Your Body Is A Temple ~ 5 Ways To Glorify God With Your Body

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Your body is a temple and you may be wondering do you have to glorify God with your body? Do looks matter that much? SURE THEY DO? But before you blow me off as being some superficial woman that is promoting the wrong thing, you need to hear me out first. I am not a shallow woman that believes that your looks will get you everywhere in life. I also believe that beauty is subjective and everyone is beautiful in their own way.

I am not promoting you to get a ton of plastic surgery. In fact, I believe that a person can look nice on the outside but still be ugly on the inside. So it is not all about looks and everyone can try to step out of the house looking their personal best according to their own standard. I encourage you to watch my video below on this very topic and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, click here.

Your Body Is A Temple, Glorify God With Your Body #1 Because God Does Not Want You Looking A Mess

This is a Christian lifestyle blog and before you tell me I am going to burn in hell or something crazy for saying that looks matter I want to explain this to you. The best way I can explain what I am about to say is to take an excerpt from my Single’s Moms Devotional (click here to buy). (Also if you want to get the first chapter for free of my Single Mom’s devotional then click here). 


A lot of Christian women think it is very vain and superficial to take care of yourself. I am a Christian woman who disagrees with that statement. It is one thing to be vain and care so much about your appearance that you are validated by your looks, and it is another to realize that your body is a temple and it is your responsibility to take care of it.

In Biblical times, when someone sacrificed an animal, it could NOT be some low-budget looking animal that had matted fur and was about to die anyway. The animal to be sacrificed had to be the best of the best. It had to have a pleasing appearance and be without blemish (Numbers 6:14). 

So since you are offering up yourself to God, you need to look the same way. Do not offer some strung-out version of yourself before God. Do not go out in the world, telling people how full you are in Christ but looking like you held on to the bumper of a car and allowed it to drag you for a mile or two.

You can also read my other blog on vanity but I pretty much think what I just said was self-explanatory which means we can move on to the next point.

Your Body Is A Temple, Glorify God With Your Body #2 Why Your Looks Should Matter To You

If your body is your temple and you are to glorify God with your body then know that it pays to look good on the outside. But the key is that you are looking YOUR best. And looking YOUR best helps you feel better about yourself and it will also determine how people view you.  When I say looks matter I am talking about taking care of yourself and caring about your appearance and feeling confident about who you are.

You can get enough plastic surgery and look like a blowup doll and even though you may look great on the outside do you feel that is the best representation of yourself and the best representation of you to the world? And if you look like a blow-up doll then that is how people are going to treat you. What I am saying is to look nice, care about your appearance, and put on an appearance that you are proud of.

Become and transform your looks into the best version of yourself. And when you figure out how to do that then everything about you will also be better. Such as your confidence and even your self-esteem. I actually spoke about this in my video where I even as a Christian I had to take my health and my weight loss more seriously which you can watch in the video below.

Your Body Is A Temple, Glorify God With Your Body # 3 When Meeting Men?

I will keep it real and let you know that men will not want to get to know your inside if you look crazy on the outside.  I am not judging you because there was a time when I would walk out of the house and look like a homeless person.  I thought to myself “I am just going to class or the store, no need to look good.”

That is wrong. Really you never know who you are going to run into. If you are a single woman or you are dating and you were to walk out of the house looking any kind of way and you saw the man of your dreams then you can have a missed opportunity. That has happened to me.

I decided to leave the house one day looking crazy thinking I would be right back. And there I saw an attractive man and I was almost embarrassed to talk to him because my appearance was so crazy looking. If you are saying that a man should love you for you then yes he should, but present the BEST version of you before him.

And not the you that is stepping out of the house with stains on her clothes, that has her hair looking like a matted mess, and house slippers and a scarf on her head.  That is not the best visual representation of you at all. And it can be hard for a man to be attracted to a woman that just lets herself go in public like that. Your body is your temple when you step out of the house, which is what I talk about in my video on how to glorify God with your body in both how you look and act.

Your Body Is A Temple, Glorify God With Your Body  #4 You Never Know Who You May Meet

An ex may see you, a person that can give you a job, or even an old friend from high school may see you AND wouldn’t much rather be looking your best than looking a mess. I can name on at least three occasions where I was out and about I ran into my ex or a friend of an ex.

On one occasion I ran into one at the gas station.  To be honest, things ended badly so I did not even speak to him.  Not even when he came over to me and started talking.  I just pretty much ignored him but I was looking fabulous doing it. And he thought so too because a few minutes later he texts me telling me how rude I was AND how AMAZING (his exact words) I looked.

The second time was when my ex (who is a firefighter) must have seen me walking down the street downtown.  I did not see him because he was on a fire truck passing by and I was walking on the street. After he saw me once again that text message came letting me know that he just saw me from his fire truck and that I was looking good.

The third time is when a friend of my ex saw me at the library.  The friend decided to relay the message to my ex and let him know how great I was looking.  Which once again promoted the phone call to see what I was up to and to let me know he heard I had been taking care of myself.

What is my point

My point is NOT that you look good for your ex. My point is that you look good because you should never let people catch you off guard and you never know who you may meet. Just like I bumped into my ex those days, I could have bumped into someone that could have given me a job, or even someone who knew me from the past and the last thing I want to do is to be looking my worst.

Your Body Is A Temple, Glorify God With Your Body  #5 Final Thoughts?

Yes looks matters but what I am not talking about is getting 1000 pounds of silicon injected into your body in order to be pretty. I am talking about caring about your looks, caring about yourself, and presenting the best version of yourself to the world.

It matters that if you show up to a job interview with your breast hanging out, no bra, and sweat pants; then you will not get the job.  It matters that if you look like a crack head, then more than likely people will treat you like a crack head. I found that looking good by your own standards will help you feel good about yourself.  Help you walk with confidence.  And it will help you transform into the best version of yourself if you ARE the best version of yourself.

So before you leave the house, ask yourself. Do I look my best? Is this perception and the look that I want to put out into the world? And am I putting on my best face? And is this the best representation of me and what I am about? If the answer is no then you need to rethink your appearance before you go outside. And that is exactly why looks matter.

Why you should glorify God with your body and that is because your body is a temple and you should care about how it looks.  If you know a woman who may need to know more about how to glorify God with your body then share this post with her.

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Your Body Is A Temple, Glorify God With Your Body

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