Easy 6 Step Guide On How To Do Makeup For Beginners

This post is going to tell you how to do makeup for beginners and it is not as hard as you think.  You can learn how to do makeup step by step that is normal. Do not get caught up in the hype of some of these YouTube beauty gurus thinking that you have to put 1000’s of colors on your eye.  Trust me, I got caught up in that same things (see my picture below) and you can see what an epic fail that was. I mean it is not the WORST ever makeup, but it is the YouTube makeup and the fact of the matter is that MOST people do no walk out of the house looking like this.

how to do makeup for beginners how to do makeup step by step
YES, I really thought I was HOT STUFF WITH THIS OVERKILL makeup.

If you want to know how to do makeup step by step and you have no idea what you are doing, the first thing I want to let you know is that makeup applying is easy and less is more.  I get what Instagram tells you but you do actually want to look like yourself, so if you are beginner wanting to know how to do makeup then you should know that you do not need to go overkill just because you see that on social media, most people do not walk around doing that on a day to day basis.

And last but not least, remember practice makes perfect.  Even if your makeup does not look the best of the best the first time you do it, keep trying you will get better.

Now let’s get into it shall we? How to do your makeup for beginners?

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The first thing I want you to do is to check out my blog on the makeup starter kit.  In that blog I have must have makeup products for every make up beginner at an affordable price.  That kit will help you start creating makeup looks and you do not need a boat load of makeup products to do and it is super affordable.  Do not go out here spending lots of money on makeup and you do not know what you are doing. Choose a reputable drug store brand sure, but skim off the thousands of dollars of makeup just cause.  Also you can check out my video down below on how to do an everyday makeup look and get the beauty bag in the video by clicking here. 

First, How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step ~ Base Your Face

First I am going to show you a step by step way to lay your foundation, because that is what you should do first as a beginner.  You can also check out my video below on beginner friendly makeup routine as well so you can get an idea of how all this flows together.  Watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

I am going to tell you how to put on your foundation in the most straight forward way.  Often times, the makeup experts will tell you to put on color correction, primer, foundation, bake, highlight, contour, etc.

I am not going to tell you to do all of that.  To lay your foundation, it is going to be a simple as putting on some lotion.

Step 1: How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step ~ Primer

  • How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step Primer: is the first thing that you want to put on.  You can see some of my suggestions below.  Just put a little in your hand and put it on like lotion.

Primer helps your make up to last longer. If you have some special issues with your skin (for example your skin is prone to getting oily or shiny) then just get a primer for that.  It is not super hard to figure out and there is no need for you to get intimidated by primer.  Some primer say shine free, and that means it keeps you looking shine free.  Some say oil control and you can guess what that means.

How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step

For example, look at the primer above, Maybelline is a reputable drug store brand that is also affordable. Some of the primer is good for hyper pigmentation, blurring effect giving you a more flawless finish.  In the end, when in doubt just read the bottle of the primer and it will tell you exactly what the primer does and determine if you need it for your skin.  Click here to see the Maybelline Primers.

Step 2: How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step Liquid Foundation

How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step ~ Liquid Foundation: is the next thing that you want to apply. I must say that this depends on you. If you have more flawless skin then I you may not need liquid and only stick with powder or you may only stick with liquid and skip the powder.  But in case you want liquid or to do both then this is how you go about applying the make up.

I suggest the the Maybelline Fit me Foundation (Click here to buy). Not only is it affordable but it also comes in so many shades that any and everyone is bound to find their skin tone.

How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step

Just get a damp beauty sponge and apply the liquid foundation all of your face.  You want to damp NOT wet and soak the sponge to death, but if you dampen the sponge and apply foundation it will help absorb into your skin and give it a better finish.  Below I have including some very affordable options for beauty sponges, that will get the job done just fine over the more expensive ones.

Step 3: How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step ~ Set Your Foundation.

Next you will get setting powder, just use a fluffy brush (which you can click here to see).  To set your liquid foundation you can do this one or two ways.  You can do powder foundation or you can use setting powder.  The way you apply them both is the same and that is just to get a brush and apply it once again watch my video above or some of my videos below for ideas.

First, setting powder.  This is a good option if you do not need full coverage and you just want to set your foundation in place. As a woman of color for me personally I get a setting powder that is close to my skin tone.  Some people get clear setting powder but if you are a woman of color then it will look ashy on you.  So to be safe just get setting powder close to your skin tone and a great option is by Black Radiance (click here to buy).  And no you do not have to be black lol.  It comes in various shades and unlike foundation it does not have to be an exact match to your skin, if it comes close it will work.

