5 Very Good Reasons Why A Lunch Date Is Better

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When you go on a first date there is already too much pressure on how the date is going to go. So why wouldn’t you want to try to guarantee some success on your first date?

Actually, I am not sure that you can really guarantee success on your date BUT you can certainly make it less stressful for yourself.  This is why I recommend having a lunch date on your first date and I am going to give you 5 exact reasons why that is. Also, you may also be interested in how to weed men out on the first date video as well. You can watch that below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

#1 Why A Lunch Date Is Better ~  Decreases the likelihood that you are going to do something you will regret.

When you go on a dinner date especially with a guy you like.  You start can start drinking which leads to kissing and before you know it you end up at his house, ready to spend the night, and possibly sleep with him too soon. Which is one of the mistakes I listed in my blog post “mistakes you could be making on the first date.” 

Granted you can drink on a lunch date but the fact of the matter is that on a dinner date you are prone to overindulge in alcohol and in the evening it is really easy for the guy to invite you to an evening of Netflix and Chill, and then the next then you know you are chilling in his bed.  Naked, and regretful.

The idea of a first date is to get to know someone to see if you want to have future dates with them, not to have sex too soon which can possibly ruin any possible relationship that you may have. So while you may have one cocktail you are less likely to get drunk in the middle of the day. You are also less likely to go back to his house and get trapped into having sex with him too soon.

When it is lunch and the sun is shining in your face it just more likely that you are going to keep your cool and behavior appropriately more so than a dinner date.

Why A Lunch Date Is Better #2 Gives you an excuse to leave.

I know I am not the only one that has experienced this, but when you go on a dinner date sometimes it can go on and go and you have a hard time ending it.  It may be a situation where you are not feeling the guy or you may be tired because you came there after work.

He may be pressing you to come back to his house, drink more, go to the club, or when he drops you off he could be pressuring you to come in your house for a nightcap. I have experienced ALL of those things. I don’t know, maybe I am alone on this. Trying to find a way to end a date and it just won’t end.

But I feel like lunch dates can prevent all that. It is harder to come up with an excuse to leave in on a dinner date. I mean where are you going after 9 pm.  But for a lunch date you may have to run errands, pick up your kids from school, go back to work, I mean the possibilities are endless. So if you are tired of the date or do not like the person that you are on a date with then it is a lot easier to excuse yourself from the date.

Why A Lunch Date Is Better #3 Convenience 

It is a lot easier to find time to go for a lunch date over a dinner date.  You can go during your lunch break at work if you are a single mom; you can go while the kids are at school without worrying about a babysitter.  If you work in a city like me, going on a lunch date does not require much effort.

It literally takes you 2 minutes to walk to a restaurant and you do not have to worry about gas or traffic. If you can get your date to meet you somewhere near your job for lunch then you do not have to worry about him seeing where you live too soon or wasting your gas too much during a lunch date.  This is also a good idea if you are just super busy or if you are exhausted after work. You can just go in the middle of the day just out of convenience.

Why A Lunch Date Is Better #4 No pressure

If this is a first date or a blind date and you are not sure that you will be able to be around the guy for more than five minutes.  A lunch date or even a coffee date is perfect.  There is no pressure to get dressed up for the evening or stay out all night.  You can just meet the guy to see if you like him and if you don’t then you leave because lunch dates are so much shorter than dinner ones.

Why A Lunch Date Is Better #5 More Casual

Having a lunch date really takes off the first date pressure for you and your date. You do not have to worry about what to wear, steam cleaning your little black dress, where he is going to take you, will it be too crowded, or do you have to make reservations.

A lunch date is just way more laid back, way more casual, and requires way less planning.  Having this type of attitude during your date really give you and your date a chance to relax it takes less planning which hopefully means less pressure.

According to Madame Noire Probably the most obvious benefit of opting for a more casual lunch date is the lessening of those first-date jitters. Instead of feeling like the pressure is on over a romantic dinner, a lunch date will feel far more laid back and easy-going. Plus you won’t be surrounded by other couples who could be piling on the PDA and making your first date more uncomfortable

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  1. I agree completely especially for a first date or blind date where you don’t know the person well enough to be sure how things may go.

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