How To Create The Best Makeup Looks For Dark Skin

Makeup tips for dark skin complexion

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As a dark skin woman myself you know I have to represent and give you tips for how to create the best makeup looks for dark skin. The following tips are some of the best makeup tips for darker skin women that I have even used myself. As always, I will tell you how you can implement these makeup suggestions as cheaply as possible. (post contains affiliate links).

Create The Best Makeup Looks For Dark Skin ~ #1 Find The Right Foundation

The first tip for how to create great makeup looks for dark skin is finding the right foundation for dark skin is very important, and it can also be VERY hard. Not only do you need to find the proper foundation but you need to find the right brand. As a fellow dark skin woman, I want to ask you a question? How many of you have tried to buy foundation and the darkest shade of the brand has is STILL three shades lighter than your skin?

Or the brand only has light, medium, and dark as their only shades, And the dark shade is supposed to represent ALL dark people, but it still does not match your skin. This leads to your face looking too light, ashy, too dark, or just a hot mess.

Therefore, to choose your foundation get a brand that has a lot of colors to choose from. Test the foundation on the back of your hand to see how it blends in well with your skin. Feel free to mix two foundations together if need be to get the perfect blend for your skin. You can also test it on your face in the store BUT just make sure before buying the foundation blends well and matches your skin.

Here are some of my suggestions ~ Affordable

 True Match (Click here to buy)
This is very blendable, they have multiple shades, and is always affordable. They have both powder and liquid foundation that are of the “true match” collection. Meaning it will blend so well with your skin that it will seem like an exact match to your skin tone.

Here are some of my suggestions ~ If you want to splurge

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (click to buy)

I remember when I tried this makeup on in Sephora, and I was in love. Who knew Estee Lauder foundation could do so well for dark skin. It stays in place all day, it gives you a flawless finish, and it blends in so well with your skin.

Makeup tips for dark skin complexion ~ #2 Color Correct

If you have been watching YouTube Videos, you may see people color correct, and as a dark skin woman, you may be confused about all the colors that other women use on their faces when it comes to color correcting. Being dark skin means that you really do not need to have five color-correcting shades on your face.

The only two colors you need to worry about really are orange and red shades. These colors do really well on dark skin women regarding masking hyperpigmentation, skin imperfections, and dark spots.

Here are some of my suggestions~ Affordable

LA Girls Pro Concealer (click to buy)

6 Essential Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Complexion Women
These concealers are affordable, and they get the job pretty well. If you want to know more about how to accurately color correct as a dark skin woman, using these concealers, then check out the video below.

Create The Best Makeup Looks For Dark Skin ~ #3 Primer/or base

When I am talking about a primer or base, I am talking about using it for your eyelids. It can hard to get your eyeshadow to show up as you want it to when your skin is darker, so applying concealer or primer over your eyelids first can allow for much better results regarding your eyeshadow looking more vibrant.

Here are some of my suggestions ~ Affordable

LA Girls Pro Concealer (click to buy)

6 Essential Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Complexion Women
I am actually going to suggest the LA Girls Pro concealer again. All you have to do is choose a concealer that is much lighter than your skin tone and apply the concealer as a base or primer over your eyes. When you use your eyeshadow over the concealer, your eyeshadow will show up a whole lot better. Watch the video below for tips on how you can do this.

Makeup tips for dark skin complexion ~ #4 Blush

As a dark skin woman blush can be your friend. Never think because you have darker skin that somehow you cannot put on blush because you will look clownish or something. At least that is what I used to think. You probably cannot use all blushes, for example, do not go with bright pink or something that is too light. It will not do your skin any justice.

Instead go for darker color reds, wines, or darker brown types of colors. Check out the picture below of me wearing blush. It is a darker color blush and notices that it matches well with my skin.

6 Essential Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Complexion Women

Here are some of my suggestions, see below ~ Affordable Blush for Dark Skin

Create The Best Makeup Looks For Dark Skin #5 Bronzer

Along with having blush, you must also have a bronzer. Since you already have a dark skin tone the right type of bronzer can bring the right type of effect to your skin. See my picture below.

6 Essential Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Complexion Women

Here are some of my suggestions for Bronzer

I actually have an entire blog post where I reviewed bronzers for a darker skin tone (Click here). Go to that blog post so you can a full range of ideas of the type of bronzers that can work for your skin.

Makeup tips for dark skin complexion ~ #6 Lip Color

Do not shy away from lip color because there are some lip colors that are going to work well and some that do not work so well. For example, a really light, matte, colored pink typically does not look good. But a more medium to darker tone pink tends to look fine.

Overall you may tend to need to go darker with the lip color shades and if you choose a lighter color lip shade then using lip liner that is closer to your skin color to help blend out the lighter lip color. If you look at my picture below, the lip color is lighter, but getting a brown lip liner help to make the color not look so harsh again my skin. Also, trying lip colors that are brown, gold in color or even lip glosses can also be ideal. If you are curious about the wig I have on in the picture below, click here to see the full review of the wig.

6 Essential Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Complexion Women

Here are some of my suggestions ~ Affordable

Even if you are dark skin to do not think there is no one size fit formula you really have to play with different shades and or tones to figure out not only what works with your skin tone but also your face shape and personality.

Nyx comes with so many colors at an affordable price, that you can try them to see what colors work for you and then start to build your lipstick collection from there. Click here to buy this collection.

These are all the 6 tips that I have for makeup tips for dark skin complexion, which even I myself use. And I can tell you these tips make so much of a difference on how my makeup looks.

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