Why Am I Still Single & Why Its Not Your Fault

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If you are wondering why am I still single I can almost bet that you have heard all of the BAD reasons why you are still single. Like something must be wrong with you or you must be pushing the men away.  Whenever a woman is still single then it automatically defaults to the woman is at fault for her own singleness.

There are many of you who maybe like me smart, educated, nice looking, and a completely normal person. BUT yet you are single. Do not let the world come at you and let you think that just because you are still single that something MUST be wrong with you. So instead, I want to go in a different direction. I want to explain to you why you may be still single and these are completely legitimate reasons that have nothing to do with anything being wrong with you.

Now to answer the question “Why Am I Still Single?” You ready? Let’s get into it.

Why Am I Still Single? Reason #1 Because You Refuse to Be With Anyone That Does Not Value You

This is something that I spoke about in my video below on how to date as an ambitious woman.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

My Story: I once had an ex that wanted to control me. He always wanted what he wanted and he never wanted to give.  When I saw the relationship was not going the way I wanted it to, I asked him what his plans for me were. He told me that he wanted things to keep going the way they were going. In which I responded that it was not going to work.  And then my ex told me something that I would never forget to this day.

A lot of women have what you have, what makes you so special?

I told my ex that if he could not see what made me so special then he was not the one for me.  It is true that many women may be like you but there is only one of you. And if a man cannot tell the difference between you and another woman that is kind of sort of like you, then he is not valuing the specific things that you bring to the relationship. It is better to move on than be with someone who thinks you can be so easily replaced.

Why Am I still Single ~ What’s my point? 

My point is that you can be in a relationship but what is the point of being in a relationship that does not value you, does not give you the attention that you deserve, or thinks that they can find other women that are just like you.  It is better to be alone than it is to be with someone that does not know your worth.

Why Am I Still Single? Reason #2 Refuse to get into another bad relationship.

I spoke about this in my how to stop being desperate and single get ready with me video that you can watch below.

My Story. If you want a poster child for bad relationships then I think you are looking at her (Click here to see my bad dating stories part 1 and here to see my bad dating stories part 2).  Like many of you women out there, I used to think that a bad relationship was better than any relationship. And honestly, I did not even see it as a bad relationship.

Like so many other women I used to think that all of the dysfunctional behavior I had in a relationship was normal.  I would overlook the bad qualities of a man and only focus on the good (even if they were few and far between).

Why Am I Still Single ~ What’s my point?

Have you ever heard the saying I can do bad all by myself?  That is what this point is. If you are in a relationship that drags you down, makes you angry, or makes you do worse then it is much better to be single than to be with someone who drags you down.  And so perhaps the reason why you are still single OR the reason why you should be still single is that you rather not be in a bad relationship.

Why Am I Still Single? Reason #3 You Want Something More Than Sex

My Story. We live in a very sex-driven society.  There are some men who want to get into a relationship with you just to have sex with you and will have no intention of marrying you or being with you long term.  So you may be asking how on Earth do you prevent a relationship from being just sex.  That is to stop having it.

I am celibate (read that blog here on why).  And one of the benefits of celibacy is that men who just want sex or who cannot look beyond the idea of sex will stop trying to date you when they find out they are not going to get some.  This leads to you being single longer because you have made it that much harder to be a relationship. BUT the good side of this is that the benefits of celibacy are that men who are not serious about you will go away and men who are (even though they may not be as many of these types of men) will stay.

And I have a video on why being celibate is more than just about not having sex which you can watch below.

Why Am I Still Single ~ What’s My Point?

There are two points here.  Sometimes you are still single because you refuse to settle for less than what you deserve. But the bigger issue is to have standards and keep them and the men who do not rise to those standards will disappear, yes you may still be single, BUT the bigger picture is the men who are able to reach the bar that you have set for them are more likely to turn into good meaningful relationships and you waste less time with those who are not up to par.

So these are the 3 GOOD reasons why I am still single and perhaps they may even be your reasons for why you’re still single. I hope more than anything that you do not get ashamed about still being single and see that all these reasons mean that you won’t just accept whatever leftover man is handed to you.  And if that means that you have to be single to get the type of quality man that you want then so be it.

If you know a fellow single woman that is still single then share this post with her and give her some encouragement.

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