When You Refuse To Follow God These 5 BAD Things Could Happen

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Let’s be real, it can be hard to follow God. When God says go it can be hard depending on the situation. Where is He asking us to go? What is He asking us to do? And wherever the “go” is, am I going to like it? I know it can be hard to trust God. I mean even though He is the almighty we still have issues trusting Him blindly.  And best believe that when God tells you to do something you can either jump or be pushed. Meaning that you can do it voluntarily or He will MAKE YOU.

1. What Happened When Jonah Refused To Follow God

A good example of this is the story of Jonah and the whale. If you are not familiar with it, then just go to the Bible and read the book of Jonah. But I am just going to shorten the story for you to basically illustrate my point.  God had told Jonah:

Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me. Jonah 1:2

But of course, Jonah was not trying to do all of that. Because like so many of us when God tells us to do something that we don’t want to do, that we are not comfortable doing, or something that we think is hard then we simply don’t do it. But see this is where the “when God says go” comes in.

Because Jonah was on a ship, resting his little eyes, thinking that he was going to go on his merry little way in the opposite direction God told him to move in, that is when there was a storm. To make a long story short, Jonah was thrown off the boat and eaten by a whale where he stayed for three days.  Once Jonah was out of the whale.

The word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time:  Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you. Jonah obeyed the word of the Lord and went to Nineveh. Jonah 3: 2-3

Also, check out my video below where I continue the story of Jonah as well as other people who refused to follow God and what happened to them.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

2. When You Refuse To Follow God ~ What’s my Point?

Some of the basic points that we can take away from Jonah as it relates to refusing to follow God.

  • When God wants you to move He will make you move by any means necessary. 
  • It is a lot better to just go when God says move instead of going against God and going in your own direction. If Jonah would have just obeyed God in the first place he would not have gotten eaten by that whale. 
  • Jonah going to Nineveh had a purpose and if God is telling you to move, He has a purpose for you too. 

3. What Happened ~ When I Refused To Follow God

So I may have not gotten swallowed up by a whale but I have something that is equally as traumatizing. I remember when God was telling me to move for a long time I fought Him on it.  I was living in Richmond, VA and I knew that God wanted me to move to the DC area, but I just wouldn’t.  There were things that I did not want to give up in Richmond.

I had a house, friends, men, and a life.  Because I refused to move God took all of those things from me. I lost my job, I could not find a different one, and then when I did it paid like half of what I was making.  I lost touch with my friends, some moved away, I stopped seeing the men I was dating, and all the reasons why I wanted to stay in Richmond were literally taken from me.

Everything there became difficult and it became a struggle, and the life that I once had I could literally no longer afford. (check out my blog here to read the full story). You can also watch my video below where I talked more about that situation.

This was my Jonah and the whale moment. My mother lived in the Washington DC area and wanted me to move near her. But  I did not want to lose my independence.  In Richmond, I had my own house and my own space,   and here my mom was talking about moving back in her.

I had not lived with my mother in 12 years! It was something that I did not want to do even though I knew that God was telling me to do it.  And so I packed up and moved not because I wanted to but because I had to.

I had no choice. No money, no job, no way to pay the bills, no friends, and no more men. And so I moved. And as SOON as I did things got better. Like almost immediately.  Within one month of moving, I got a job making double than I was making at my last low-paying job. I had a lot more help with my son. And I had more time to work on my business, this blog, my books, and my purpose.

After moving in with my mom a townhome literally a block away from my mother’s house came open to rent where I moved in. So now I have my own place but I am still close to family. It made me wonder, why was I fighting to stay in a place. Because everything MORE than worked out.

4. When You Refuse To Follow God ~ What’s my point

  • It is a lot easier to go with God than it is to fight against God. I literally had to lose everything and make myself miserable before I finally moved. 
  • God is going to have His way. If God wants you to go somewhere or to do something He is going to make it happen. 
  • Sometimes you just have to TRUST God and know that what He is telling you is for your own benefit even if you don’t think so.  

