Social Media And Depression ~ 3 Actionable Ways To Cope

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Are you one of those people who scroll through social media and look at how wonderful everyone else’s life is and then you start to feel like crap? If so, then you are suspectable to social media and depression. You get depressed that they have a man, depressed at seeing another wedding, depressed at seeing another engagement ring, depressed that so and so bought a house, got a great job, and has all these other wonderful things that you do not have.

If this is you then it is a large possibility that you suffer from social media depression, described as depressive thoughts associated with using social media. (source).

If you have come to this post because you feel that you have social media depression then good news for you because you are in the right place. I will surely give you some tips on how to not fall into the deep dark black hole of social media depression.

And it really comes down to not putting so much energy into what other people are doing and decided not to give a crap.  Also, don’t forget to watch my video below on how to not give a crap, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here.

1. Social Media And Depression ~ Social Media is not real life

“Social media give people a false sense of reality”

To put it in layman’s terms most of those couple’s pictures you are looking at, those staged pictures on the beach, and those wonderful pictures in which it seems like their life is perfect is not perfect.

I know that because no one’s life is perfect. Yes, they are in a relationship and even went on a vacation, but the side you are going to see is the perfect side. No one is going to post a picture of them and their boyfriend fighting or the downsides of their vacation. People just show you what they want you to see.

 quotes What Is Social Media Depression & How To Get Rid Of It Are you feeling depressed from social media? Are you suffering from social media jealousy, social media anxiety, and is social media affecting your mental health. If so then you want to read this post.

The whole point of them posting the picture is to just give other people the illusion that their relationship is perfect or that their life is perfect.  And here you are suffering from social media depression over a situation that is not real.

I can literally scroll down my Facebook feed now and find 10 people bragging about their oh so perfect marriages and relationships and how wonderful their significant others are and yet I know for a fact that all 10 of those people are cheating on their spouse or their relationship is a complete and utter mess.  Everything that glitters is not gold.

2. Social media and depression ~ Case in point:

On my social media right now, I know that my friend kicked her husband out of the house for cheating on her with the woman down the street.  I know about the illegitimate baby that is tucked away in the corner that the husband had behind her back.  I know about the married man that is sleeping with at least 10 of his female Facebook friends.

Or the women showing off the luxury vacations her and her man went to, knowing that SHE has paid for everything because HE has no job! (also see my blog on if a man does not work he does not eat). And all of these are posting pictures about their wonderful #relationshipgoals. When really none of it is real.

What’s my point?

I do not say this to put someone on blast well maybe to put them a little on blast.  But there is a point to all of this.  While many of you are getting all bent out of shape over other people’s seemingly perfect social media relationships and their lives. You really do not know what goes on behind closed doors. You just know what they choose to show you on social media and what they choose to show you on social media is probably not the entire truth.

3.  Social Media and Depression ~ Remember to Get Your Life

social media and depression

I know for a fact that I am going to say something that many of you who suffer from social media depression is not going to like. Because I am going to call out your jealousy.  It is possible that the real reason why you are suffering from social media depression is that you want what they have.  And the real reason you are mad at their life is that you are really mad with the way that your life is going.

If that is the case then you need to go ahead and get your life. Do something with yourself and get to a place where you do not get upset with other people’s happy pictures because you have your own happy pictures to post.

4. Social Media And Depression ~ The Power of Photoshop

“Social media breeds a world of false illusion and Photoshop.”

There are so many apps that you can have right at your fingertips on your phone that can take you from being a normal person to being perfect. In other words, that woman that you see on Instagram with the perfect body, the perfect waist, no acne, and a big ole booty she may not even look like that in real life. You are literally comparing yourself and your body to something that is fake and to something that is not achievable.

5. Social media and depression ~ Case in Point

I used to counsel many young women with body image issues. They would get all bent out of shape about the women that they saw on social media and in magazines and wonder why despite their constant eating disorders, dieting, and even exercising they could not look like this woman. So one day I found a magazine article about how the photoshopped models.

Both the before and after pictures.  In this picture, a natural skinny model was given more of a figure 8 hip shape, a higher yet bigger butt, and her skin was made perfect.  As I showed the picture to my group I told them that no amount of diet and exercise is going to make you look like them because they do not even look like this.  This look is simply NOT REAL.

What’s my point

My point is that if you are comparing your looks and your body to some build a bear woman you see online then you are always going to be chasing a dream. With the power of photoshop you too can look the same exact way as many of the females you are looking up to and being jealous of.  That is like you being jealous of the tooth fairy. Why be jealous of her she is made up and she does not exist. Just like some of these women with picture-perfect bodies, hair, skin, and makeup do not exist.

6. Social Media and Depression ~ The Cure

social media and depression

Data found social media users were more likely to suffer from depression when they (source):

  • Felt envy triggered by observing other social media posts.

Solution to this problem: If you feel triggered by looking at other people’s social media post. Remember the tips I gave you from above. It is not real. And if you still feel triggered then simply stay off of social media and work on yourself and your life. It is a large possibility that your envy is coming from the fact that they have and you don’t. So if you stay off of social media then you can be less distracted and get some things to brag about on your own.

  • Accepting former partners as social media friends.

Solution to this problem: If you are not over your ex, are stalking your ex, or tend to get looking at your ex’s pictures until it causes you to go crazy then the solution is simple. Just disengage.  Block them or even delete them from your friends. If looking at them is causing you too much pain. Then make it so you can’t look at them.

  • Posting frequently on social media, and especially with negative status updates.

Solution to this problem: Get a journal, a diary, or even a therapist. Social media is NOT the place for you to have a mental break down, break with reality, or for you to post pictures and status updates that are depressing and borderline suicidal.  You can use another avenue such as professional help,  not social media to help you with that.

  • Obsessed over their virtual identity. 

Solution to this problem: Get off social media altogether. If this is you then you are getting too sucked in the virtual world and remember that is not real.  You need to be more worried about who you are as a person and in real life not obsessing about the fake persona that is on social media.

So I pretty much let you know about social media and depression and if you suffer from it then know you are not alone. But do not just sit around and be stuck with the problem do something about the problem. Follow my tips and I am sure that you will get over your social media depression in no time.

If you know someone that is plagued by social media to the point that they suffer from social media depression. Please, please share this post with them.

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  1. I thought I was only one who still said “fake the funk”lol. This is a great piece because I sometimes get jealous over image of my son’s father and his family but its just an image and I know way more into the story that is nowhere near perfect. Learning to see things without filter.

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