5 Fancy Girls Night In Ideas That Are Absolutely Brilliant

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I have already done ideas for a girl’s night out that is for grown women only (click here to see that). And now it is time for ideas for a girl’s night in.  Remember those days as an adolescent where you used to have a sleepover, stay up all night, watch movies, do something stupid like playing bloody Mary in the mirror, or something crazy? Wasn’t that fun?

Well, that does not have to change in your adulthood. You can still have a girl’s night in and have just as much fun as you did when you were a teenager. Except now it will be better because you will be on your grown woman status. The reason why I say grown woman status is that I love having adult fun that is classy.

What we are not going to do as grown behind women is getting crap-faced drunk, falling on our face, and not remembering what you did the night before. That is just not cute.

That is not what women on their grown woman status do.  I do not want to relive those old college days where we got super drunk in our dorm rooms just to see how much alcohol we can hold.  We don’t have time for that. What we do have time for is to party and have just as much fun but in an age-appropriate way.

1. Girls night in ideas ~ A Luncheon or tea party

Since you are older and more sophisticated, you can do older and more sophisticated things.  So why not have a luncheon where you invite all of your girlfriends over for the day! Make it a grown woman’s affair.  Serve hors-d oeuvre on a nice serving plate. You can also choose to cater to the event and have fancy cocktails with fancy umbrellas in them. Ask your girlfriends to dress up as well.

As an example, you can check out this tea party idea and decor by clicking here and viewing the picture above. That is what I mean by grown woman lunch or tea party. Not something that you just slapped together at the last minute. Try to make it a little fancy.

2. Girls night in ideas ~ Wine tasting

Okay so when you were younger and had a girl’s night in with your girlfriends, you were probably not old enough to drink.  And when you did get old enough to drink you probably just drank some vodka or other hard liquor. But we are going to be on our grown woman status. And grown women drink wine. Get some ideas on a wine tasting party by checking out this post and the picture below.

At your wine party, you will decorate accordingly, serve good wine, and please provide food, the last thing you want is for people to be throwing up because they are drinking on an empty stomach.  That is not a good look. Even if you do not know a lot about wine, you can buy a book and pretend like you know a lot about wine.

3. Girls night in ideas ~ Women’s Only Party

This could be a Mary Kay party, Avon party, or even a sex party. Get your mind out of the gutter.  When I say sex party, this is not where you have some big orgy with your friends.  Sex parties are actually quite common and I have been to a few myself and nothing nasty is going down.

A sex party is where you invite a professional to show sex toys or lingerie to your girlfriends.  Even if you are not into that type of stuff it is with your girlfriends,  it is a great opportunity to laugh and have fun.  I have never gone to a sex party and it is bad or awkward. Most women have fun with this.

If a sex party is really not your thing there are other ideas such as Mary Kay Parties or Avon Parties, where a professional comes and brings in makeup for you are your girlfriends to try. Now, remember you are still a grown woman on your grown woman status. It would be a great idea to provide food and wine still. Do not have your guest coming over for a woman’s only party and you do not feed them.

4. Girls night in ideas ~ A Sleep Over

Sleepovers do not have to stop when you are an adult.  They can just get better. Invite all of your girlfriends over to have a sleepover.  You can binge-watch movies, talk about your relationship problems, play music, and act a fool ( actually did that in my girl’s night in sleepover it was amazing) or if you do not have a relationship you can talk about your lack of relationship problems.

And you can choose to pig out, order pizza, and drink beer. And because you are grown, it would be a really fancy idea to give your girlfriend matching pajamas, house shoes, robes, and just make it a whole experience.

5. Girls night in ideas ~ Spa Day

You do not have to leave your home to have a spa day (Click here to see my blog on my at-home spa day and to get ideas).   You can be creative and give each woman their own goodie bag full of spa items and have an at-home spa day while you beautify yourselves.

Like cute little face mask or bath bombs. Be sure to give some attention to those feet and get that rough patch of skin off.  You know the patch that forms in the back of your foot. For more ideas on how to throw a classy spa party check out this post and check out the picture below.

There you have it, ladies that want to be on your grown woman status doing grown woman things, you have five amazing ideas on how you can a classy girl’s night in. If you know someone who is planning a girl’s night in then go ahead and share this post with them to give them some ideas.

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