5 Extremely Important Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy

 4 Important Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy

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There are very real and actual important spiritual benefits of celibacy. I know what the world wants to tell you. That having sex before marriage is good, that having sex with alot of people is good, it feels good, and that it is a wonderful free experience and no one should tell you any different.

That you can take a test drive of the merchandise before you try it out, and that if you do not have sex before marriage then you will run the risk of getting into a situation with a partner who has no idea what they are doing and you are bound to be in a marriage where the sex is horrific! And then what! That is your WORLD view of thinking.   I am going to get into the spiritual benefits of celibacy.

1. Spiritual Benefits Of Celibacy Means You Are Being Guided By God

The spiritual benefits of abstinence that you are being guided by God. Spiritual can be defined by many things, as I am a Christian and this is a Christian based blog I am going to speak as if your spiritual celibacy is guided by God. Meaning that God knows you, He knows what you like, He formed you in your mothers womb (Psalm 139:13), and as weird as it may sound He knows what you will turn you on sexually.

Sex is not a sin in the context of marriage. God created sex so it is nothing to be ashamed of. God knows about it. He created it so that humans can go forth and multiply and it would be very hard for humans to want to multiply (Genesis 9:7)  if they did not like or enjoy having sex.

And my point is that God means for you to enjoy sex, within the context of marriage, and if you are celibate for spiritual reasons, and you are being guided by God, to your spouse, and you feel that you are marrying the one that God has ordained for you then have faith that God is going to give you someone that you are going to like to have sex with.

Before I move on to the other benefits of celibacy I do not want you rolling your eyes thinking that I do not know how hard it is to not have sex.  I am celibate and have been for many many years now.  Yes, I enjoyed yes, and I also struggled with lust before. Which is why I know what the significant spiritual benefits of celibacy are.

You can (click here) to read about why I decided to stop having sex. Also, be sure to check out my video below where I give more tips about spiritual celibacy and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here.  Now, moving on to the next benefit.

2. Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy Is To Control Your Flesh

The second spiritual benefits of abstinence is to control your flesh.  Remember, you are made up of your spirit, soul, and your flesh. I have a blog on works of the flesh, but typically when we talk about being ruled by the flesh the flesh are things that are of the body or things that are in the world AKA  desires that you have. Of course, there are natural desires such as hunger and thirst that you need to keep you alive.

But even to some capacity controlling that can have benefits.  That is why Jesus fasted for 40 days (also see my blog on the benefits of fasting).   When you choose to be celibate, it is basically the same concept.  People can be ruled by sex, it can be hard for people to give up sex, and when you have sex you are in lust, and you can create a soul tie.  If you are having sex right now, and you are saying to yourself that you cannot stop having it and you are not married then  you are NOT in control of your flesh.

There is nothing aside from food and water that should have that much control over you that you should not be able to give up.  You may not think that your flesh having control over you is not a big deal but a man can be a complete jerk but because he has a six pack and great sex and you will keep sleeping with him time and time again sacrificing your own self worth because you like getting great sex.

See that is the power of the flesh. Your flesh can control you and allow you to make bad decisions if you let it. So when you learn to control your flesh and not give into fleshy desires it gives you a lot of power, control, and makes you more self-aware of the decisions you make.  Not just in the area of sex but other areas of your life. Also, check out my video on the spirit of lust where I talk more on this topic and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

Once you see and understand that it is your mind that controls your body, not the other way around, then you will not fall into temptations of the flesh, you will have more control over yourself, and you will be able to hear God more clearly.

When you allow your flesh to control you, it is hard to hear God.  It is like your flesh is saying “I want sex” and God is saying “no don’t have sex with that guy,” but the flesh is so loud that it drowns out God’s voice telling you not to do it. And so you listen to your flesh as opposed to listening to God.

 3. Spiritual benefits of celibacy God will Reward You For it

The third spiritual benefits of abstinence is that God will reward you. Don’t expect a cookie from God just because you are not giving up your cookie. (Get the joke). Anyway, we do not do the right thing JUST to get a reward from God but the side of effect of doing the right thing by God is that He tend to reward us when we do. Because most of the time many people find it very hard to do the right thing.

AKA controlling your flesh is hard for most people so when you do it, God wants to reward you. God is not some genie, but he does recognize your willingness to please Him. So if you become celibate because you are trying to please God and you know that it is something that God wants you do too; your efforts will not go unnoticed.  God loves to reward his children for working hard at something that is not easy, just like any other parent.

