support you and once you find out who those people are you may find that your circle will get very VERY VERY small. But don’t resent it, love it. I would much rather have friends, a boyfriend, or even a husband that supports me than one who would rather bring me down or cause drama in my life.

6. What Are Healthy Boundaries & How To Have Healthy Boundaries Final Thoughts

Rid yourself of those types of people and most important don’t change yourself. Just because other people are negative never once did don’t become like them. Leave them behind and rid them out of your life. Do so with love and never let their bitterness and negativity rub off on you. Just because they are who they are, does not mean that you have to join them and it does not mean that you need to have them in your space if that is not where they need to be.

It is not selfish to do the best thing for your life. So if you are wondering how to have healthy boundaries in relationships then I give you permission to focus on yourself and to cut out anyone who disrupts your internal peace.

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