Now my move was very literal in the sense that I moved locations.  But God can be telling you to move jobs, move out of relationships, move on from your past, move to a different location, move out of that mans out, move out of harms way, move into a better mindset, I mean literally God can be telling you to GO anywhere. Even if you are not changing locations just like Jonah and even myself the point of the movie is always the same.

“God will never ask you to go anywhere that He is not willing to go with you. “

And you must remember that you cannot be so complacent and/or scared that you stay stuck in the same place and you are not really growing or doing anything significant.

5. When You Refuse To Follow God ~  Final Thoughts

God knows exactly what you need before you even know what you need. So when you don’t follow God you are saying you don’t trust him because you are fighting him. You just have to stop fighting and trying to do things your own way, and trust God.  It may be hard because what God wants and what you want may be two different things.  But either you trust that God knows what is best for you and He has better plans for you than you have for yourself or you don’t.

This can apply to so many areas of our lives. For me, it applied to me moving. I mean my life was literally unbearable in Richmond.  I really no longer had any joy living there.  But, I stay there because of pride.  Because I did not want to move back in with my mom.  Or because I had my own plans or friends that I did not want to leave behind. I did not really want to listen to God on what He wanted me to do, because it did not fit into what I wanted to do.

Then I had to think about how all of those times when I was living off of my own plan and was not willing to move on with my life, that I passed up on some wonderful opportunities. Ten years ago,  I passed a chance to go to law school under conditional acceptance because I did not want to leave my boyfriend at the time. How many times have you made a decision based on what you thought was best and not really on what made sense?

And so you have to ask yourself. Are you resisting God or going with God?  And if you truly believe that God has a plan for your life, then whatever you are resisting is going to come to pass.  And you mine as well come into God’s purpose willingly, not like me kicking and screaming all the way.  Often times you need to move on from where you are at to get where you are going.  And more often than not, that means stepping out of your comfort zone to being elevated to a new level.

If you know someone who may need to move but they are too afraid to do so then feel free to share this post with them.

If you are lost on what direction to go I personally think that fasting is a great way to hear from God on if you should move or not.  Click here to check out my fasting guide to see why.

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  1. Was there a single event or moment that gave you peace about move? I’m in a similar situation and have opportunity to move with my father but Im just unsure of what to do.

  2. This post made me smile. As God has put in my heart time to move, it has been a slow transition, but seeing everything “fall into place” with God by my side!

  3. God will never ask you to move anywhere that He is not willing to go with you…there is so much good in here, and I too have experienced the wrestling of not wanting to go where God was calling because all I could see was pain and loss. The good on the other side was more than I could have imagined! These are hard lessons, but all move us further into trusting a God who loves us with an everlasting love. Just so glad you are here:) Blessings, Crystal~

  4. Hello:
    I had a dream.. A voice like a thunder was calling my name.
    Then repeating my name told me.. MOVE OUT ¡
    You can not wait anymore. Is your time, all the things are ready for you… MOVE OUT¡…you can not wait any longer… Move out.

    Any advice?
    GOD BLESS you.

    • Yes my advice to you is that if you feel that God is speaking to then he probably is. You should really just ask God yourself, if the directive is being giving to you (by God) to do something then surely God will tell you what that directive is.

  5. THANK YOU. I’m in a similar situation and have been in it since October 2013…I’ve had HUGE signs and wonders pointing me to a town outside of Washington, DC where God surely has been/is telling me to move to. I kept thinking “Naw, it’s the devil. Could God REALLY be speaking so clearly to me?” I would come to this specific town, sit in my car with no job and no place to live and then LEAVE. For FIVE YEARS!! Then my finances were atrocious where I was so I’d keep coming back to this town and sitting/waiting/weeping/agonizing. Well, I’m back in that town I believe God told me to go to. Sitting and waiting. Online every day looking for jobs, opportunities. NOTHING yet. Whoever reads this pray for me. THANK YOU.

