Make Your Own Two Tone Wig Step By Step Guide

I am back with another wig tutorial and this time I am doing a two tone wig. A new trend that I have been noticing is the two tone wigs. Particularly where it is blonde or light brown on top and black or dark brown on the bottom.  Typically I ordered my wigs and hair online from Amazon or Aliexpress. 

But the last wig I got was a hot mess and it cost me over $120. So my thought process is, why chance it when you can create something that you know you will like.  Especially when it is not hard.  Making a two tone wig is easier than it looks.

To start all I did was go to my local beauty supply store and bought two different hair colors that I wanted to go in my two tone wig.  You can choose whatever color you want, and normally I like loud colors but this time I decided to keep it pretty simple. I found this picture online for my inspiration for the two tone wig I was going to make.Make Your Own Wig: Two Tone Wig Tutorial Beginner Friendly.

Instead of using dark brown at the bottom like the above picture, I opted to use black or hair in color 1 (click here to buy). The top portion of the hair was an ombre hair in the color 1b/30 (click here to buy).  I used the Q Milky Way Human brand.   I had never used this brand of hair before. At my beauty supply store they have the hair on display, so after running my hands through this hair a few times and seeing the price for it which cost me about $20 per pack I decided to go with it. 

I also typically buy closures online because I have never found a free part closure in the beauty supply store.  But I did get this Outré Velvet Lace Parting Piece in 10 inches in the Color DR30 (click here to buy) to match the rest of the hair.  I wanted to make sure the closure matched the brownish blond, hair that I got, exactly.

Although this is not a full lace front closure, I do love it because it looks very real.  When I took it out of the box, the part looked very small and unrealistic, so I did end up pulling hair from the part to widen it and make it look like a real part that you would put in your head. Other than that I am happy with it.

Click my video to see this two tone wig tutorial.

As an added bonus when I got tired of wearing this hair straight I decided to curl it using the flexi rod method.

Click here to get the flexi rods and check out how I curled the hair by watching the video below.

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  1. I had no knowledge of how this even works let along making it happen. Great information and keep motivating women.

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