7 Steps On How To Become Famous On YouTube

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If you want to know how to become famous on YouTube it is not rocket science BUT the fact of the matter is that people do not want to put in the actual work to become YouTube famous.

Many people want to post one video watch it go viral and then they have a huge YouTube following. When really it is just not like that. I am not going to give you some get rich quick scheme and hope that you make a viral video or encourage you to make a fool of yourself on the internet.

I am going to teach you how to become famous on YouTube and built a profitable brand. The reality of the situation is that many of the GREAT internet famous people that you see are able to sustain their fame by building a brand, being consistent, and following the same tips I am about to tell you now.

People are making a killing on YouTube and I am going to tell you these 7 steps on exactly how you can do it too. For me personally, I took a course by Breanna Rutter and I think that she has done a great job on how to be successful on YouTube, check out my review below.

How To Become Famous On YouTube By Following These 7 Simple Steps

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How To Become Famous On YouTube Step #1 Make Time and Be Consistent

The number #1 step on how to become famous on Youtube is that you have to make the time to dedicate to your channel and if you are consistent. What you should NOT do is upload a video one week then wait five more weeks and upload another one, then upload one again in two months.

The fact of the matter is that people are trying to make it on YouTube every day and if you are not being consistent with your channel then people will forget about you. In the beginning, when you are building a channel the more you upload videos the better. The more people see you, see that you are uploading regular content that they love, the more likely you are going to gain subs very fast.

  • Yessuppy gives the following message about the importance of making time for your channel and being consistent.

The key to having a successful Youtube channel is consistency yet so many struggles with time management and posting new video content on a weekly basis. If you want to build a successful, profitable Youtube channel with a loyal following, consistency is way more important than content.

If you want to grow your Network following, at the very least you have to take accountability and commit to providing content to your viewers on the same day every week. It’s really not any different from your favorite television show.

Your peeps need to know when exactly to tune in. Second, you need to make it clear to your followers and the people that stumble upon your Network aka Youtube channel when you’ll be posting this content. Thus, you will need to add to your banner the days you will be posting.

How To Become Famous On YouTube Step #2 Make Sure People Can Find Your Videos

The second step on how to become famous on YouTube is to remember any type of internet business takes hard work.  To get noticed you must put out content on a consistent basis, learn about SEO or search engine optimizations that get your content found.

You cannot just put up a video, title it wrong, but no keywords, and then think that a ton of people is just going to find your videos. Probably not going to happen.

  • According to search engine land, you should do the following steps to ensure that your video can be found.

The video title should be punchy and should grab the user. It shouldn’t be too wordy” instead, it should concisely convey why the user should bother watching your video.

Hit them with the good stuff! Titles play a large part in the ranking of your video, so make sure they are at least five words long and include the keyword that you want to rank for.

A video thumbnail image is actually more important than the title in terms of attracting the click from the YouTube searcher. You could do every other thing right for your SEO, but if you have an unappealing thumbnail, no one is going to click on your video. (Below is an actual example of a thumbnail of what I do on my YouTube and of course don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here).

Description.  Many people make the mistake of only writing a few sentences for the description. This is your chance to expand on the information in the video with links, calls to action.

If you want people to click on a link to your website or a link to your product put it in the description box and mention it in the video that it is in there so people know to look.  The video is great, but ideally, YouTube is your business and you want to make money.  So you want to lead them somewhere else to make you money like your site or for them to buy your book.

Tags. Tagging isn’t rocket science. Make sure you use phrases as well as single keywords; for example, if your video is about surfing at Malibu Beach, tag it with surfing, Malibu Beach, and, surfing at Malibu Beach.

If you keep your tags consistent YouTube will start to understand who you are as a YouTuber and will start to recommend your videos to people who are interested in the type of content you produce.

Call to action. The end of your video, in the middle, and/ or at the beginning should practically subscribe to the user. Give them a one-click option to subscribe, and then tell them why they should.

Life coach and motivational speaker Marie Forleo is fantastic at this. At the end of her videos, she gives a neat little outro like If you like this video and found its tips helpful, subscribe! She even has a little arrow pointing to the subscribe button just in case viewers don’t get the hint. You need to be that obvious.

And whatever you put forward must be as professional as you can make it.  People do not like looking at a sloppy websites or videos. And people are successfully doing this in terms of getting subscribers BUT if you want to be successful it goes beyond getting subs.  You need to get brand deals and sponsorships etc and professional videos help with that.

Get the best equipment that you can afford and produce the best quality.  It is a lot easier to gain viewers, followers, and subscribers if you have a well-put-together presentation that looks like you put some thought and effort into it. So if you think that putting forth mediocre content is your way to fame, think again.  There is too much competition out there to be subpar.

How To Become Famous On YouTube Step #3 Put Out Quality Videos

The third step on how to become famous on Youtube is to put your best foot foward. Gone are the days where you can just sit in front of a webcam to do a video and hope for the best.  There are some people who can get lucky and do this but the fact of the matter is that great quality videos, that are well edited and have great lighting count for a lot.

According to Talking Head Studio With 300 hours of video being added to YouTube every minute, the internet is saturated with online video. Most of that video is low quality, coming from a phone or digital camera. Professional, high-quality video production can help set your video content apart and allow it to rise above the noise.