    • Jennifer. I know the feeling. You must obey God. A few months ago, God told me to move to New York (specifically Brooklyn). I moved to New York but was living in the city (Manhattan). I knew in my heart I was being disobedient. Not only until I moved to Brooklyn is when I received full time employment and my own place. Although I always wanted to live in Brooklyn, my finances we’re sketchy (NYC is expensive). I cried my butt off. But after a while, I felt this peace. A still voice told me, “I got you.” When God calls you to a place, there is an assignment there He wants you to fullfil. Obey Him. Remember what happened to Moses and Aaron. They didn’t get to see the promised Land. Also, when you worry you’re behaving like the 12 spies. We all know what happened to them. Your Promised Land is where God is calling you. Prayers going up.

  6. This is fantastic. A few years ago I have met the love of my life and we had great plans for to future but he wanted to move to another country. I wanted to be with him, but I did not really wanted to move. Our life would be beautiful there but I was safe here. I stagnated for months… no growing in faith, not growing as a partner or in my career. I knew that I have to go, but I did not wanted. Friends left, my company started to go downwards,even my mum quitted drinking after 20 years, so God arranged everything, but I did not make a single step… The last drop in my glass was when last december my love decided to leave me, and moving alone. My life was in broken pieces. A few days later one of my friend called me and told me that she is in the same country, where I did not wanted to move to, and she offered me help to move there and helped me to find a job and a flat. A few weeks ago I have met with the story of Jonah again…. I really felt uncomfortable when I read it…Now it makes sense… When i decided to move finally, everything seemed to be solved. Things are working out now… Even my love got in touch with me and he cannot wait me to be there. Sometimes I feel mad at me, because I could leave this last few months out and move when I was told. I do not know, why it is so important for God me to be in Germany but I am ready to be there and fulfil his purpose for my life… Keep me in your prayers, I am leaving in a month 🙂

  7. Good article. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on the matter, although there are some spelling errors in the blog. Just so you are aware for next time 🙂

    • Thank you for being my spell checker, I have a habit of reading too fast and I went through and corrected them. So thanks again.

  8. I was going absolutely crazy trying to figure out what God was trying to tell me. He had taken me out from a bad environment and moved me back home near my family. However, leaving my sons behind as they are still young adults made it difficult to bare. I did my duty as a parent and got my sons grounded before leaving. Gods way is always the best way.

  9. Hi. I am so uncertain if God wants me to stay or go. I Have always wanted to move and relocate out-of-state. It is always in my spirit most of the time. It will die down for a while but it is always there deep down inside. Now I am at the point when I hear anybody say They moved to another state I am so happy for them but sad for myself because I’m still here. So now I am back feeling like I need to relocate out-of-state. I love the south feel but don’t know anybody there or which state I should to in the south.
    A few months ago I visited Phoenix Arizona because my son wanted to move there and wanted me to go with them so I decided to go see How it was there. . I thought it was absolutely beautiful only thing was a little too hot 🥵. Well now it has come up again my son asked me to move there too again. He’s going to relocate there from here (Illinois).
    Let me mention in the last 2 years A few things has happened that may be a confirmation that it’s time to go. I left my job at the post office due to the demand of hours and leaving my 10 year old alone all the time. So I started a truck driver position but injured myself on the job a month into the job and have been off since November 8 of 2018. I have just been cleared to return to work. However that job fired me. So now I am trying to find work and it’s not going good. I feel like I am trying so hard to make it work here. I feel like I’m trying to force something to fit. And I’ve felt like this for over 15 years. I stayed and doing the same now thinking I don’t make the mistake of changing my kids school n it might not be good. I’ve lost most of my relationships with people period. So now I’m thinking maybe I should just go. I think in my heart I know I need a change. Fresh start, New place, new things, and new people.
    I guess in all honesty I am playing it safe. And I know fear has crippled me.
    Lastly, I want to follow God‘s will for me and not feel like I’m just following my son there. Confused. Please pray for me. Thanks

    • I will pray for you. But you have to trust the Holy Spirit, and ask yourself if God is asking you to move and what if keeping you from moving? Are you afraid to move? Or is it God’s will for you to stay. Sometimes you can confuse or own will for God’s will? Or you may be confusing other’s will for God’s will, you really need to just focus and be able to know the difference?

