Easy DIY Makeup Vanity Table With Lighted Mirror

Here is a very easy makeup vanity table with lighted mirror that you can do without spending alot of money. It was my cheapness and my love for makeup that made me create this makeup vanity table with a lighted mirror. The fact that I have a huge makeup collection and that normal vanities are really small and can cost a lot more money is what made me want to create my own.

After searching on Amazon to find a vanity that I thought would be both suitable, have enough storage space, and be within the amount of money that I was willing to pay. I saw some great vanities on Amazon (as you can see below) but I needed it to meet the following specifications.

  • Storage Space
  • Lighted Mirror
  • Big desk to hold everything
  • Under space to put drawers because hey I have a lot of makeup. 

And here is the makeup vanity table with a lighted mirror that I came up with:

makeup vanity with lighted mirror

Before I get into this post on how to build your own makeup vanity, you can view the video below for a quick reference on how I created this.  Also, read the post of course so that you can come up with your own DIY makeup vanity ideas and I will give you more tips on how this vanity was created.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel By Clicking here.  

Makeup Vanity With Lighted Mirror ~ Durability Test

I actually have been using this makeup vanity table for over 3 years now and I use it every day. Like literally, I sit at my vanity every day and put on my makeup and I have not had an issue yet. Nothing has gotten broken, the desk is not leaning to the side or anything like that, so even though this vanity and all the things associated with it is super affordable, it does have longevity because I have problems so far not even signs of wear and tear. Now let’s get into the step by step tips so that you too can build your own makeup vanity.

makeup vanity with lighted mirror

Makeup vanity table with lighted mirror what you will need.

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Below are all of the tools that I to create the makeup vanity with lighted mirror DIY.

  • Makeup Vanity Table With Lighted Mirror Makeup organizers: You can see the ones that I used specifically by clicking the following links:

Organizer 1: Click here to purchase, 

Organizer 2:  (Click here to purchase)

Organizer 3:  (Click here to purchase)

Organizer 4  (Click here to purchase).

For myself, makeup organizers were the hardest to choose and you really just have to pick them based on your own personal makeup collection. Having more lipsticks may mean you need different organizers than myself. Above are some really great options for other organizers that will go with your vanity.

  • Makeup Vanity Table With Lighted Mirror (Drawers): I really love these clothe drawers, click here to buy and they are what I used for additional storage when I made my diy makeup vanity with lighted mirror.  I love clothes drawers just because they can really maximize your storage space as opposed to just standing everything up on the shelves.  These drawers are also great for multi-use which I actually used these drawers when I was using the Marie Kondo method to recognize my room.
  • Makeup Vanity Table with Lighted Mirror: I know many people may want a mirror that you can hang on the wall.  Which is why I put those in my mirror suggestions below. For me personally, I love this mirror (click here to buy). I like to see my makeup up close and to place, a mirror on the wall just seems so far to me.  This mirror is perfect for me to do my makeup and to even zoom up close to see my makeup, with the 2x and 3x mirrors. But it really is a personal preference.

Makeup Vanity With Lighted Mirror

1. Build your own Makeup Vanity With Lighted Mirror By First Building The Desk.  (click here to buy the desk)

I am sure that you can tell that this is not an actual vanity desk but rather a computer desk that has a book self situation on the side.  But that is why I liked it. As soon as I saw this desk it knew that it was the one because it has so many opportunities for storage and places to place my drawers.

Makeup Vanity With Lighted Mirror

I purchased this Home star Desk and 4-Shelf Bookcase Set (click here to purchase).  This is an actual self-assembly desk and everything that you need to put this desk together comes in the actual box. It is a large possibility that since you have a huge makeup collection you are a female and that you probably don’t just have a box of tools laying around to put together random things.  Neither do I. Which is why I can appreciate something that is easy to do without a lot of tools and screws that will get me confused.

2. Makeup Vanity With Lighted Mirror ~ Add Decorative Drawers

The great thing about having cloth drawers is that you can change them any time to different colors and it will give the desk a new look. If you change your comforter or room color all you have to do is buy the same color cloth drawers and your desk will look different. And the cloth drawers are great for storage as well to just be able to pull the entire drawer out and look at the contents of what is in them.

Makeup Vanity table With Lighted Mirror

For creating the right storage space I used these fold-able cloth storage boxes (click here to purchase).  I bought two packs of them and they come in all shapes and sizes. To put them together all you have to do is to put the insert in. I created most of the storage drawers by utilizing the bookshelf on the side of the desk and the shelves under the desk.  As time went on, I did decide to make the top shelf look more decorative by simply putting perfume bottles on the top. Which I love because it is easy to see all the scents you have and all the bottle can serve as some decor.

Makeup Vanity table With Lighted Mirror

Build your own makeup vanity by finding storage.

Storage is important in the sense that not only can it store your makeup but it can also serve as decor.  You can have different colors, different storage containers, and customize each container in a way that goes with your own personal style by simply switching up the styles and the colors.

Makeup Vanity table With Lighted Mirror

3. Makeup Vanity With Lighted Mirror ~ The Organizer

4. Makeup vanity table with lighted mirror ~ Final Touches

Of course, the final step to this diy makeup vanity table with lighted mirror is to add a mirror. I have told you a smaller one if my personal preference as it makes it easier to apply makeup but you can choose different types of mirrors based on your own specifics.

Makeup Vanity table With Lighted Mirror

You can (click here to purchase) the mirror I used. You can choose to put a mirror on a wall behind you but for me, I really like to see my makeup up close. It helps me see what I am doing. Which is why I opted for this mirror, it also has a 2x and 3x zoom mirror on the side as well. Plus opting for a smaller mirror over a larger mirror can save you some money. After all of these very simple steps are combined this is the finished product. And it is really simple, right? I have also rearranged my desk several times so this set up is also very versatile.

Makeup Vanity table With Lighted Mirror

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Makeup Vanity table With Lighted Mirror

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