How To Be Successful In Life ~ 7 Best Kept Secrets

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Let’s talk about how to be successful in life. Because being successful in life is literally the exact thing you should be chasing, finding success according to your own standards is the purpose of life.  You only have one life so why not make the most of it. Do you really want to get to the end of your life only to realize that you spent it not doing anything much, stuck in poverty, wondering where all the time went? Despite common belief learning how to be successful in life is really not that hard, it requires HARD WORK YES, but is it hard to figure out? Not really.

Most people want to learn how to be successful but they are not willing to do what it takes in order to be successful and then get discouraged when things do to not work out the way they want it to and how they want to (see my blog here on why people fail). People want to complain about how nothing good ever happens to them and feel sorry for themselves (see my blog here on how to stop feeling sorry for yourself).

And somehow their life is meant to be in an eternal state of struggle where no one wants to give them a chance.  That is called entitlement.  Success is not accidental and success is not limited to only a select group of people.  Everyone is capable of success providing that you are willing to put in the work. Now before we get into the tips on how to be prosperous.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

1. How to be successful in life by defining success.

The first tip on how to be successful in life is to know what success means to you. What I would call success is not the same as what you would call success and that would not be the same as what some person down the street would define as success.

Although it seems like common sense most people want success but they do not have their own definition of success and so they are so busy stabbing in the win casting random nets toward random things and when it does not work out or they don’t feel fulfilled they wonder why.   So first you need to decide what is your idea of success and the best way that you can do that is to simply use your imagination.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrew 11:1

I want you to consider the above Bible verse because many people may imagine things but they have trouble walking toward them because they don’t have faith to walk toward them.  Imagining is the thing that can help teach you to start seeing things so that you can start to have faith that you can get the things you want and when you have faith in the things that you want you will get them.

If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, Move from here to there, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you. Matthew 17:20-21

So close your eyes, do it every day, and visualize what you want. The ideal life that you want and what success means to you.  Allow yourself to believe what you see without any doubts no matter how impossible or how far off it may seem.  Then, have faith that what you see in your mind will come true.

2. How to be successful in life by working toward what you are good at

When it comes to how to be successful in life there is a myth going around that says if you do what you are good at then it won’t seem like work.  That is false. I feel like whatever it is that you are doing at it should feel like work and if it does not feel like work then you are not working hard enough.

Take for example this blog you are reading now, my YouTube Channel, my Instagram, and all of this stuff that goes into building an online brand.  Do I love doing OF COURSE! But it is my business and I work hard at it, and I am very aware that I am working hard at it but because I like doing it the work does not feel tedious, and therefore I can do it for hours and hours on end without getting tired because I love it so much but it still is work.

If you do what you are good at and really work at it, then it will seem like work.  That is because it is work. And working to be successful is what you should be doing. But because you are good at it, it is something that will come naturally to you.

Visualization is just apart of the process, you can even put up a vision board, but one thing that is NOT going to get you anywhere is just visualizing, just creating a vision board, and looking at it thinking that this is enough for you to achieve success without putting in any real effort. That will get you nowhere fast.  When you think of the idea of success that means you are doing something that you are good at and it also means that you are doing that something well.

The iPhone is successful because it is done well.  The creator of the iPhone was good at technology but make no mistake about it, the fact that he was good at it meant nothing. There were other phones on the market. Yes, Steve Jobs was good at what he did. But him being good at it did not make the iPhone succeed, hard work did, and because he was passionate about what it did that made the product all the better. Check out my video on how to find your God given purpose and make money at it.

3.  How To Be Successful In Life ~ Make No Excuses

Making excuses is the top reason why people are not successful. They make excuses as to why they cannot go after their goals, why they cannot get something done, why they cannot do this or that and as a result, they get a whole bunch of nothing.  Because they are making excuses for everything. Please stop blaming everybody and everything for what you cannot do. Because the same thing that you are making excuses about someone else is not making excuses and they are moving toward their success where you are not because you are sitting there stuck complaining.

Do you really want to know how to be successful?  Then stop making excuses. Because where are excuses getting you? The only thing it is keeping you from is your goals.  Instead of making excuses find a way to get around your excuse.  For example,  I remember a few years ago I had a desire to write a book but no traditional book publishing company would give me a deal because I did not have a massive following. The excuse would have been to just let my dream of writing a book go because I could not get THEM to get me a book deal.

