6 Amazing Benefits To Dressing Up Everyday (For Women)

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As a single mom, I personally believe in dressing up and taking care of yourself and your appearance and that there are benefits to dressing up everyday. I know everyone or perhaps even yourself will make excuses as to why it is okay for you to step out of the house looking any kind of way.

It is because you are a mom,  because you have stuff to do, and you don’t have time to pay attention to how you look.  Taking care of yourself and your appearance does not have to take “time.” Sad to say that I used to be one of those people but I promise you that there are a lot more benefits of dressing up then there is looking a hot behind mess.  You can watch my video down below on how to get ready in 10 minutes and still look presentable.  And you can click here to get the 10 minute beauty bag seen in the video. 

As a single mom myself I am not telling you dressing up has to be hard and to go overboard or asking you to do something unrealistic. No one is telling you that you need to take all day and get ready and spend hours and hours on end doing your make up.  In my blog post on how to master your morning routine as a single mom I spoke about me being able to put on my makeup in 15 minutes flat so I do not believe in spending a bunch of time on your appearance.  But as I always say it takes the same amount of time to put on a nice set of pants and shirt that match then it is putting on a shirt and pants that don’t match and are unfashionable.

Even as a Christian I do not feel that taking care of yourself is vanity (see my blog here). I believe that you should care about how you present yourself to the world.  You never know who you may meet. A man, someone that could give you a job, an old boyfriend (which has happened to me by the way click here). Now don’t get me wrong, do not be that single mom suffering from single mom syndrome buying yourself every handbag, heels, and outfit under the sun; while your children walk around looking homeless. I am about looking nice every day and being a single mom taking care of yourself, not single mom take care of yourself and neglect your child. Big difference.  (Click here to read my blog on tips for looking good on a budget).

My point is, why do women think that they have to just let themselves go? That is because they do not have a lot of money that gives them permission to walk around and look like who did it and what for. I recently read a news story where the principal of a school had to give a dress code to parents.  And I am sure that not all of them were single moms but still, the fact that you have to tell parents to come to their child’s school looking presentable is not a good look (Click here to read the article). Don’t forget to check out my video on why you should take care of yourself and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

To take rollers out of their head before they come into the school or to not come into the building with their pajamas on, that is common sense.  Make excuses all you want about being a busy but you would never step into a job interview looking crazy and expect to get the job, right? So don’t step out into the world doing that either. This is why instead of seeing dressing up as a hassle you can realize that there are benefits of dressing well and looking nice and I am here to tell you what they are.

1. Dressing Up ~ Makes You Feel Good

dressing up

When I am dressing up you would not believe how many women ask me “what man are you trying to dress up for.” My response is always the same, no one I want to dress up for me!”  This may shock a lot of people but when I am getting all glammed up in the morning I do NOT do it because I want to find a new daddy for my kid or to steal someone’s husband as he picks up his child from school (because lord knows I get some looks from other moms thinking this is what I am trying to do). I do it because it makes me feel good. Just like you like to drink water, I like to put on makeup, hair weave, and the occasional false eyelash.

BUT I also want you to understand that dressing up for you can be what you want it to be and it should make you feel good. I am not going to sit here and tell you to wear a bandage dress if you are not comfortable with it.   You do not have to wear hair weave and or anything of that if you don’t want. In fact, that is really my point.  Get into an energy and space that you are dressing nice every day in a way that makes you feel comfortable, pretty, and at your best.  And don’t tell me that your pajamas do that for you. STOP!

I always tell people to imagine that you were to see your ex, someone you respect the most in the world, or a man that you would want a relationship with; would you be proud or f feel good about how you look?  No, we do not get dressed for other people but I do not want you to trick yourself into thinking that you SHOULD be okay with just looking like anything when your opinion about yourself can change depending on who is around.  When you step out of the house and you are dressed in a way that you are satisfied with then you will feel good no matter where you go and who you come in contact with.

2. The benefits of dressing up is that may help you meet men

As I said before you get dressed for yourself but if you are a single and one of the benefits of dressing up is that you are visually pleasing to the eye and you may attract the opposite sex. And if you are a single mom looking to date or get into a relationship then dressing nicely every day will only help you.

More men may approach you and you can get an actual date. Let’s be real, we all want the best person for us and if someone is looking like they just rolled out of bed and walked out of the house that does not really scream approach me or ask me out on a date does it? But putting some effort into your appearance does help your chances and helps you look more attractive.  Also, check out my video down below for more tips on how to meet good quality men.

3. Dressing Up Remember ~ It’s Okay To Care For Self

I feel like when it comes to women judging other women we are the worst at it. They say “look at that single mom with her heels on, makeup on, and trying to look all good. I bet she spends so much time getting ready that she has no time to take care of her kid.

