Bobbi Boss Oria Wig Review ~ The Best Farrah Faucet Wig

How The Bobbi Boss Oria Wig Became One Of My Favorite Wig

I have to say that I have had this Bobbi Boss Oria wig aka the Farrah Faucet wig for a very long time (about two years).  I have not worn it consistently so when I first got it I did not think that it was that cute. But I did learn to fully appreciate this wig when I wore it recently over the past couple of weeks and I had to do some major reconstruction on it.

This is why I am now going to do a full review of the Bobbi Boss Oria wig because I know that if you get this wig you will grow an appreciation for it as well.

Bobbi Boss Oria Review (Click to buy)

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1. Bobbi Boss Oria Wig First Impression

When I first saw this wig I saw it online and I was not that impressed on how the model was wearing it.  In fact, I could not really even tell you why I bought this wig because I was not really in love with it. At the time I was looking for a three-toned wig and this seemed to be one of the better options so I decided to try it out.

Bobbi Boss Oria wig Farrah faucet wig

When I got the Bobbi Boss Oria wig I did not order it in the color that is on the sample card but I ordered in the color FF4365.  Even when I first tried on the wig it was not love at first sight. I did like the fact that it was a three-tone color, the hair is more of a yaki or perhaps blow out texture and so it feels like your natural hair, and the wig was very curly.

How The Bobbi Boss Oria Wig Became One Of My Favorite Wig
Model Card Of The Wig

What I did not like about the wig is that the layers were oddly cut.  The wig was long in the back which had the blonde color but it just looked very odd because the layers did not blend well at all. I did wear the wig like for a week or two before storing it away, which should go to show how not in love I was with the wig.

How The Bobbi Boss Oria Wig Became One Of My Favorite Wig
The Back Of The Wig on The Model Card

2. Bobbi Boss Oria Wig ~ Revisited Getting The Farrah Faucet wig Look

Like I said I had this wig for about two years and I did not pull this wig out for about two years.  This is when this wig really impressed me.  The first thing was that the curls in the wig were still there.  They were not frizzy and it was still super curly.  Even after I combed out the hair a bit the hair and the curls maintain their great shape.

Bobbi Boss Oria wig Farrah faucet wig

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But just like the first time when I tried this wig, I really could not stand how far down the blonde came on my back.  The wig was layered in about three layers one that came to the mid of the head, the other to the shoulders, and the last down the back.  But each layer was a different color and no matter how much I comb the hair I just could not get the layers to blend well with each other.

At this point, I just cut some of the blonde off and make it shorter.  I had to have cut about 5 to 6 inches off  and after I did that, it was love at second sight.  The wig was perfect and the style was perfect. The cut made such a huge difference.

3. Farrah Faucet wig ~ The Construction Of This Wig

The wig is made of premium synthetic fiber. I know that really means nothing to you, but the hair felt great. Even though it is a synthetic wig, the feel of the actual hair, made it feel more of a Dominican blow out type texture.  The hair was not too plastic and it did not feel fake at all, it came across very natural. In the way that it looked, the way that it fell, and the way that is moved.

Bobbi Boss Oria wig Farrah faucet wig

The second feature is that it is heat safe to 350F. Although I have never tried this, it does state on the packaging that you can curl or straighten the hair.  Personally I would not want to straighten the hair.  I think the curls are what gives it this 70’s Farrah Fawcett look. And once you straighten it, you may not be able to get the curls back.

And like I said this wig was in storage for two years and those curls were just as on and Poppin as the day when I first got the wig, so that is something to very well brag about.  Like most wigs, it comes in about 10 shades.  What I enjoy most about this wig and the main reason I got it, of course, was because of the 3 tone shades, and it comes in other colors that will give you the same three-tone effect.  The cap does have combs and an adjustable strap and it is a lace front wig.

Farrah faucet wig

4. Bobbi Boss Oria Wig & The Lace Front

The Bobbi Boss Oria wig also has ear-to-ear lace which is a desirable attribute in a synthetic wig.  There is no preset part and so you can feel free to part the lace anywhere, which also gives it a more natural feel.  Often times, when the part is set in for you the wig, can look fake and then you have to pluck and do all this extra work just to get the part to look right. You do not have to do that here.

Bobbi Boss Oria wig Farrah faucet wig

The lace was really good on this lace front. There were no baby hairs, if you really want to create some then go ahead.  I personally do not think that the wig needs it.  The hairline for me made it look really natural and the wig was secure on my head.  I did not need to do anything to the hairline to make it look better than what it already was.

5. Bobbi Boss Oria ~ Overall Rating

I would give this Bobbi Boss Oria wig a 10 out of 10 NOW NOT BEFORE.  Which is very rare to get for me. I must say that the 10 rating only came after I cut some of the length off of the hair.  Before that I would have given it a 7 (maybe even lower) because it was just this long piece of blond hanging down your back. It was so weird and awkward. And the blending of all the tones was weird and awkward.

Who would have thought that such a simple change would have made such a big difference in how much I liked the wig. Other reasons that I love this wig is because of its ability to hold up over time, it was in storage for like two years, the naturalness of the hair, the hairline, and naturalness in the parting space.

So yes, this has become one of my favorite wigs and I can say it would not be in the back of my storage bin again, it has redeemed itself. Click here to buy.

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