Top 7 Signs He’s Playing You That Women Ignore

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So many women are so blind to the obvious signs he’s playing you because men have mastered the art of making us women think that the crazy behavior that men dish out to us is normal. And in some way, it is like many of the players get together, come up with the same ways, do the same things, so that when we date them we start to mistake these things as normal “male” behavior and we start to think that we are crazy.

But, you are not crazy. And if you came to this post to get confirmation then I am going to give it to you. No woman wants to put herself in a position where she is being played. And no woman wants to waste time on men who just want to play games, not when she can spend time doing better things.

Even if it is watching paint dry anything is better then watching being played. Now, before we get into the signs, also check out my video on the common lies that men tell women, that women believe so that you can have more tips on how men like to play women. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here. 

1. Signs He’s Playing You ~ When He Tries To Say You Are Always The Problem

One of the signs he’s playing you is that he triest to gas light you. A man could be wrong, dead wrong, and he can still make it your problem. You can try to do something nice or with the kindest intentions and that somehow will still be your problem.  He will not keep his word and that turns into your fault. When he is mean to you instead of taking personal responsibility for his wrongdoing for what HE has done he blames you for it. Whatever it is you do, it is not good enough. Whatever it is you say, you have said it wrong. Whatever is wrong in the relationship, it is because of you. The man will do this so much that you will actually start to think that you are the problem.

  • Signs He’s Playing You And the psychology behind this is that he really does want you to think that everything is your fault so that you can feel bad because if you feel bad then you will spend time trying to make it up to him and your entire relationship will be spent on you trying to make it up to him and him doing the bare minimum and you being okay with it.  I also did a video about this that you can watch below. 

2. Signs He’s Playing You Is That He Plays Mind Games

One of the most common signs he’s playing you or heck the signs he’s using you is he will try to get control over you.  And a way to do that is to play mind games with you. He may criticize your appearance, tell you you’re gaining weight when you are not, try to look at other women when you are with him in order to mess with your self-esteem, he will try to tell YOU how lucky YOU are to be with him and  he may even remind you what an amazing catch he is through his words, but not through his actions.  You may not see him do anything much, or even feel loved most of the time, but he will tell you that he is so amazing and tell you how lucky you are to be with a man like him.

  • Signs He’s Playing You And The psychology behind this: This is just a game of smoke and mirrors.  That he will put himself up on a pedestal all while putting you on the floor so that he can elevate himself in your mind and make you believe that he is a king and you are a peasant and that if he can pull this off then you will always stay with him and worship the ground he walks on because he is royalty and you should be lucky to be with him. And since he is royalty and you are not, his presence is enough and he does not have to put in any real effort or do anything much.

3. Signs A Man Is Using You For Money

One of the signs he’s using you is if a man is always taking and never giving, he is playing you.  But somehow someway because he is your man he tries to make you think that it is your obligation to be his ride or die chick and he just wants you to give, give, give and give.  He will tell you that you giving so much is what a good woman is and that is her way of lifting up her man.  And if you refuse to do so, then he will (sign #1 tell you that) “this is why you relationship is in trouble because YOU won’t help him” and (sign #2) “that there are so many women that would be happy to have a man like him and if you won’t do xy and z then he can go elsewhere to someone who will.

If you have a man that is always taking money, wants you to pay his bill, his rent, his car note and everything else under the sun but if you ask him for 50 cents to buy some bubble gum he claims he never has it.  Then he is playing you, he is not a man but rather a man child that needs to go back home to live his mom.

  • Signs A Man Is using you for money The psychology behind this: I like to call men like this man-children and I am not sure they even realize they are playing you. Men like this really think it is their woman’s responsibility to be both their mother and their girlfriend. A man like this really feels entitled to being provided for by his woman and no matter if it is intentional or not, you are getting played.

4. Signs He’s Using You He Will Not Commit

Signs he’s using you is when a man will not commit he is probably going to be very wishy washy with his words.  Meaning that he may say he likes you but does not want a relationship. He loves you but is not in love with you. He may give you a cute nickname but you are not officially his girlfriend, he will beat around the bush and say whatever he has to say to keep you hanging on by a little thread without actually telling you that he is in a relationship.

  • Signs He’s Using You The psychology behind this: The man does like you, want you, want your company, vagina, sex, or whatever. But he does not want YOU ENOUGH to stop seeing the other women he is with or want you enough to forsake all others and fully be with you. And even if he is not seeing other women he still wants the options open in case another woman does come along that he does want to be with.

Now, if you are just dating him and it has not been that long then this could be normal. If he is still saying this after months or even years, then he is playing you and stringing you along without making it official.  In fact, if you are around after months and years, and he is still saying this I am so confused about why you are still talking to him.

5. Signs He’s Playing You Is That He Does Not Make You His Priority

You may find yourself last on his list of things to do. He may stand you up on your date. He may not call you or want to see you for weeks on end. He may want to see you only after making plans with his mom, friends, brother, best friend, cousin, second cousin, and the neighbor across the street.  You may call him and he won’t return your call until hours or even days later. He will not call or text you first and if you really need for him to be there for you, he isn’t.

  • Signs He’s Using You & The psychology behind this: He doesn’t really care about you. The more he cares about something the higher it is on his list, the more he disregards something the lower it is on his list. The fact that he just does not care about calling you or texting you back is a complete sign of disrespect meaning he could give two craps about you. Hence why he is willing to take the risk of disrespecting you because he can take you or leave you. And the more he treats you like crap and you stay the more he feels he can get over on you.

6. Signs He’s Playing You Is That He Lies

One of the common signs that he’s playing you is that he lies.  If he lies about where he has been, where he is at, who he has been talking to, who he has been seeing, his name, his address, his age, where he lives, how old he is, his ex, how many kids he has, I mean it could be anything. If a man lies then he does not really want you to know about him and he wants to hide things from you. A man who lies to you plans on being out of your life before you find out the truth.

  • Signs He’s Playing You & The psychology behind this: Men who lie are willing to do or be anything they need to do or be in order to get what they want from you. It is very selfish in the sense that they want to get what they want from you by any means necessary and if that means through being deceitful then so be it.  It doesn’t matter if it hurts you or if it means lying to you.

7. Signs He’s Using You Is That You Are Sex

A real relationship (see my blog here) is about more than sex.  This may seem like common sense but so many women fall into the trickery of thinking that because you are having sex that you are in “love” and overlook the fact that the man is playing you. Having sex with someone creates a soul tie and it can really mess your head up and make you think that the connection is more than what it is.  If you are not dating but most of your interaction is a Netflix and Chill and then sex, then you are just sex and he is playing you as sex.

  • Signs He’s Using You & The psychology behind this: Men want sex and he is using you to get it.

Here are the signs that he’s playing you. And many of these signs are very common but just know that if you experienced them, then more than likely he is playing you there is no way that you can mistake these signs for something else.  And do not excuse these behaviors as something that men do. You can determine what you accept and you determine how people treat you based on what you accept in relationships and from men. So do not accept anything less being treated like the queen you are.

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