Bobbi Boss Layla Wig ~ Ultimate Review

An In Depth Review of The Bobbi Boss Layla Wig

Can we talk about this Bobbi Boss Layla wig? I bought this wig when it first came out, but for some reason or another it took me a long time to get around to wearing it.  It was not until I looked into my extensive wig collection that I realized that this wig was still sitting in the box untouched.

In any case, once I wore the wig I decided that this was a wig that was worth an in depth review.  So for any of you out there thinking that you may want to get this wig, check out my review and I will let you know if it is even worth your time.

Bobbi Boss Layla First Impressions

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When I saw the wig online the reason why I bought it was not for the style but rather for the color. The color that I got was TTVVORC. The color in this wig is actually pretty popular. When I tried to get the color I had to keep checking online time and time again to wait for this color to be available.

An In Depth Review of The Bobbi Boss Layla Wig

What turned me on about the color was that it was so unique with the mixes of blue, purple, and burgundy.  Once the wig actually arrived, when I looked at it in the packaging I just was not that impressed.

The first flaw with the wig was that it was not a lace front.  Perhaps I did not read the packaging closely but I just assumed it was. In this day and age how a wig is NOT a lace front and that was something that was a huge turn off for me.  I feel like the wig just looked more unrealistic because of it.

Bobbi Boss Layla Parting Space

The second disappointment of this wig was the parting space.  The parting space is lace and it does look realistic BUT the parting space does not run all the way to the front of the head.  Instead the parting space starts about a ¾ of an inch from your forehead and then it fades into a natural part.

An In Depth Review of The Bobbi Boss Layla Wig

It just seemed like such a random thing to do to put natural parting in the wig but then start the part ¾ inch back. And where the parting really matters, is in the front. So for them to just ruin the wig like that made no since and just brought down the wig quality. They just put it together in a very FAKE way.  It just takes away from the wig so much and the wig could have been a lot better if they would not have constructed it this way.

BUT the good news is that other people must have had the same complaint that I did because I heard that the wig was re-done to make a lace version of the wig (click here to buy).

Bobbi Boss Layla Fit

There are no combs in this wig, but the way the cap is constructed it fits just fine.  The wig is very breathable and fits closely to the head.  I rarely attach the combs when I put on my wigs anyway so it was really no big deal when I wore it.  The straps are adjustable and the secure the wig on your head just fine. It feels secure on my head, not like it is going to blow off.

An In Depth Review of The Bobbi Boss Layla Wig

Bobbi Boss Layla What I do Like About the Wig

I know I went in on this wig so hard that I am surprised you are still reading.  You probably think I hate the wig. But I don’t. The above things were just some of the things that threw me off about the wig, but all and all once I started wearing the wig, I actually starting like it a lot.

Bobbi Boss Layla Hair

This is a synthetic wig and it is heat safe.  But the feel of the hair is so amazing.  It is not too shiny and I love the way it lays on me.  One may think that with all I have said about the wig that it would be an epic fail, but they really did put some effort in the quality of the hair. But not the lace parting for some reason.

The way the style is with this wig, makes the wig look very classy and professional.  So once I tried the wig on and comb the hair out.  I tossed my hair around a few times, I was very excited to see how much body the hair had and the way it laid.

Bobbi Boss Layla Color

An In Depth Review of The Bobbi Boss Layla Wig

I got the wig because of the color but I also got the wig online.  When you buy a colored wig online sometimes you never know what you are going to get.  I have gotten colored wigs online and in person the color looks nothing like the screen.

In this case I loved the color.  It actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would have turned out.  Even though it has a mix of blues, burgundies, and purples.  It actually comes across very classy and can be versatile depending on where you want to wear it. I wore my wig to work in my professional clothes and I still looked like a professional.

Bobbi Boss Layla Other Colors

An In Depth Review of The Bobbi Boss Layla Wig

This wig comes in a lot of other colors, so depending on how bold or not so bold you want to be you can certainly make this wig work for you. Just from a quick view on the internet and seeing other people in the wig, I see that most people were like me in the sense that they wanted to get this wig in other colors over just getting the wig in black.  Once you have a pretty good wig collection, having a collection of black wigs in different styles can be very boring.

Bobbi Boss Layla Overall Review

I do like this wig because of the color, the feel of the hair, and the style. But a major turn off for me was the entire parting situation and this NOT being a lace front wig.  So as is, I would give this wig a 6 out of 10.

With the above being said, this wig has chance to redeem itself in the sense that the wig has been remade as a lace front with (which you can buy here).  If I had this wig in the lace front then that would certainly up my rating.

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