Feel Like A Failure? Top 3 Solutions To Your Problem

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Do you feel like a failure?  Let me tell you that, the reasons why people fail to achieve their goals can vary but they typically fall into three categories, which I will talk about in this post. Sadly, when people fail, they have to come to the realization that most of the time they are playing a role in their own failure.  Many successful people have failed, got up, kept going, and are now successful.  I am not talking about them.  I am talking about the people who are setting goals repeatedly but are still failing at life. Check out my 3 step success formula blog as well.

The people who want to sit around and blame other people for their problems (click here to read my blog on that) or sit around and expect people to feel sorry for them (click to read my blog here) while they sit around around and fail at life.  Yes those people. I am not here to coddle you and tell you that the whole world is the reason why you are failing.  I am here to show you  how we sometimes play a part in our failure and how we can fix it.  (Also check out my blog on ways to be successful)

If you are one of the people that I just mentioned, don’t worry.  I am going to rip off the Band-Aid, and tell you that you may be the cause for your own failure. Now that I have broken the news to you, I want to list three reasons why people fail because knowing why you are failing is the first step in knowing how you can fix it. Also check out my video below on the ups and downs of my failtures and success and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

1. You Feel Like A Failure Because You are Lazy.

This is the top reason why people fail and why people feel like a failure. There are many people who claim they want to be successful, but they are not willing to put in the work. And not putting in the work is the main reason they are not reaching their goals. You may be saying

Well I am not that lazy, I kind of sort of work toward my goals in life.

And my answer to you is this.

” Doing a half behind job is the same thing as not doing it at all.”

If you are a type of person that:

  • Wants to sleep in all day when you know that there are more important things you can be doing.
  • Does a bad or a partial job just so you can say you got the job done.
  • Or you thinks just because you are gifted and talented at something you don’t have to work hard.

That is faulty thinking. To whom much is given, much is required (read my blog here). Nothing ever comes free and you are going to have to stop being lazy, work hard, and start getting things done. When you work hard, put your best foot forward, and do the best that you can do, that is when you will start to notice that you are reaching goals. Hard work will pay off but only if you do it right. 

2. You Feel Like A Failure Because Of Improper Goal Setting

The second reason you feel like a failure is because you may be. There is an art to setting goals. Another reason why people fail is because they are not setting goals properly.  People who set a big goal and they do not lay out exactly how they plan to achieve their goal are setting themselves up for failure.  Since the goal is so big and they do not know how to get there, their goal starts to seem too hard to reach, so they stop working hard, causing them to fail.

Let me put it to you this way. If you want to be an actress on television and that is your goal.  You may work on reaching that goal for a few months, but then you will feel like you are nowhere near becoming an actress.  Then you start to feel discouraged until you stop trying to be an actress altogether.  Thus leading to failure.

A proper way to achieve your goal would be to put the big goal on top ( in this case it is being an actress) and the small tangible goals on the bottom on how you plan to reach your goals. Tangible goals in this case can be to take acting classes, go to 10 auditions a week, try to get into local plays or other events that can get you opportunities.  Setting smaller goals, that lead up to your big goal is like drawing a road map to show how you plan to get things done.  When you start achieving your small goals, you will start to feel like you are working toward something and the bigger goal will become more real as you make progress in your smaller goals.  This concept is the most basic concept on how to achieve your goals.  Once you master it, you will become a master at goal setting.

3. You Feel Like A Failure Beacause You Are Difficult to work with

The last reason you may feel like a failure is because you are entitled. I have written a previous blog on entitlement (click here) and I also have a video on it that you can watch down below. Okay so you may work hard, you may not be lazy, and you may be setting your goals correctly. But an even bigger reason why people fail is because they are entitled and they think that people owe them something OR they are just plain difficult to work with. (Also check out my blog on how to deal with difficult co-workers and bosses).

You can be your own worst enemy and could be the reason why you are failing at life. You cannot get away from yourself and if you are the cause for your failure then you need to look at changing yourself so that you can start reaching goals.

I have met smart people but because they were difficult to work with or think that just because they are themselves, other people should give them a standing ovation for being born, no one wants to work with someone like that. Even if you are smart and at the top of the food chain, humility is a wonderful thing to have.

When stepping into a situation, thinking that you have arrived, then people are not going to want to work with you, help you, or give you a chance.  I don’t care what your goal is in life is. Achieving your goals is going to require you to work with other people, and if no one wants to be around you, then you are only hurting yourself. So eat some humble pie and check your ego at the door.

I know that it is within most people to reach their goals. But as with anything in life, you have to be self-reflective and determine if you are the reason for your failure. If you are, it is an easy fix. You cannot control much in life, but you can control yourself. Which I also talk about in my video down below on how to be on your grown woman status.

If you know someone who may need to read this post then go ahead and share it with them.  And also consider getting my book Fix It Jesus For Single Women Only for more advice. Click here.

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