How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step

And that is all for your foundation, you are done. The best thing about this foundation routine is it is easy and it should allow for your foundation to last throughout the day.

Step 4. How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step~  Easy Eyebrows

Before we get into eyebrows also check out my soft glam make up tutorial video below, which of course will cover eyebrows and other tips in this post.  As always my makeup videos are very beginner friendly. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by click here.

Once again do not get intimidated by the eyebrows of Instagram in which they are shaded and colored in to a tee.  The fact of the matter is, that all of that is not needed.  You can check out my blog here on eyebrows, but the first thing you want to do to make this whole process easier is to arch your eyebrows.  You can do that yourself or you can have it done professionally.

Once you have had your eyebrows arched then all you need is a simple eyebrow pencil to simply color them in and a brush to brush in the color.  It should be really hard for you to screw up this process. Since your eyebrows are already arched all you have to do is just color in where you hair already is.  This will make your eyebrows darker and more defined.

Step 5. How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step ~ Applying Eye shadow Made Easy

If you are new to makeup figuring out what eye shadows to use can leave you looking like a clown if it is improperly done. Do not feel pressured to use colors upon colors of eye shadow.  Three colors are all you really need.

A highlight color underneath the brow, a transition shade, and a lid shade.  Do not feel intimidated by not knowing what goes where because there are many brands that can tell you. The ONLY thing that I will add is to use brushes over using the eye shadow application.   It will make things so much better for your overall look.

How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step

Below are some products that will just help you achieve what I was talking about so that you do not have to remember. Literally these eye shadows tell you where to put each thing. And if you look at my picture above all it is, is a lid color, a middle color, and an eyebrow highlight.  That is it.  Nothing to insane, crazy, or time consuming.  I suggest this brush set to apply your eye shadow.  It literally explains to you exactly what each brush is for.

How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step

Almay. They have eye shadow that tells you exactly where to put you’re the eye shadow on your lids. AND what colors goes best with your eye color. I  mean literally just look at the shape of the package and that tells you exactly where you eye shadow should go.  I suggest sticking with neutral shades as a beginner because if you mess up it is a lot less likely that people will notice. Click here to buy. 

How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step

Wet and Wild also has a eye shadows that tells you exactly where to place the eye shadow on your eyes, and it is only three colors eliminating the possibility of you doing too much and looking like someone blacked your eye. And I must say that Wet and Wild has come up in the world.  They use to be known for like lip gloss and nail polish  back in my day but they have some really good quality makeup that is still affordable and great for practice.

For more tips on beginner friendly eye shadow you can also look at my beginner friendly smokey tutorial to learn how to put on make up (particularly a smokey eye for beginner).  Smokey eye can be very nice to do but also very hard.  It has the potential to look like someone punch you in the eye if done wrong.

Step 6. How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step ~  Add Blush And/Or Highlight

I love blush and I really love highlight, when in doubt get that brush that I mentioned above and put it all over your face and just highlight your face to death. Then it will automatically look like you know how to do make up because you will just look like a big ball of glow.  But seriously, watch my videos in this post to see the highlight technique.  I recommend highlighting your cheek bones and applying blush on the hallows of your cheek.

How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step

And because it is best to kill two birds with  one stone you can get this Maybelline set (click here to buy) with  both the blush and the highlight.  Notice the way the makeup is applied in the picture.  The blush or the red is apply to the hallows of the cheek and the actually highlight applied on the cheekbones.

How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step

Secondly, How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step ~  Other Tips To Remember

  • When starting out, forgo the bold colors and get more neutral tones.  It is easier for those to look better on your skin and harder to mess up.
  • You can watch YouTube Tutorials but please do not get intimated if your look does not turn out to be their look.  Sometimes you can take away some make up tips but not all of them.  So try taking one technique that they use in their video and master that first.  Once you master one of their techniques, go back for a second technique; master it, and then a third and so one and so forth.
  • Learning how to do your makeup does not mean you have to look like a “beauty guru.” I know how to do my makeup and I still do not look like them.  Find a makeup routine and look that work for you and your skill level.

Last, Remember when learning how to do make up: Practice Makes Perfect

Remember to practice.  And do not practice the morning of when it is time to go out into the world.  But the night before when you have time and if you mess up you do not have to go anywhere.  The more you practice the more you will get proficient at doing makeup.

How To Do Makeup For Beginners & How To Do Makeup Step By Step

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