Here are some of my suggestions for video equipment to started that won’t break the bank

Also, you can check out my video below on the affordable and easy way I set up my shooting space to look professional. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

How To Become Famous On YouTube Step #4 Be You

The fourth step on how to become famous on Youtube is that. One thing you SHOULD NOT DO. Is trying to be someone else or another famous YouTuber. People will call you out for it and they do not need a second-hand version of someone that they already watch and is more famous than you.  There are some people who are internet famous that people absolutely love because they are different. So always choose to be you and NEVER EVER and I repeat EVER try to imitate vlogger.

You will become famous faster for being yourself and not being like the millions of other personalities on YouTube. So find out what only you can say and what only you can offer and present it to the world.  No matter how strange you are, I can promise that there are other strange people just waiting for someone like you to come out so that they can relate to.

If you don’t believe me here are just a few


YouTube superstar Bunny Meyer, better known as Grav3yardgirl, hit the vlogging scene seven years ago and quickly built a cult following thanks to videos catering to the quirky, cool, goth teens of the world. Her channel had ouija boards, ghost stories, shopping hauls, you name it. Plus, her personality is entertaining AF. (source).

How to Become Internet Famous


Originally creating her YouTube platform as a way to help with her mental health, her positive attitude, comedic originality, and willingness to cover any topic (from periods to parents) acts as the ultimate mood-boost for anyone who watches her videos.

She has over 13 million subscribers to her IISuperwomanII YouTube channel, makes videos that feature the likes of Michelle Obama, Selena Gomez, and Dwayne˜The Rock Johnson, was the 2016 highest-paid female YouTuber and her book, How To Be a Bawse, was a bestseller worldwide. (source).

How to Become Internet Famous


According to her “I stand out because I’m usually the first to create a trend or make an existing trend unique in my own way. Plus I look and sound different than most people on the Internet and have the most recognizable lips in cyberspace.

My community grew on social media because I don’t exclude anybody from any walk of life. The videos that I create are seen throughout the world and are funny no matter what language you speak.” (source).  Also, check out her book “Is You Okay.”

How to Become Internet Famous

“Allow your weirdness to work for you.

How To Become Famous On YouTube Step #5 Have something to talk about.

This is both easier and harder than you think.  When trying to make a living on the internet, no one wants to hear you talk about a whole bunch of nothing.  I am sorry they don’t.  Even if you are a vlogger, vlogging your lifestyle.  People at least want to watch an interesting lifestyle.

Not just you sitting there in your room doing nothing and watching the paint dry.  Whether it be hair, make-up, inspiration, fashion, entertainment, gaming, comedy, whatever. When you get on camera do not be boring.  Have something to talk about and say things with enthusiasm.  Even if you are doing beauty tutorials insert your personality into it, that is what viewers love.

And always make sure that when you record a video you help your viewer OR have a goal in mind for your viewer. If you upload a makeup tutorial then it should be helping your viewer learn about makeup. If you are a gamer, then don’t just play for yourself. Teach and talk about the game to educate your viewer. If you are into comedy then make it your goal to make your viewer laugh.

I also have a video for tips on how to become an influencer and what to talk about with your content. You can watch it below.

How To Become Famous On YouTube Step #6 Don’t give up.

Do not give up no matter what. Some people have grown their channel into the hundreds of thousands in less than a year some people it has taken YEARS.  But if you follow the above steps your channel will grow faster.  Take relationship expert Kimberly Moffit.

According to her bio Kimberly’s  Youtube Channel Ask Kimberly has amassed over 18 million views and 280,000 subscribers in its first 2 years. That is over 100k sub a year. So you can grow fast but remember to be consistent and have good quality videos. Here is one of Kimberly’s videos below so you can see exactly why she grew so fast. Her content, consistency, and video quality is amazing.

How To Become Famous On YouTube Step #7  Be Careful About Your Brand

This post would not be complete if I did not mention this.  Many women want to be internet famous by barely having any closes on. For some women, it is easier to get internet famous this way.  And really it is.  I am not going to knock your hustle but I am going to be real with you.

Remember, whatever you create it will follow you. If you create a brand of twerking and being half-naked, and in the future, you want more meaningful opportunities it is going to be hard. When you get internet famous many brands on going to want to work with you, and if the image that you present online does not fit into their brand then they won’t hire you.

True story, that YouTube de-monetizing videos (meaning you won’t make money off the videos) if they are not family-friendly. Remember your brand and when you record your videos, make content that you know will build you a business.  A good example of this is GlitterForever 17.

She made half of million dollars in a year doing family-friendly DIYs. One day she decided to do more “adult” content complete with cursing. Her subs went down, the amount of view she gets per video when down. She lost money and her home got foreclosed on.

My point is to build a brand that if you are putting yourself out there build a brand you are proud of one that will get you brand deals and one that you will be okay if the world would see.

I hope that all of these tips helped you.  Internet fame can bring a lot of perks, but more than anything you need to understand that becoming internet famous requires work like any other job.  The difference is that you will love it and it won’t really feel like work.

If this post was useful to you or you know someone else who could use this information, then please feel free to share. And click here to see my other articles for making money online.

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