3 Quick & Easy Jumbo Braid Hairstyles In Under 10 Minutes

kanekalon jumbo braid hair

Jumbo braid hairstyles are easy to do with kanekalon hair.  Kanealon is one of the most inexpensive types of hair that you can get, which makes it all the better because it has so many styling options. Aside from using kanekalon hair for individual braids, one pack of this hair can be used for easy styles that can take you less than 10 minutes to do.  And because I want to show you what I mean I am going to show you three very easy styles with kanekalon hair that I did myself and they all took me under 10 minutes.

Jumbo Braid Hairstyles Style #1 Mohawk Tutorial

The first of the jumbo braid hairstyles is the mohawk. I  love this style because it gives the appearance that you have actually done more to your hair than you really have.  It looks like a french braid when all you really have to do is just braid the hair and bobby pin it to your head.  To give the look an added glam factor you put a Pompadour at the top of the head.

This is one of my more favorite styles with kanekalon hair because it can be done even if you have short or long hair and it can be used as a protective hairstyle.  You can play with the braid a bit as you can see I bumped up the front but that is optional. If you were to do this style you can play with it and do different things in the front or even make the braid smaller, bigger, or even try to put in two braids.

  • To see one of my first styles with kanekalon hair watch the full video below so you can get a step by step.

Jumbo Braid Hairstyles Style #2 Easy Updo

The second jumbo braid hairstyle is the updo. This is also one of my favorite styles with kanekalon hair. I know I said that about the first one but I feel that it is probably a tie between this one and style number one. I think I like this one so much because it looks more sophisticated.  I feel that you can wear this hair to a formal event because it looks more glammed up.

This is more of an updo style and it is very easy to maintain and tie up at night.  Meaning that you can wear it a lot longer without it looking frizzy or like an old style. To tie my hair up all I had to do was wrap a scarf around my actual hair at night and that was it. I feel out of all three of the styles this one was a lot easier to maintain over a longer period of time because there was not loose kanekalon hair getting in the way. Like the other two styles that had loose ponytails.

  • To see one of my first styles with kanekalon hair watch the full video below so you can get a step by step.

Jumbo Braid Hairstyles Style #3 Fish Tail Ponytail 

The third of the jumbo braid hairstyles is the easy fishtail braid. I was mostly inspired to do this look when I saw Beyonce in her video with the fishtail braid.  Of course, her braid was a thousand times thicker than my braid and longer, but I still enjoy this look.  I know sometimes people can get really intimidated with a fishtail braid because the braid looks really complicated, but it is actually pretty easy to do.

When I did my hair this way I actually got a fair amount of compliments on it, but the only downside is that if you are not familiar with doing a fishtail braid is that this style is going to take you a little longer.  In the video below, I did outline how to do a fishtail braid so ideally watching it will make is a lot easier on you.

  • To see one of my first styles with kanekalon hair watch the full video below so you can get a step by step.

Okay so these are all three of the styles that I wanted to show you using Kanekalon Jumbo Braid Hair and as you can see they are all pretty easy. And I  promise you I am not a hairstylist or anything like that which I am sure you guessed. Just a regular ole person. And if I can do it then I know for a fact that you can do it. All of these styles with kanekalon hair are protective styles and they can last you for about a week if you really want to go above a behind maybe even longer than that.

I would love to know your thoughts and if you have tried any of these styles. Or if you know anyone that is looking for easy hair tutorials to try then please feel free to share this post.


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3 Quick Easy Styles Jumbo Braid Hairstyles In Under 10 Minutes

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