If I stayed in that mindset then I would have just given up. BUT I did not make an excuse. What I did was A, worked harder on building my following and ultimately I dropped the idea of getting a traditional book deal altogether and made my own products.  Will there be barriers to things that you need to do?

Yes, but successful people know how to push through or go around those barriers and not allow the barriers to stop them.  I can almost promise you, that any successful person that you have ever seen has experienced some sort of barrier and that decided to push through it, get over it, or even knock it down.  And the most unsuccessful people that you will see are the people who are always making excuses for what they can’t do.  What side do you want to fall on?

4. How To Be Successful In Life ~ Do Not Listen to Other People

If you have it on your heart you need to go after something, then go after it. There are so many people in this world that are either not successful because they are not chasing their own form of success. Instead, they are becoming doctors, lawyers, and other professionals for the simple fact that someone else has told them to. And then when they get into these positions they wonder why things are not working out the way they want and they wonder why they feel lost and unfulfilled.  That is because being successful in life is not just about a career or even a job.

“True success is knowing how to use your God-given talents, toward a purpose, to bring fulfillment and your life as well as other peoples. “

How To Be Successful In Life

If you have ever read the book the Alchemist or even a similar but a Christian book that is called the Dream Giver.  They really operate under the same type of premise.  That you have a calling to a destiny that is specific to you. This is not to say that you cannot do whatever it is that you want to do because you can, we all have free will. BUT if you move toward a something that was tailored toward you then you will find it much easier to move toward success.

How To Be Successful In Life

5. How To Be Successful In Life ~ Case and point: Superwoman

Take the You Tuber Superwoman for example. Her parents wanted her to be a Dr. or a psychiatrist. Would she have been a successful doctor sure, but that would not have been fulfilled?  She decided to take a year off before going back to school and in that year she dedicated herself to become a YouTuber.

And she did.  From a psychiatrist to a comedian opposite ends of the spectrum, but notice how doors opened to allow her to use her gifts as a comedian for YouTube.  If she would have listened to her parents, she would not have found that level of success.  I  love her book, by the way, you can click here “How To be A Bawse” to buy it, as it has so much advice for living a successful life.

How To Be Successful In Life

6. How To Be Successful In Life ~ In Order To Be Successful You Must Be Intentional

I cannot stress this enough you have to be intentional about your life.  When you look at the most successful people, they often worked hard and had a plan.  No one just looked up, reached their ideal success, and said: “hey I just randomly got here by accident and there was no planning or hard work on their part.”  Sure some forms of success may come by surprise, but it is always your responsibility to put yourself in position to receive the blessing that you want.

When I say be intentional you have to know exactly where you want to go and how to get there. I know you cannot plan for all the bumps that come along the way but you should be planning your life, your goals, and how to reach those goals. Otherwise, you cannot expect to just get there because you wished upon a star and it all of a sudden happened.  It does not work like that.

People who want to be doctors have a plan to go to med school, they have a plan to make good grades in undergrad so that they can get into med school. People who want to start their own business make steps to actually create their own business. People who want to be actors should be intentional about being actors, taking classes, participating in community theater, or doing SOMETHING that will help improve your gift and to put you in a position to get what you want.

How To Be Successful In Life

7. How To Be Successful In Life ~ Success Takes Patience

I would love to tell you that the first time you do something, the first time you put out a book, or write a blog, or make the first step toward what form of success that will automatically turn into the gold the next day.  That probably will not happen. Rome was NOT built in a day, Rome was a great city, and therefore your success cannot be built in a day. Real success takes patience, real success means that you are making strides step by step.

Sometimes small steps and sometimes big steps.  If you are really doing all the above tips and you are not seeing the success that you want then have patience.  You will be successful by following all of the above tips. But you also have to give your success time to work and not give up if you don’t see the level of success that you want to see in X amount of time.

Each step that you take toward your goal in life is a learning experience, is a step toward your goal, and is an experience that you can take with you and use on your way to your goal. Do not despise these things but rather be grateful.

These are my tips on how to be successful in life. Know, it is my wish that each and every one of you have success and have long term success, living a happy and prosperous life.  If you know someone who wants tips on success then go ahead and share this post with them.

Remember what I said in tip one, that success starts in your mind.  I invite you to check out my Christian Manifestation guide that will give you affirmation and Bible verses to repeat daily to help you lead a successful life.  Click here or the picture below. 

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