5 Good Traits To Look For In A Man ~ Ruth And Boaz

God where is my Boaz

Top Questions To Ask A Guy To Determine If He's Worth Your Time

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In this post, I am going to tell you the secret to finding your Boaz. Ruth is a reminder that there are good guys out there all you have to do is do your thing, go about your life, and like Ruth God will bring your Boaz to you AND God will send you a clear message on who your Boaz is.

You just have to be able to look at the signs in order to find your Boaz. Instead of trying to make every fake and counterfeit Boaz into the one.  Just like a good weave you need to be able to tell good quality from bad quality.

I bet you if someone tried to pass synthetic hair off as human hair and sell it to you for 10 times the price, most women you recognize the real from the fake.  But when it comes to a man some women just have trouble spotting the fake despite all the obvious signs.

But I am here to help, I will explain some characteristics of Boaz ( a good man) versus the counterfeit (the one who pretends to be a good man, but isn’t). And thus unlocking the key to finding your Boaz.

Also, check out my video below on the traits that Boaz had that you too should be looking for in a man, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

What To Look For In A Man (Ruth And Boaz) #1

Boaz– is the type of man that sees a woman he likes. His way of proving it, is to see where she is in need, make provisions for her, and help her in any way he can without expecting anything in return.

Counterfeit– The counterfeit does nothing for you. In fact, you are lucky if you can even get him to take you out on a date.

The only thing the counterfeit wants to do is have sex with you or get you drunk and have sex with you. If you do not want to engage in sex with the counterfeit, he makes you feel like your expectations are too high.

What To Look For In A Man (Ruth And Boaz) #2

Boaz– The main reason why he respects Ruth is that she is a hard worker. She has good values and has left her homeland to take care of her mother and law.

She has found God and is willing to live a God-centered life. And because of how she was, God brought her a man that matched her values.

Counterfeit– The counterfeit does like a woman who works. In fact, he wants the woman to take care of him with her hard-earned money (see my blog on if a man does not work he does not eat).

If he sees that the woman wants to believe in God, he too will fake the funk and pretend that he believes in God.

But as soon as the woman tries to live in a Godly way (such as no sex before marriage or have morals), the counterfeit tries to convince her that her morals are outdated and tries to get her to bend on what she believes.

Finding Your Boaz Ruth and Boaz

What To Look For In A Man (Ruth And Boaz) #3

Boaz– He wants his woman to be respected. When Ruth came to the threshing floor, he made her leave before the sun rose so that no one would think she had done anything inappropriate.

Counterfeit– Wants you to come over late into the night. He has sex with you and kicks you out when he’s done. He prefers that you do not spend the night. If you do, then he is sure to wake you up early in the morning and will tell you to leave.

What To Look For In A Man (Ruth And Boaz) #4

BoazHe is a man of his word. Once he told Ruth he was going to do something he did not rest until it was done. This included him telling her he was going to marry her and then getting right to it and not wasting time.

Counterfeit– He is a liar. He lies about any and everything, just because he can.

What To Look For In A Man (Ruth And Boaz) #5

Boaz– A well-respected man among everyone. A hard worker and is responsible with all that he owns.

Counterfeit– has no job, no car, and prefers to sit in his woman’s house all day using up everything she has worked hard for.

I am sure that many of us have been blinded that we stepped into the counterfeit trap. But no matter how hard you try you simply cannot make a counterfeit into a Boaz.

“Women can sometimes get so caught up in finding a man that instead of waiting for a Boaz they settle for a counterfeit. A counterfeit is fake and he will try to mascaraed around as the real thing.”

But single ladies, we can change this. You must be able to turn away the counterfeits in order to get to your Boaz. And like Ruth from the Bible, it may mean you have to go into the field, work hard, be focused on what you need for you and your household.  Which I also talk about in my video below, in how Ruth put herself in position to be found.

This may mean that your focus has to be taken off finding a man.  So the next time that you are asking God where is my Boaz? You have to ask yourself are you being a Ruth and are you ready for a Boaz.

You also have to make sure that you are not trying to make a counterfeit into a Boaz. A good man is not hard to find but the mistake is that you are trying to find him instead of letting him find you.

Finding a Boaz means knowing that He who finds a wife finds a good thing, not she who chases a husband (read my blog here).  Not only should you let the man find you but also when he does test his intentions to see if he is a real or a fake.  Also check out my video on the masculine and feminine traits of Ruth and Boaz.

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  1. what an awesome read! I’m actually forwarding it to a friend of mine. That girl should definitely read that! 🙂

  2. These are great tips. I have a couple of friends that could really benefit from this article, I’ll have to send it over to them!

  3. My daughter is dating a counterfeit. He refuses to work. She gets mad if we mention it. She has blinders on. We’re praying for her Boaz.

  4. Thank you oh beautiful soul! You are an amazing woman. I felt like giving up and dying. All the inspiration I just read was beyond words can even explain. A true breath of fresh air. When I felt like I was the only single mother out here left to fend for me and mine. Kudos to you 1000 tril God always comes through. I needed to read all of that and some. Through the blood of Christ and your Holy fingers typing out these words and putting the stories from the Bible into perspective you saved me tonight. Most def uplifted me. Keep up the good work. Good job!

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