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him? Luke 11:13

So imagine how much you would reward your children for doing something that makes you proud and doing the right thing even when it is hard.   Then how much more will God reward you for the same thing?

4. Spiritual benefits of celibacy Clear Your Mind.

The fourth spiritual benefits of abstinence is to clear your mind. How many times when you have sex outside of marriage is the thought continuing to haunt you and come back in your head time and time again?  And when you are thinking about sex you are not thinking about God nor are you able to hear God clearly.  The Holy Spirit is the one that speaks to you (click here to read my blog) through your consciousness.

But if your brain is so clouded with the sex you just had last night then there is no room for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has to fight its way through the rest of your thoughts of lust in order to get to you. When you are celibate your mind is not clouded with such thoughts and the Holy Spirit is not fighting to speak to you over the sexual thoughts.

spiritual benefits of celibacy spiritual benefits of abstinence

Devon Frankin was celibate for seven years before getting married and he wrote a book “The Truth About Men” (click my affiliate link here to buy) which is for both men and women. I am not sure why he titled it that, BUT he does give some great tips about celibacy and in it he talks about how NOT having sex clears your mind and makes you more productive and how he attributes it to his success and knows many men who can say the same thing. I mean when you really think about it, if you are not thinking about sex and if you are not having sex you have to be doing something so you mine as well be spending it making your life productive.

5. Spiritual benefit of celibacy is to Help Point Out Your God Ordained Relationship

The last spiritual benefits of abstinence is that you will be able to see the relationship God has for you. If you are tired of beating your head against the wall getting into the wrong relationships imagine if you had a way to know, without a shadow of a doubt, the men who just want to use and abuse you for your body and for your sex. Celibacy will do that for you. A man can pretend to be Mr. Right until he gets between your legs and then he can ghosts you.  Don’t forget to check out my video down below where I talk more on how you can get spiritual healing through celibacy.

You do not have to worry about that because he is not going to get between your legs.  You can also think that a man is Mr. Right until you are in a relationship for months or maybe years until he just wants to waste your time and then not marry you, well if he knows that he is not going to have sex with you until he marries you then guess what? That is yet another thing that you won’t have to worry about. Men wasting your time getting all the wife benefits without actually making you their wife.  And even after being in a relationship and it not working out, I can almost bet when you choose NOT to have sex with someone the breakup is a lot easier because you have not had sex with that person.

If you check out my blog on the famous couples who decided to wait to have sex until they were married none of them were virgins when they were married but what they all had in common were that they were tired of giving it up for free and it was the one time that they did decided to NOT have sex that the person decided to marry them not the times that they did choose to have sex.  So you see, often times not having sex pulls in the men who want to make you a wife and drive away the men who don’t.

Here are some of the main benefits of celibacy.  As someone who is celibate and may be in a place where you are today, I get that it may sound like I am crazy. But I can say that after years and years of practicing not having sex I am at peace with my decision more so then dating, being in relationship AND having sex with men all to be disappointed when it does not work out. I would choose this way over the way that I was doing it before.

If you know someone that needs to hear this message then go ahead and share it with her. AND I also have a book (available on audible as well) for single women:

Fix It, Jesus! For Single Women Only. The Straightforward No-Nonsense Guide To Dating, Relationships, and Self Improvement (click here to buy) 


  1. Excellent! Surly you won’t get much approval for being volcel/celibate from todays wold where sex is plastered across the forehead of the nations and especially America where I am from. Yet I can tell you what you say is truth, I have been practicing for only two months and believe me not by my will but by Gods will since I am wanting to be very active. In these two months with only one activity in between (pursued my pleasure of the flesh) I really feel the control coming over me with every temptation and it truly is continual and a battle hourly. Yet I am succeeding, if I fail and even before I fail I speak with the Lord asking approval, I don’t hear or get approval yet I steal it. Then my repentance comes because like you said I can hear Him with all the sex traffic racing through my head. and He is faithful to forgive me. Yes I can say fasting from all sex has power beyond ones normal thoughts, it cracks the doors to supernatural thoughts and self control since one is not controlled anymore by sexual desire. God bless you for writing this and I hope many attempt it so they can strengthen there knowledge, strength in the inner man/woman and walk together with Father*****

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