God Talk To Me! 4 Ways To Start Hearing God’s Voice Today

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Have you ever been one of those Christians that have just been screaming out “God talk to me?’ But you don’t know how to start hearing God’s voice. You pray and you pray and you pray, then your prayer turns to rant at God trying to hear his voice. Trying to get answers to your prayers and trying to figure out which way to go.

Or maybe you are just sitting around praying silently waiting for God to talk to you but yet you just hear crickets. I have been there.  I have been wanting, waiting, and praying for an answer just waiting to yell “God talk to me please.” I have, which I spoke about in my video when I was depressed that you can watch below. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

This is why in this post I am going to give you the following tips.

  • How to talk to God and Hear Him
  • How to talk to God and get answers. 
  • And how to not be fake with God.

God Talk To Me! How To Start Hearing God’s Voice Today ~ #1 How To Talk To God and Hear Him

I believe that God is always talking but the reason why we cannot hear Him is that we are too busy talking and sometimes we drown out the voice of God.  I want to tell you a story. In this particular instance, I was going on one of my “what about my prayers.”

You know the prayers where you want to sit around and talk about you, what is not going right for you, what God is not doing for you, and how He could have acted on something in a different way, and how you are not happy about how things have gone.

You know the completely and utterly self-absorbed prayers that have nothing to do with anything but yourself and what you want. THOSE. Don’t tell me I am the only one. Often times when I talk to God, especially when I am having my rant session.  God tells me to CALM DOWN. Let’s face it, if you are talking then how can you hear anything.

And I know that calming down sounds like I am putting you in time out. But oftentimes you have to quiet your mind, quiet your spirit, quiet your own thoughts, be still and be quiet and then listen.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

It is in those still places where you get to know God and where you can hear God. But if you are not still, if your voice is not still, if your mind is not still and it is racing everywhere then you are not going to HEAR anything.

God Talk To Me! How To Start Hearing God’s Voice Today ~ 2# Are You Being FAKE With God

For this point,  I want to pick up from the above story.  After God told me to calm down so that He can speak. I did not calm down. Now in my defense I typically agreed with God, calm myself, and listen to Him speak. But this time I did not want to be the “good Christian.” Before you go crazy about me saying I do not want to be a good Christian.

I think sometimes as Christians that we get so caught up in how we are supposed to act that sometimes it can come across as fake.  The fact of the matter is that before I went on this crazy rant with God I had been bothered about something for a few days.

But instead of letting it all out, I held it all in. I prayed for world peace, said the Lord’s prayer, and even prayed for so and so down the street. Praying for other people is not bad. BUT I was being fake with God and not telling him what was really bothering me.

So this time I said the following to God after He told me to calm down.

I love you, you know I do.  But I have given up and sacrificed a whole lot for you.  I have done things that I have not to want to do because it was your will; so this time I am not folding.  I am going to go on a rant about myself, and you will listen!

I did not want to hear the Biblical speech that I know God was just dying to give me.  I wanted to talk about myself and what was bothering ME.  I wanted to talk about what I wanted for once and not pretend to be mother, Teresa, praying for everything but myself.

I wanted to talk to God and have a real conversation with God, and if it meant that I was going to sound selfish, then so be it.  I know some of your mouths are dropping telling me I am a blasphemer. But I learned a long time ago to drop the holier than thou vision of God.  God is our friend, our father, no need to fake the funk.

No need to pretend that I want to talk about everyone else when what I really want to do is talk about me. And just like that God started speaking to me. And what He told me was “THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.” Also, check out my video on are you being a real Christian or pretending to be.

God Talk To Me! How To Start Hearing God’s Voice Today ~ What’s my point

My point is that perhaps

“The reason why God is not talking to you is that you are not talking to Him.”

You may be saying prayers to Him but they may be these superficial type of prayers that are not really getting to the root of what is really bothering you. And the thing is that God knows you. Every part of you and if you are going to go before God pretending to be fake, pretending to be something you aren’t, pretending that you are perfect and that everything is perfect then God is probably going to ignore you. Because you are not being real with Him and because of that you are not allowing God to speak to you.

