8 Quick & Easy Hairstyles With Drawstring Ponytails

Never underestimate the power of the drawstring ponytail.  It can do wonders and it can be done in a matter of minutes, which is why I am going to give you 8 of the best drawstring ponytail hairstyles for black hair. From curly, to natural, to afro,  to straight you will truly discover the hidden powers of the drawstring ponytail.  (Post contains affiliate links).

drawstring ponytail hairstyles hairstyles with drawstring ponytails

Hairstyles With Drawstring Ponytails ~ What I use to slick down my hair.

Since I do have natural hair it is very important to slick down my hair so that it stays in place.  There is nothing worse then a drawstring ponytail on your head that does not blend well with your texture or does not looked polished because your hair is not properly slicked down.  So here are my go to products that I used to slick down my hair.

Optional: Heat Brush (Click here):  You can always choose to straighten your hair a little to slick especially if you are natural because this will help make your hair more tamable. But I don’t most of the time just because I am lazy. But if you want to I have found that this one works just fine. Now on to the hairstyles with drawstring ponytails.

Drawstring ponytail hairstyles for black hair ~ The High Ponytail

The hairstyles that I am going to show you is the high ponytail which is very easy to do.  All you literally have to do is to put your hair up in a high bun and apply the drawstring ponytail. No parting or braiding or anything.  But it is the different type of drawstring ponytail that will give you versatility as you can always choose the different types of textures.

1. Hairstyles with drawstring ponytails ~ The Long And Straight Drawstring Ponytail

This long drawstring ponytail is the Vivica Fox New Futura Synthetic Fiber Hair Collection (click to buy).  The total price of the hair is $12.50 and this is a long drawstring ponytail measuring 28 inches.  The color that I got was 1b.  The only grip that I have about the hair color is that the 1b appeared to be more of a jet black color.

Typically 1b hair color is supposed to be more of a natural black hair color that should match your hair tone. In retrospect I probably would have gotten the color 2 and it probably would have matched my hair color better. But the good news is that this ponytails comes in a lot of colors so you will more than likely be able to find a color to match your hair tone no matter what.

drawstring ponytail hairstyles hairstyles with drawstring ponytails

2. Hairstyles With Drawstring Ponytails ~ The Long And Wavy High Ponytail

So technically this is not a drawstring ponytail but it is close enough and it is put in, in the same way. Kind of sort of, there is no drawstring but you get it.  This ponytail has a comb in it that you clip in on  your actual bun then there is a wrap around part. It is a small piece of hair with Velcro attached to it and you wrap it around the base of the ponytail and viola here we go.  This is the ponytail that is about 18 inches and guess what it is only $8.99 (Click here to buy). I KNOW Right and it is super cute and super affordable.  You can switch this ponytail to the side or anything that you want.

Drawstring ponytail hairstyles for black hair ~ The Afro Puffs

Natural drawstring ponytails hairstyles are really good for black hair. I know at least for me as someone who has natural hair it is, because it is a lot easier to blend in my natural hair with a similar texture drawstring ponytail then it is a straight one and I can waist less time trying to get my hair as slick.

3. Hairstyles With Drawstring Ponytails ~ Two Big Afro Puffs Drawstring Ponytails

drawstring ponytail hairstyles hairstyles with drawstring ponytails

I know that these are really big but I swear that I love this style and I got so many compliments on them.  And you can always switch up the style and use one drawstring afro puff over two or however you want it.  And you could probably do this style under about 10- 15 minutes.  And the afropuff is from Sensationnel and cost a little over $10 (click here to buy) and of course I got 2 of them.  Below is an entire video tutorial on how I did this style, so you can get a step by step on how to create it. Click here to subscribe to my channel.

4. Hairstyles With Drawstring Ponytails ~ Two Low Afro Puffs

And because I liked the two afro puff so much in the high form I decided to also do the same style in a lower afro puff style.  With smaller puffs of course as  having this huge puff as the bottom of my head would have probably looked cute BUT it would have been too much.  And so I used these smaller puffs that were $10 each from amazon which you can buy here.  All I did was just a part the hair into two, then I put my hair into two smaller buns, and then placed the drawstring afro puffs over them.  and here you have it.

drawstring ponytail hairstyles hairstyles with drawstring ponytails

Drawstring ponytail hairstyles for black hair ~ The Some Curly Hair

Like the afro textured I enjoyed having the curly drawstring as well just because when it comes to black hair I think that it gives it more of a realistic feel as my hair is natural and it just helps blend my natural texture. And with the curlier draw string ponytails they can bring more versatility with styles over just the afro or even the straight ones.

5. Hairstyles With Drawstring Ponytails ~ The Curly Drawstring Ponytail

So legit this has been one of the most versatile drawstring ponytail that I have comes across in the sense that I have created many, many styles with these ponytail which is why I like it. And it retails for about $7.99 (click here to buy).  This is just one of those ponytails that you can switch it up to do different styles as you an see from my picture below.

drawstring ponytail hairstyles hairstyles with drawstring ponytails

6. Hairtyles With Drawstring Ponytails ~ The Curly Drawstring Mohawk

So this mohawk is super cute but it did take some TLC in order to make it happen.  It took some trimming, combing, and styling to make this look right. But once I got it going I did like it and if you have ever done a traditional mohawk with your own hair then you know how time consuming this can be.  So this drawstring ponytail is a good time saver and you cannot even tell that this is fake hair. It looks 100% real. The ponytail is synthetic and it cost a little under $11 (click here).

drawstring ponytail hairstyles hairstyles with drawstring ponytails

I also have a video on how you can just use a traditional curly drawstring ponytail and turn it into a mohawk instead of buying on that is specifically for this style. And don’t forget to  subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

Drawstring ponytail hairstyles for black hair ~ The Drawstring and Bang

I have recently discovered the drawstring and bang just because it gives you a chance to do something a little different then just attaching the traditional ponytail onto your head not you can have the option to have a bang.

7. Hairstyles With Drawstring Ponytails ~ The Genie Ponytail and Bang

I actually wrote an entire blog on the different types of genie ponytails which you can read here. I really like this one because I mean it is just cute. The down side is that the bang is attached to the ponytail meaning that you can only wear the ponytail as a high ponytail and so that the bang can be in the front of your face.  The bang does not detach or anything so you would not be able to even wear the ponytail alone. But it is still cute.  (click here to buy).

drawstring ponytail hairstyles hairstyles with drawstring ponytails

8. Hairstyles With Drawstring Ponytails ~ The Bang and Bun

This I do love in the sense that it is a lot more versatile.  The bun and the bang are not attached meaning that I could wear a high bun and I could have a low bun. I could have a side bang and I could also have a front facing bang.  You can click here to buy. You could even use the bangs with some of the other ponytails or you can just use the bun alone which is why I like this style.

drawstring ponytail hairstyles hairstyles with drawstring ponytails

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