4 Powerful Affirmations For When You’re Feeling Unwanted

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Are you tired of having your heart broken and feeling unwanted? You try to do everything RIGHT and be a good girlfriend BUT YET you are still the one getting broken up with or your man does something that leaves you heartbroken?

Having your heart broken sucks, going through a breakup sucks, feeling unwanted sucks, especially when you try everything in your power to prevent that from happening.  And trust me I get it, I had my heart broken so much that I turned to be celibate and I have not turned back since.  Watch my video below for more on those train wreck heartbreak stories. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

BUT I want to give peace of mind for all of those who are tired of your heart broken. Key tips that you need to remember.


Feeling Unwanted #1 Remember that you are the bomb.

A capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10 

First of all, you are capable, intelligent, and strong.  And if you do not believe that about yourself then you need to start. If you are not any of these things then you need to start.  Because once you realize who YOU are, then you know that you are worth MORE than rubies.

If a man does not see that about you then guess what that is his loss. Remember who you are and remember that you are the bomb.

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Feeling Unwanted #2 Don’t Want Someone Who Does Not Want You

What I want you to do is get over the fact that he does not want you and you are feeling unwanted. I wrote about this in another blog of mine why have you forgotten your royal position (click here to read). Do not let anyone knock your crown off your head. And as I said in my how-to get over a breakup post, it is okay to be sad for a second.

But do not let a broken heart keep you down or ruin your idea of love forever.  Do not give men who broke your heart the satisfaction of knowing that they have ruined you.

Do not let the fact that they don’t want you define who you are or how you feel about yourself.  He is not your God. The fact that he does not want you or even other men do not want you is NOT the end all be all.

Why are you wondering, why he doesn’t love you, why he broke up with you, why he chose another woman you (click here to read my blog on that), or why he doesn’t care. The real question you should be asking yourself is why do you care.

You are the ruby remember? Remember all the wonderful things that you are and do not give him the power of defining who you are just because he does not want you.

Change the way you think. Instead of being tired that people who are breaking up with you, feel sorry for him that he broke up with you. Always see yourself as the prize and never give a man more time thinking about him because he is surely not thinking about you. Never want someone who does not want you.

When You’re Feeling Unwanted Remember #3 You Are A Gem

One of the best aspects of Proverbs 31 woman is that she is worth more than rubies.  An interesting fact about rubies is that they are in fact rarer than diamonds. So imagine what esteem you should hold yourself when dealing with a man who does not want you.

That is like dealing with a man who is willing to throw a diamond away. If you were standing in front of a man right now and he had a huge diamond in his hand, and he decided to throw it into the sewer just cause, what would you think about him? You would probably think that he was an idiot, who is just going around throwing gems away.

EXACTLY MY POINT. Would anyone in their right mind who has worked hard to afford one of the most luxuries gems then turn around and throw the same gem against the wall, harm it, or ruin it?

No person who knows the true value of a gem would do that, because they know how much it is worth and they have worked hard for it. Therefore any man who is not willing to treat you like a gem is not it.

If he doesn’t want you and leaves you feeling unwanted, he is not it.  If he doesn’t want a relationship with you, he is not it, and if he doesn’t care about you, then he is not it.  Why cry tears over someone if he doesn’t see your worth? Also, check out my video on being a woman worth more than rubies and click here to subscribe to my channel. 

When Feeling Unwanted #4 Find The Right Buyer

If you are tired of being broken hearted then perhaps you are going after the wrong men and you have not just found the right type of man that knows your worth. Let me give you a metaphor, there are 20 gems that are in a display case.

Only one of them is real and the other is all knocks off. Some knock-offs are better than others but there is only one real gem in the batch and that is you. Then along comes some buyers. As the buyers come through they pick up the knockoff. This is because they are not trained to know what a real gem looks like (read my blog on the counterfeit man).

So they just pick up whatever they think is the real thing and take it home. As the knockoff gets taken and the real one sits there wondering why all the buyers keep choosing the fakes over them. They are the real gem after all, why does none of the buyers know their worth?

In case you are NOT getting my drift, I need to explain the real gem is you and the knock-offs are all the other women and all the other things that he ended up leaving you for. He may have thought those things were better than you BUT really they weren’t. So while you are the real gem and you feel like crap because no one is choosing you, really you are just relaying on the WRONG buyer.

Instead what for the buyer to come in a nice suit and he comes directly over to the real gem, picks it up, and buys it right away.  He does not need to look at the other gems, he does not need to browse, he does not need to look at the price and then come back at a better time.

He does not have to do any of that because he is a real buyer and he trained in knowing what a real gem looks like. AND he knows that he does not want to risk allowing the gem to get away from him. So he views this beautiful gem (AKA YOU) and buys it right on the spot.

That is why you need a good buyer AKA man, not one who is willing to break your heart and to let you go.  Also, check out my video below on trips on what to look for in a GOOD YES GOODMAN.

You see there are many knocks off women, but there is only one you. Remember that some men prefer cubic zirconia over the real thing. If a man wants to choose the knock-off over you then let them. There is no reason to get all bent up out of shape about it, chase a man, or trying to convince him that you are the real thing. Why would you want to? He is not a real buyer.

Instead, wait for the real buyer. The one who is able to recognize you as a gem from a mile away sees your value and is willing to do anything to get you. You are the gem and you are the ruby. And what gem chases its owner down. It is the owner that looks everywhere for the perfect gem.

You should not have to convince a man how pretty you are, shiny, nice, how much you would look good on him. He should just know that for himself, and if he doesn’t like you back then good riddance.

Do not be the woman that allows this cheap no gem recognizing man to play with her emotions and pick you up when he wants and put you down when he wants.

Do not allow the men that do not know your worth to make you doubt yourself.  If you are tired of being heartbroken then pay attention to the type of men you are giving your heart to. And only give it to the right buyer when he has earned your trust and recognized your worth.

If you know someone that is tired of getting heartbroken and could use a bit of motivation then feel free to share this post with them.

And I have something for you single women and it is my book specifically for you, that you can click here to get.  And if you are unsure, I want to give you the first few chapters for free because that is how sure I am that you are going to love it.  

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