To some people, this may seem like a strange way to talk to God.  But God created me. God knows I am stubborn.  He knows my personality and He knows how I am.  We do not have the right to command God to do anything, but as the lover of my soul I wanted Him to listen to the cries of my soul AND He wants to take the cries of your soul.  So give him that, don’t hide it so that He can fix it.

God Talk To Me! How To Start Hearing God’s Voice Today ~ #3 How To Talk To God And Get Answers

There are times where we pray for deliverance from a situation. There are times where we do not want to endure any more tests, trials, and tribulations. There are times that we do not want to turn to the Bible and hear about Job, how he suffered, and God paid him to double his trouble.

There are just times where you want to hear from God right now and you want to get an answer to your specific situation and your specific prayers and He is just not listening. So I am going to give you HOW God answers prayer because it could very well be that He is answering your prayer and either you are not listening and He is tired of telling you, it is not meant for you to know everything, or you just are not listening. I  highly encourage you to read my blog on the three ways God answers prayers. Either way, check out some of the ways God answers.

God Talk To Me! How To Start Hearing God’s Voice Today ~ #4 What God Says When He Answers

God Talk To Me! How To Start Hearing God's Voice Today

  • God Talk To Me! How To Start Hearing God’s Voice Today ~ Are You Praying Wrong: This should go without saying but you cannot pray for someone to be harmed, someone to die, pray out of a place of anger, or pray for the man you are seeing to leave his wife. These things are not of God and God is not going to honor these prayers or answer them. He is not even going to waste His time with this foolishness. God is always going to say no to prayers that do not really glorify Him or His kingdom in any way. Especially if you are praying for something bad to happen to someone else.
  • God Talk To Me! How To Start Hearing God’s Voice Today ~ When God Say’s Not Yet. When God answers your prayers in the not-yet format He is essentially telling you to wait. And that is when you have prayed for something and you hear God say nothing. It could be that you have asked him something so much and He gave you the answer months ago. But instead of listening to his “wait” answer then, you keep asking him and asking him therefore making him mad. And so now He is not answering you.
  • God Talk To Me! How To Start Hearing God’s Voice Today ~ When God Says Do Your Part. With the not-yet answer, it can be conditional. The conditional not yet answer means that there is something that must be done on your part in order to get an answer to your prayer. Maybe you need to work harder, develop a better work ethic, improve your faith, or something else before you are ready for God to answer your prayer.

You may have asked God about something years ago and he told you to do xyz and you still have not done xyz and keep asking Him for an answer. When really God gave you one. Go back and do the last thing He told you to do. And when you do that then come back for an answer.

  • God Talk To Me! How To Start Hearing God’s Voice Today ~ Try Fasting To Hear From God. I have an amazing post on fasting and how it has been used in the Bible to get God to answer your prayers. Click here to read it. How many times have we read in the Bible of people going on fast in order to get their prayer heard? We have Daniel, David, Esther, Jesus, and Moses who all fasted for a purpose.

God knows that you need food, He knows that it is hard to go against your flesh and not eat despite your body telling you to, and He knows that even when you are hungry it is hard to find your only solace in Him. This is why He hears your prayers even louder.

It is like your hunger pains are crying out to Him saying God listens to me. I don’t need food and I feel like I am starving. I don’t need food right now I need an answer to my prayer! And so He is more likely to answer your prayer faster. Also, check out my video below on how to start hearing from God for additional tips.

I know it can be frustrating if you are left screaming “God talk to me” I so get it. But if that is you then I really encourage you to take some of the above tips into consideration and see if you can get God to talk to you.

If you know a fellow Christian that may need to read this post then go ahead and share it with them.

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God Talk To Me! 3 Ways To Hear & Get Answers From God. Hearing from God is important, hearing God’s voice is important, and know if God is talking to me is important. Knowing these things are the key to getting your prayers answered.


  1. He is the greatest Father ever. Yesterday I read Hosea 2 and I was so flattered God is so loving at times it catches me off guard . Your line about not being Job is so cool. I want to have more real convos with God.

    • Yes. I learned that God knows how you feel. And there is no reason to hide both the good and bad from Him. So you mine as well get it out. And let Him deal with it.

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