What Is The Spirit of Poverty & How To Be Free Of The Poverty Mindset

The Spirit of Poverty: How To Recognize & Set Yourself Free

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There has and there always will be a spirit of poverty also known as the  poverty mindset. Before anyone starts judging what I am saying, I do know that there are people in poverty due to no fault of their own.  This is not the type of poverty I am talking about. I am talking about the spirit of poverty which is different.  It when you are willingly playing a role in your poverty mindset.

Many people who have the spirit of poverty AKA a poverty mindset and don’t know it.  So that is what this blog is for.  Not only to tell you if you suffer from the spirit of poverty but also how to address it.

1. You Have a Spirit of Poverty (AKA the Poverty Mindset) if You Have Hood rich mentality

  • Poverty mindset AKA Hood Rich mentality is defined by “Exhibiting flamboyant spending habits while doing nothing to improve one’s living conditions.”

The danger of having a hood rich mentality is that it is keeping you in poverty and it keeps the person from even knowing it.  Someone may buy a couple of hundred dollar pair of shoes or a Range Rover and when they get home they have an eviction notice on their door for failure to pay rent.

The person with the hood rich mentality does not realize that they have the spirit of poverty because on the outside they have nice things, but really every other thing about their life is broke and falling apart.  And they somehow think that having these nice things makes them rich when in fact it is keeping them poor.

Whenever one has a spirit (any spirit) it can be cunning. Meaning that it will have you thinking that you are balling out of control when in fact you are barely or rarely even getting by.  It will have you investing in worldly things, which cannot better your condition, that you cannot live in, and that you do not need to survive.  It will have you spending all your money on these things while you are on the verge of being homeless and having your lights turned off at home.

Someone without a hood rich mentality understands that money should be spent on things that improve their life.  They understand that the bills need to be paid first, money needs to be saved, and AFTER all of that is done they can buy the things that they want.  Not to spend all their money on the things that they want and then be without the things that they need.  A non-hood rich person understands that investments come in the form or buying homes, saving up for college, or making long term money investments that can help them get more money or a better job for the future.

2. You have the Spirit of Poverty AKA The Poverty Mindset ~ Because You Think it is Other People’s Responsibility to Provide for You

I wrote about this in my spirit of entitlement blog which you can click here to read. And you can also watch my video down below on the spirit of entitlement and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

Let me break something to you.  You were not put here to be someone else’s burden.  If you are an able-bodied person it is not anyone else’s responsibility to do anything else for you.

It is no one’s responsibility to raise your kids, to pay your rent, or to pay your bills.  Yes, we have government assistance to help people out but this should not be your lifestyle. You should not be wasting your life and have never had a job, or never paid a bill.

This is the spirit of poverty also known as the poverty mindset because when you are living off of other people or when you think it is other people’s responsibility to provide for you, you are never going to get ahead in life.  Who has ever came out of poverty by sitting around, doing nothing, and expecting other people do to for them?  You are always limiting your life potential by doing that.

To get out of this poverty mindset it is easy.

3. Get Out Of The Poverty Mindset By GETTING A JOB.

I have some wonderful blogs that can help you prepare for a job.

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Start doing for yourself and stop asking other people to do for you.  I am a firm believer that when most people are given the option to sink or swim they will swim.  But the key is that they have to be thrown into the deep in with no life jacket.  When people do not have other people or other things to fall back on, they become amazingly resourceful in learning how to self-preserve.  Which I talk about in my video below.

4. You Have The Spirit of Poverty (AKA The Poverty Mindset) Because You Blame Other People For Your Problems.

I also wrote a blog on this topic which you can click here to see.  A person with the spirit of poverty thinks they are the only one who has ever had a problem and it is other people’s fault that they do not have a job, a car, a better house, or because they do not have this or that. And it is these outside circumstances that are now holding them back.

The reality of the situation is that we ALL have problems. I have struggled financially and suffered a job loss.  But the difference between someone who is down and stays down and someone who is down and gets up is that they choose to stop blaming and they start doing.

The spirit of poverty will have you thinking that because of everyone else this is why you can’t (fill in the blank). It may be true that someone did something to you.  But the only person that you can control is yourself. So, therefore, you need to start thinking about what YOU can do better and how to get YOURSELF out of YOUR situation.

5. You Have The Spirit of Poverty (AKA The Poverty Mindset) Because You Always Feel Sorry for Yourself.

I wrote a blog about this in which you can read here. But the fact of the matter is that no one is going to feel sorrier for you than you feel for yourself. Because if your life is a mess the only person it is affected is you. So do not sit around feeling sorry for yourself thinking that the world needs to throw you a pity party because of what happened to you.

As I said, something has happened to everyone.  On any given day people can feel sorry for themselves based on something that has happened in their lives. The people with the spirit of poverty start feeling so sorry for themselves that they stop trying and they stop doing anything because xy and z have happened to them so this is the reason why they cannot do better.

Feeling sorry for yourself may also go into the realm of entitlement and blaming others.  It is like I feel sorry for myself so now other people need to do this for me. Or because this person did this to me, I can’t do better and it is their fault that I am doing bad in life. Noticed how this is just one big cycle all made to keep you down.

6. You have the Spirit of Poverty (AKA The Poverty Mindset) Because You Don’t Know Better Or You Don’t Think You Can Do Better

There are plenty of people that are very happy in their poverty state. Why get a job and pay rent when I can live in public housing for free?  Yeah, I might get a better house if I chose to work, but then I would have to work for it, and that makes no sense.  It is better just to get money handed to me for free.

That is when someone is use to living how their living and they think it is the best thing since sliced bread.  These are the people who are going to have more kids just so that they can get a fatter check.  They think that they are living great and the rest of the world is dumb for going out and working for what they can get for free.

This is when they have become so used to their current state of living that they no longer see it as bad.  They also do not want to move up or think that there is nothing to aspire to. This state of poverty is hard to fix because how can you fix a problem if the person in the problem does not think it is a problem.

To answer that question I will say this.  You only have one life (click here to read). God did not create you to just sit around, do nothing, and be satisfied with just getting by.  What a life wasted.  Those suffering from this mentality means that they need to want better for themselves. And when they want better that is when they will do better. Which I have a video down below on how God wants you to propser.

The spirit of poverty is not an easy thing to uncover.  It can change its form or the way it does things.  But one thing is very common is that the goal is to keep you down and to keep you from reaching your full potential. So then you have to ask yourself, are you going to let it?

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