7 Alchemist Quotes That’ll With The Most Powerful Life Lessons

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If you are looking for an easy read that has powerful meaning and life lessons that you can learn then I 100% recommend the Alchemist.  There are so many life lessons from the Alchemist that you need to implement in your everyday life.

This book is a very easy read but yet there are so many lessons to be learned from the alchemist that you need to actually start implementing in your life, as soon as you read it.  And you are in luck because I am going to share exactly what those life lessons are in this post.

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Alchemist Quotes ~ 1. Have dreams for a reason.

The main character has this reoccurring dream.  It is pretty apparent that he must travel and go and find “treasure” at a location that is in Egypt.  Throughout the book he does not know how he is going to get to Egypt, he does not know what he is going to encounter along the way. In fact, he has never even been outside of his own country. All he knows is that there is a dream he keeps having and it is for a reason.

Alchemist Quotes

Alchemist Quotes ~ The Lessons You Can Learn

The point is that no matter how impossible our dreams seem to reach, God has put them in our hearts for a reason.  No matter how big the obstacles are, we can reach our dream if we are willing to follow them, and following them is not always easy.

Just because we have a dream does not mean that everything is perfect or will go according to the plan that we see in our heads. But if you have a dream trust that it is for a reason and that God will meet you halfway and help you achieve it. Also, watch my video below about finding your God-given purpose. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

Alchemist Quotes2. Step Out On Faith

The dream that the character had seemed impossible. But for him, it really came down to two choices.  To try to reach his dream or to sit there in a comfortable place and do absolutely nothing.  And even if he sat and did nothing he probably would not have had a bad life.

He would have gotten married and worked some regular job.  But instead, he chose to follow his dream not knowing how it was going to come true and not even knowing IF it would come true.  He just trusted that he was having the dream for a reason and he had to choose to step out on faith to see it come to pass.

Alchemist Quotes

Alchemist Quotes ~ The Lessons You Can Learn

So many times before people step out on faith they want confirmation after confirmation after confirmation that what they are about to do is the right thing.  But when it comes to having faith you just have to step out and believe that something is going to come true even if you do not know who, what, when, or why. You have to trust your intuition, step out on faith (with no confirmation), and know that everything is going to work out even if you do not know how it will work out.

Alchemist Quotes ~ 3. All things Work for the Greater Good.

Once the main character decided to follow his dreams, he was robbed and beaten up. More than once and once he was almost beaten to death. At this point, he probably felt like a fool. He stepped out on faith, followed his dream, and but yet there were times that bad stuff kept happening to him.

But the first time he was robbed,  although it seemed like he was broke this lead him to work for someone, learning a new trade, a new language, and being able to take his skills with him along the way.  All of the skills that he learned he needed as he pursued his dream. The second time he was almost beaten to death, right when he reached the EXACT place he had seen in his dreams.

Surely he thought that going after his dreams was a mistake. He reached his destination and there was a group there that robbed him  AND beat him inches away from his life.  And it was at that moment that one of the men who was beating him up, unbeknownst to him, told him where the treasure was.

Alchemist Quotes

Alchemist Quotes ~ The Lessons You Can Learn

There are times when you think that you are on the right path but yet and keep getting knocked down and things keep going wrong. BUT you have to know that all things work together for the greater good (Romans 8:28). And know that those things can be both good or bad.  And even if some of them are bad, instead of resenting them they can be the same bad things that drawer you closer to your purpose. Also, watch my video below on how pain is meant to be transformed where I talk more about this.

Alchemist Quotes4. Never settle.

In the book, the character meets several people that he tells about his dream.  There are two people in particular that he tells about his dream. These two men admit that they also had a dream but that they never went after them. Now they were too old to go after what they really wanted. Because they were just too scared to follow their dream and step into the unknown.

Never settle for a life you do not want and never settle for a relationship you do not want. Before the character started to follow his dream. He was dating a woman that he knew he was not head over heels for. But he considered marrying her anyway because that is what “everyone did”.

Alchemist Quotes

Alchemist Quotes ~ The Lessons You Can Learn

The two main points that hold people back and settle into an ordinary life instead of an extraordinary one is.

