Box Braids Rubber Band Method Step by Step Guide

box braids rubber band method

In this post, I am going to show you how to do the box braids rubber band method. I decided to do this method because I was going to Essence Fest New Orleans (see my blog here) and it is black girl code, to want your hair to be as carefree as possible when going on vacation.

There will be videos at the bottom of this post telling you exactly how to do the box braid rubber band method, but before we get into the tutorial, I will explain to what the rubber band method is, what you will need, and how awesome it is over traditional box braids.

Box braids rubber band method ~ What is it?

(check out my video for the full tutorial)

Box braids | rubber band method explained: It is where you part your hair in either box parts, triangle parts, or however you want to part your hair; the main point of the rubber band method is not the parts but the actual rubber bands. After you part your hair, you then place each section into rubber bands and braid your hair like you would a standard box braid.

Box braids rubber band method ~ Why are we doing it this way?

When I did my hair in the box braid rubber band method like always, I did my hair myself. Doing the rubber band method over the traditional method saved me HOURS of time. When I do conventional box braids, I literally spend 12 hours OR MORE doing my hair.

With the rubberband method, it took me about 3 hours, and that is because I was moving slow. Not only is this method way faster, but in my opinion, it puts the least amount of tension on the hair over individual braids.

And if you are just starting to braid and do your own hair, you will find this method much more of a beginner friendly over the traditional box braids.

Box braids rubber band method ~ What You Will Need

box braids | rubber band method box braids rubber band method

I am going to give you a little list of things that I used to do my box braids rubber band method. My hair is natural, so I did have to double up on the gel and edge control to make sure that my braids natural hair stayed in the braids and did not frizz all over the place. But overall here is what I used.

Box braids | rubber band method ~ Hair I Used

For this turtorial on box braids rubber band method I used a combination of two types of hair. The kind of hair that I used was an ombre hair. The roots were black, but it faded into a golden brown color. Which represents the color that you see in my hair. I really did not want my hair to be all black, so through my hair, I placed little highlights.

I used a total of 2 packs of the colored hair, and I had about 6 colored braids in my entire hair. In total, I had about 20 braids overall. Each pack gave me three braids, that is how jumbo my braids where. Click here to buy.

The second color hair I used was pure 1 hair that was more of my natural hair color. I used the braiding hair that had three packs of hair in it. Each of the three packs was actually pretty thin, and each of the packs gave me two braids. Meaning that I got about 6 braids from each pack.

You can get away with making three braids, but I wanted my braids to be really jumbo. In the end, I only had about 20 braids in my entire head. Click here to buy.

Box braids | rubber band method ~ Keep It Sleek

As I said before, I have natural hair, so I really needed to lay this hair into these rubber bands without it becoming too frizzy. Even if you have relaxed hair, you are going to want to use something to lay down your hair. Which is why I used the edge control perfect edges black.

There are all types of edge control gels out there, just get one that works for you. I tend to use the edge control that is black because it makes the edges of my hair look fuller. But you can use the regular color if you do not need that effect.

For gel I used Eco styler, once again you can choose whatever Eco styler gel you want as there are like so many of them. I chose the caster oil one so that my hair would be nourished as well. This gel did not make my hair too stiff or dry.

Last but not least, this edge brush. Of course, you do not use this all over your head, but it really helps when it comes to laying your edges down. Once you lay your edges down, tie a satin scarf over them, go to sleep, and your edges will be laid and slayed.

Box braids | rubber band method ~ Rubber bands

Of course, you need rubber bands. For me personally, I chose to use the black rubber bands, but there are other rubberbands out there that are clear (click here) that other people prefer to use.

box braids rubber band method

Box braids | rubber band method ~ Decorate

Putting hair jewels or beads on your hair is really in right now, and they literally take little to no time. All you have to do is open the ends of the clip and put them onto your braid.

Notice that I did not stick clips on each and every one of the braids that would be overkill. But just placing them on a few gives you the right touch. Click here to buy.

box braids rubber band method box braids | rubber band method

Also, I did not do this to my hair, but another hot thing to do right now is to braid this string into your hair to give it a different look. (Click to buy)

box braids rubber band method

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    • Just make sure that you do not pull the rubber bands too tight and get the rubber bands that do not break the hair. To me, I notice that it does not as long as you do not put your hair in the rubber bands too tight.

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