How To Use Flexi Rods (Full Tutorial) In 6 Easy Steps

In this post, I will be showing how to use flexi rods your hair.  I will be demonstrating on wig that I made, but it is a human hair wig so the same technique will work on your actual hair as well.  There are two ways that I am going to show you how to use flexi rods. The first is I am going to give you a full video on how I did it. I know that many of you are visual learners so watching a video can help. And then I am going to walk you step by step, adding extra tidbits as I know for some people the video can be confusion. BUT FIRST.  If you want a tutorial on how I made this wig you can click here.

How To Use Flexi Rods (Full Tutorial) In 6 Easy Steps

How To Use Flexi Rods Hair ~ What You Will Need.

  • Shake N Go MilkyWay 100% Human Hair Weave (click to buy). This is a great option for those who want to use a weave, wig, or sew-in. This brand an affordable human hair option. If you are not using your own hair to flexi rod and you are looking for a great, quality, yet affordable weave.

How To Use Flexi Rods Step By Step

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to use flexi rods you can view the video down below as well as read the instructions.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here. 

Now that you have a good idea on how to flexi rod hair, I am going to go step by step into more details that will help you out. As I said before, I am trying it on a human hair wig, so this process will work on your own hair. But there some things that you may want to do different which I will explain below.

How To Use Flexi Rods ~ Step 1 Detangle

How To Use Flexi Rods

You can start on wet or dry hair. I personally like to start on dry hair if it is a wig because it can take forever and a day for the wig to dry. If it is your own hair that is a different story.  You can just start on wet hair.

BUT the main thing that you must do is detangled the hair.  All the way. If there are any sort of tangles and/or snags in the hair your curls after the flexi rod is going to look like a hot matted mess on your head.  Make sure that if you are using your real hair or a weave that your hair is fully detangled with a comb.

How To Use Flexi Rods ~ Step 2 Wet Your Hair

How To Use Flexi Rods

Even though I am starting on dry hair, the hair needs to be wet or damp.  Depending on how thick your hair is you can go more for the VERY damp because of the amount of time it takes for the hair to try. The hair can curl better and be more manageable if it is wet to semi-wet.  Remember the more wet it is the long it is going to take the dry. You can also sit under a hooded dryer.

But if you know you do not want to spend hours under the dryer or you are going to let your hair air dry a bit then go more for semi-wet.  For this hair. I use a spray bottle mixed with some curling cream (click to buy), setting lotion (click to buy), and water.  I just spray the hair to make it a little damp.

How To Use Flexi Rods ~ Step 3 Curling The Hair

How To Use Flexi Rods

Get the flexi rod and start the curl from the bottom.  Make sure to pull the curl tight and try to get the flyaways in the curl.  This hair is a cheap human hair, meaning that it has a lot of fly away due to the hair not being the same length. But just try to smooth that out as your wind the curl. You can put more of the spray bottle mixture on the hair to tame some of the flyaways so that you can gather them in the curl.

How To Use Flexi Rods ~ Step 4

How To Use Flexi Rods

You do not have to have the hair perfectly parted to do the curls. Just make sure all the hair is in a flexi rod.  I did varying rod sizes to give my curls some versatility.  I let this wig sit over night to let it dry fully. If you are doing this on your own hair that grew from your head, I would highly recommend sitting under a hooded dryer. It will give you a more flawless finish.

How To Use Flexi Rods ~ Step 5

How To Use Flexi Rods

The next day just unwind the flexi rods in the way that you curled them.  If you pull the flexi rods out or do not unwind them properly then your curls will not come out right and they will be frizzy. So simply just start from the bottom unwind slowly and then unravel the curl. To make it better you can put some oil or moisturizer on your hands so that as you unwind the curls with your hands the curls are less likely to be frizzy.

How To Use Flexi Rods ~ Step 6

How To Use Flexi Rods

The last step is to carefully separate the curls.  Since you used some sort of setting lotion in the spray bottle the curls should be pretty resistant and you can separate them.  But be careful not to over separate as doing so will cause your curls to become really frizzy. Once again using some oil or moisturizer on your hands is very helpful to prevent the curl from getting too frizzy.

How To Use Flexi Rods ~ The Final  Look

How To Flexi Rod A Wig With No Experience

As a bonus you can get this make up look that I have in the picture.

The whole look was made from using extremely affordable make up products.

  • I was fortunate enough to find these awesome make up palette for only $30! I got four of them in all (click here to all of them). 

  • The lipstick color that I used was a part of the Rose Lipstick collection that I bought (click here to buy). 


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