You only get one life and if you do not go after every opportunity because of fear or because it is out of the ordinary then you will let life pass you by and settle for a medicare life instead of a great one. Which I have a video on how to choose faith over fear.

Alchemist Quotes5. It is not about the destination but the journey

When “the boy,” i.e the main character was chasing his dream, he met another man chasing his dream.  The man was looking for “the alchemist.”  The man felt that once he found him, the alchemist could teach him to turn any metal into gold.  The man was searching for the alchemist for so long but never found him. In fact, the main character found the alchemist, had a conversation with the alchemist and learned from the alchemist.

While the other man never found the alchemist even though he had been looking for longer. Because “the boy” found the alchemist he learned what he needed to learn and moved on to the next step of his journey. The man that had been looking for the alchemist and never found him was still stuck there, in the same spot, not able to move forward.

Alchemist Quotes

Alchemist Quotes ~ The Lessons You Can Learn

Sometimes when we get tunnel vision and focus only on finding “gold,” we miss the bigger picture.  The bigger picture is not the gold, but what we can learn from the person making the gold.  Even though we want the treasure, the lessons that we learn while looking for the treasure is the most important.

And if we are too focused on material gains, then we will miss the lessons that are meant to transform us into who we need to be.  Life wants to give us “gold” but more importantly, life wants us to become a person of value.   Because in the end, the “treasure” the main character was seeking, was right back at home where he started.  God could have just told him the treasure was under his noise in Spain.  But instead, he wanted to take him around the world so that he can grow and meet people who he was to have an impact on and vice versa. It was not just about the dream, but the journey to the dream.

Alchemist Quotes ~ 6. Someone Who Loves You Will Not Hold You Back

While the boy was on a venture to find a treasure he meant a woman. His actual TRUE LOVE that he knew he was meant to spend the rest of his life with.  But even though he loved her, he also knew and she knew that he had to continue on the path to finding the treasure.  Both of them knew that if he didn’t he would grow to resent her.  And she also knew that she had to let him go.  She did not stop him from going after his treasure.  Instead, she encouraged it and told him that she would be waiting for him when he returned.

Alchemist Quotes

Alchemist Quotes ~ The Lessons You Can Learn

A person who loves you should never want to hold you back for their own selfish reasons.  If they do that is a sign of low self esteem or an insecure relationship. A person who loves you should always support you and be willing to let you go if need be so that you can become a better person, get a better job, go to college, or even have a better life.

Love should not old you back, instead, it should push you forward. And real love knows that after you do what you must to be a better person, love will prevail if it was meant to be.  This is why I always say to chase the purpose and not the man which I have a video on. Because when you chase your purpose a great relationship will come.

Alchemist Quotes ~ 7. Sometimes you have to leave people behind.

Remember when the boy meant the other man looking for the alchemist?  The boy found the alchemist and then he continued on his path.  He did not go back to the other guy and tell him where the alchemist was.  Nor did he wait for the other guy to find the alchemist before he continued on his trip.

The dream that you have is for you and for you only and sometimes you have to keep going while others you know are left behind.  There were several times that “the boy” had to leave people behind. The first time he was robbed he worked for a store owner. Once he made enough money, he left and the store owner begged him to stay. But the main character still left and continued on his journey.

Alchemist Quotes

Alchemist Quotes ~ The Lessons You Can Learn

You cannot take everyone with you on your journey. Nor can you force someone to see what you see.  There are often times where we have to leave people where they are while we move forward. There are also times, where other people will not want us to move forward and will beg us to stay with them but we still have to move forward anyway.

The most important thing about the dream is that God gave it to you and not them. Meaning that there will be people (perhaps even people you care about) that you will have to leave behind so that you can continue your own personal journey. And there is nothing wrong with that nor should you feel bad about it.  You have a right to your own journey.

These are the 7 and most powerful life lessons from the Alchemist that everyone should implement. So you if you know someone who needs to learn these lessons then feel free to share this post with them.

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7 Powerful Life Lessons From The Alchemist Worth Following. One of the spiritual books that are life changing is the The Alchemist. These are one of the books that will change your life because there is so many powerful life lessons you can get from it. Find out what they are.

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