The Aldo Gucci Bag Dupe MUST HAVE

The Aldo Glenda Bag Is An Gucci Handbag Dupe

Who is ready to get cheap with me? Let’s talk about this Aldo Gucci bag. Okay, that’s alie, it is really an Aldo bag BUT it LEGIT looks just like a Gucci bag. This Aldo Glenda bag is a really good Gucci handbag dupe for the Sylvie handbag by Gucci. The funny thing is, is that I did not even notice it.  How I found out that this was a Aldo Gucci bag was that I was just here I was showing off my Aldo Glenda bag and one of my co-workers asked me if it was a Gucci bag. And there you have it, the Aldo Gucci bag was born and I didn’t even know it.

So for all of you out there who want to look expensive on a budget (also see my blog here), here is a full review of the Aldo Glenda bag (retails for $60).

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But first, let’s talk about the Gucci bags. The Aldo Glenda bag is actually a Gucci handbag dupe for a few styles of the Sylvie Gucci bag.  The Sylvie and the Sylvie Mini.

The original Sylvie Gucci bag retails over a thousand and if you are not into affordability but want to splurge on this bag then go right on ahead, you can click here to do so. More power to you.

The Aldo Glenda Bag Is An Gucci Handbag Dupe Aldo Gucci Bag

The mini Gucci Sylvie bag also a couple of thousand and if you want to want to drop that money on this bag once again you will receive no judgement from me, so click here if you want to get it.

The Aldo Glenda Bag Is An Gucci Handbag Dupe

For all the rest of us who just wants a really good Gucci handbag dupe then the Aldo Glenda bag AkA the Aldo Gucci bag may be a good option for you.

Why The Aldo Glenda Bag is Dupe

I mean you have eyes don’t you, you can see why it is a dupe.  The colors of the red, white, and blue are very similar.  However, each of these bags do come in different colors, both the Gucci Sylvie and the Aldo Glenda.

The Aldo Glenda Bag Is An Gucci Handbag Dupe Aldo Gucci Bag

I just showed the red, white, and blue bag because it was the most similar comparison that I had to my bag, but you do not have to choose this color.

Also, if you did not notice the Aldo Glenda Bag comes with a scarf while the Gucci Sylvie Minnie comes with a bow.  If I had to choose, I actually think that the Aldo Glenda bag is way better when it comes to the scarf. Because you can use the scarf for different things.  Whereas what would you use the bow for?

You can choose to tie the scarf around the bag BUT if you want to be extra like me then you can choose to tie it around your neck or to use it in another capacity, maybe even around your hair.  But enough about the Gucci Sylvie, let’s get into how awesome this Aldo Glen Bag is

Aldo Gucci Bag ~ Gucci Handbag Dupe Aldo Glenda Bag First Impressions

I got this bag from the Aldo store when I visited LA (click to see my blog here). It was love at first site especially since they have so many colors to choose from.  What I liked about the bag was the sophistication of it.  I had a few Aldo bags and I feel they can get really colorful and overboard sometimes. Although I do not mind it because that is my personality, it was nice to see something a little bit more clam.

The Aldo Glenda Bag Is An Gucci Handbag Dupe Aldo Gucci Bag

What I also liked about the bag was that each bag and each color came with a really cute scarf, which I thought was versatile and fashionable. The bag is not soft but very firm and gives more of a rectangular shape, meaning that it will keep its shape over time.

Aldo Gucci Bag ~ Aldo Glenda Bag Quality

I am feeling the quality of this bag from both the inside and the out.  It looks like high quality leather or something.  The stitching is really great and the inside looks very well done as well. If you look on the inner strap and in the inner handle, both of them are colored red.  No matter which angle you look at the bag from, it just looks like a well finished and quality bag that will last you for a long time if you take care of it.

The Aldo Glenda Bag Is An Exact Dupe For the Gucci Sylvie Handbag Aldo Gucci Bag

Aldo Gucci Bag ~ Aldo Glenda Bag Size

It is a fairly medium bag.  It is actually perfect for me because I do not carry a lot of stuff in my purse anyway.  If you want a large tote bag then this is not for you, it is not that big.  But I carry my regular day to day stuff in the bag just fine.

The Aldo Glenda Bag Is An Gucci Handbag Dupe Aldo Gucci Bag

Aldo Gucci Bag ~  Aldo Glenda Bag Comes With

I mentioned that it came with this scarf like a thousand times already in this post, so I will just mention is again once more.  It comes with a really cool scarf.  The other thing that it comes with is a detachable strap.  You can carry it as a handbag without the strap, which is my personal preference. Or you can get the longer strap and put it over your shoulder for those people who do not like carrying it as  a handbag.

The Aldo Glenda Bag Is An Gucci Handbag Dupe Aldo Gucci Bag

As you can see from my picture, I think having it without the shoulder strap give it a more upscale look and putting on the shoulder strap gives it a more laidback look.  Depending on your outfit you can rock both.

Aldo Gucci Bag ~ The Aldo Glenda Bag is a Gucci Dupe Because

When all is said and done this Aldo bag is a great Gucci Handbag Dupe.  My co-worker thought it was Gucci BUT do not get so carried away.  There is a small Aldo logo on the back of the bag, the front of the bag, and on the inside of the bag; so please do not go around and tell people this s a Gucci bag. Even though it looks like one, you will get your feelings hurt when people see the Aldo Logo.  Don’t embarrass yourself like that. But does this deserve to be called an Aldo Gucci bag YES. Is it good quality, YES. Can you fool people YES! And if you want to save money and buy a great handbag that looks like Gucci is this the bag for you, YES!

I would love to know what you think about this Aldo Glenda bag. Do you think it is a good Gucci Handbag dupe or no?

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