Me wanting to look good does not mean that I am sitting around buying a thousand dollar pair of red bottom shoes while my child goes hungry because I spent all of our grocery money. It also does not mean that sit in the mirror 24 hours a day while my child is out doing God knows what and I am too busy to notice because I am seeking beauty treatments.  Let’s be real, I know where my priorities are, my child is taken care of just like I am taking care of myself. I am a huge advocate of self-care.

You do not have to spend all your time energy, effort, and funds on your children or other people so they can have the nicest clothes meanwhile you are looking like little miss rag a muffin.  It feels good to care for yourself, to maybe even get a pedicure done once and a while. To invest in a capsule wardrobe, so that you can have a versatile outfit to wear.  Which you can click here to see my capsule wardrobe ebook and download it for free to teach you how. 

year long capsule wardrobe

So that you can have an outfit to go out in a date on, to go to happy hour in, dressing nice allows you to feel free to actually get up out of the house and go somewhere without feeling like you have nothing to wear.  Taking care of you including having something stylish to wear is self-care.

Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for your children and it does not mean that you are negligent or a bad mom or are out spending all your money on a bunch of nonsense just because you want to look nice.  And don’t let anyone guilt you and make you feel otherwise.  Also check out my video down below on how I take my self care and spiritual baths.

4. The benefits of dressing up is that you are teaching your kids the same thing

Maybe I have some deep-rooted childhood trauma. But I remember when my mother came to my school in elementary dressed in sweats and an oversized shirt. I was so embarrassed the kids talked about it for days.  Part of the reason why I care about my appearance as a mother is that I want to set a good example for my son. I want him to be proud of how I walk into his school, proud to call me his mom, and more than anything I want to teach him that one should take pride in your appearance.

When I drop my son off to school he really does take pride is how his mother looks.  He likes the fact that I am not one of those moms that look like she woke up 5 minutes ago and showed up to his school looking any kind of way. Some moms may not care but I do, I really do appreciate how my son sees me. I mean granted he can get a little carried away in the sense that I was wearing a normal sleeveless shirt and he was trying to tell me I was showing too much skin but hey. I rather that, then it thinks that it is normal for me to go in public in a nightie.

In fact, when I go to my son’s school he is proud to introduce me as his mother because he knows that I am putting my best appearance forward to represent myself as his mom and I am also proud to give him these moments. As he has gotten older it has also taught him to be more mindful of his appearance.

To tuck in his shirt. I want the best for my son as we all want the best for our kids, a great job, with a nice salary, among other people who will also dress nice and take care of their appearance because adult successful people normally do.  The saying “dress for success, is a saying for a reason” and that perhaps it has some merit into the actual saying.  And it is important for me not to only teach my son that but to also model as an example.

5. Dressing Up And Getting Compliments

Well what can I say, I do.  So legit, just today before noon I got four compliments from both women and men. So it is not like I am looking for validation but it does feel nice when someone tells you, they like your hair or outfit (and PS today my shirt was legit from the thrift store and my skirt from target). Compliments make you feel good, it is nice to hear something nice about yourself.  Imagine if you are having a bad day and you step into the office and get 3 or 4 compliments, and your mood changes.  Below is the real outfit I wore today.

dressing up

6. The Benefits of Dressing Up is to Remember Your Body is Your Temple

If God thought so much as to make you, then why would you not want to put the effort into the temple that he gave you? Imagine if you went to church and it was all raggedy and trash was on the floor on the church. You would feel offended thinking that people must not really care about this church. Then why neglect your temple.  One of my favorite Bible verses about the significance of your temple is this:

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

dressing up

You only get one body and one face, unless you choose to get plastic surgery and alter it. But still, your body, and what you are made of is your temple and like those churches why not keep it in mint condition.

Your face is what you enter the world with and you should want it to look nice along with your overall appearance. I also recognize that the outside is only skin deep and I also aim to be good on the inside as well.  That should be everyone’s goal to be both beautiful on the inside at the outside.

If you know someone who could use this information then feel free to share this post with them.

Also, did you know that I have free capsule wardrobe ebook.  That will teach you how to make a year long capsule wardrobe that is both classy, stylish, affordable, and makes it easy for dressing up everyday.  Just click here to download. And you can watch a video down below to see some of the pieces from my capsule wardrobe ebook. 


  1. I needed to read this. I’m the mom that rarely dresses up. I have a ton of excuses- and a very tight budget. I’m working to change all that, but this post reminded me that even if I can’t buy new clothes, I CAN put on makeup, paint my nails, and get creative with the clothes I do have. Thank you!

    • You are welcome, and it makes you feel good. I am a huge person of the thrift store trust me. You do not have to spend a lot of money at all.

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