    • I appreciate you writing this blog.. I have been feeling a push as if it is time to move out of state. I have always had the desire to for like 20 years, but now it is so heavy on my heart. I hate living in the state I’m in my husband has a good job & his family is here he is content and has no plans of leaving his job or moving out of state. I have two kids my parents live here and they have been pressuring me making me feel like I’m wrong for wanting to move out of state when they live here. I feel pressured to stay but also feel the strong urge to leave. Please pray for me the area that is in my heart to go I don’t know anyone I have never been but it’s in my heart. I want this move to be a GOD idea and not my own. Thank you!

  10. Hi I’m Briana !
    Thank you so much for your article! I truly feel God is telling me to move to Houston TX! Back in March 2020 I had gotten a good job making alit of money but the pandemic struck MS hard(everywhere honestly) and God the idea was put in my head to move to TX! But I didn’t feel like it was time yet! So I stayed because I just met this great guy and everything was goin good. Moved out my aunts house and got my own place with jus my daughter and I and I was great! Everything started falling apart! I was so depressed with that job that I started missing work due to me not being focused on saving and preparing to move! The guy was cheating and lying none stop! My brother was murdered! I wasn’t close to God then until someone told me that if you don’t slow down u will fail! And behold I was failing at everything! I jus recently lost my apartment and had to move back in with my aunt! I received the message to move to TX in the time I couldn’t afford my place and was moving out! I saw TX everywhere then I asked God where to move to in TX! I had written down in my notebook that Houston TX thank you god I finally made it! Lol crazy because I’m looking at that message and thinking wow I had already claimed where I wanted to be! But again fear and doubt holding me back! My sisters saying that ur not ready u don’t know anyone or have friends in TX. They said think about ur daughter where will yal live lol! So at this point I haven’t moved yet and it’s been weeks! But I truly feel God is telling me to leave and not worry! I have been praying and reading the Bible non stop not realizing that God is showing me in every word to follow him 2 Kings 8: 1-2. So I’m packing my car as we speak and I’m trusting in God and I’m moving in a few days !! Pray for my 2 yr old daughter and I safety but I know God is with us! Hopefully my testimony helps a lot of you guys during this season.

  11. Thank you for your story. I really want to go somewhere, but I am not sure if God wants this so.. is it possible to be in an ‘opposite of Jonah situations? Even if there is such a thing, I’m not sure thats the case with me. I am in a horrible depressing situation, without a job, friends, any money, or transportation, or anything to do all day. I live with my elderly Mom in the middle of a pandemic, with nothing to do nowhere to go but ask her for a few dollars to survive each day. I am on a couple medications that have severe withdrawal symptoms so I can not just walk off down the road, as that would entail suddenly stopping them. It seems I am stuck in a bad situation indefinitely. I have asked God for help over and over and over, to change my mind if I am missing something…. it just goes on and on. It does eventually make me wonder if there is a point at all in having faith? It is kind of like a low grade hell that doesn’t end. Have I done something wrong? Missed something? If this is how my life is supposed to be and God approves of that….I am not so sure if I really want to believe in such a God. I really do not know anymore

    • You have not done anything wrong, but if you feel discontentment in some way this could be a message from God that he may want you to do something different. It could be a number of things but I urge you pray and find out what they are. And most importantly don’t let your mental health overwhelm you. Praying for you to overcome.

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