How To Be a Classy Woman ~ 7 Tips To Being High Value

How To Be a Classy Woman Over A Trashy Woman

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It can be hard to learn how to be a classy woman over a trashy woman especially when you don’t even know that you are a trashy woman.  So many women want to know how to be a high value woman without actually knowing what a high value woman is. And don’t worry I am not here to judge because I was once a trashy woman and did not even realize it.

My mouth full of curse words and my booty hanging out, I thought that because I was getting attention that I was doing the right thing.  But not all attention is good attention and the wrong type of attention from the wrong type of people is certainly not a good thing.  You can watch my video below on my level up story as a single mom to see what I mean. And don’t forget to click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more content.

But now I am a classy woman and I am proud to say that I attract better people, friends, opportunities, men, relationships and I will teach you exactly how to do the same thing. As a reformed trashy woman I much rather be a classy woman.

1. How to Be A Classy Woman ~ How To Be A High Value Woman: Take a Self Assessment

I have a detailed way in which you can take a self assessment on my blog here called “Self Reflection + Self Improvement = Level Up Your Life” Which you can click here to read.    I actually did this self assessment on myself where I read the book Played on Be Played (which you can click my affiliate link to buy) in which he gave some really great advice on different levels of women. From A-F and that is the ranking that you see in the video below.

For example, the F class woman which in my opinion would be the trashy woman he describes as this:

There are more F-class females than any other class of females because all you have to do is be nonproductive and blame everyone else for your misfortunes. Because the F-class female has no looks or no skills (by her own choice) to be appreciated for, she becomes desperate for attention, and will do anything for it. These women will do anything it takes to bring attention to themselves. If you are in a public place, and you hear a group of people acting loud and obnoxious, most likely it’s a bunch of F-class females. F-class females are usually nonproductive, so they generally have a lot of idle time on their hands. And they utilize this idle time by keeping up a bunch of petty drama.

I was never this bad but I can say that I would fell into the category of something called a C-class female.  Pretty basic, not caring much about my appearance. Not doing my hair, did not care about my skin, having acne, hair was damaged, stepping out of the house looking any kind of way, drinking alcohol like a fish, dancing on the bars from time to time (not as a stripper but a party goer), you know the usual trashy behavior.  And below is just a quick transformation of the before and after.  The trash casual look versus the classy casual look.

How to Be A Classy Woman ~ How To Be A High Value Woman what is a classy woman

So yes the first thing that change was me realizing of course that I needed to change and the areas that I needed to change in. But do an honest self assessment on yourself is key.

2. How to Be A Classy Woman ~ How To Be A High Value Woman

What Is A Classy Woman? A Classy Women Sound Classy

What is a classy woman: Being classy is beyond just putting on a nice outfit.  You can change every little thing on the outside of you to give the appearance of a classy woman but if you open your mouth you sound ignorant then it is not going to matter what you look like the trashiness is going to shine through.

Sounding classy does not mean that you walk around having a fake British accent because you think that is what class is, you will just sound foolish.  Sounding classy also does not mean that you have to sound fake and adopt a bunch of big words that you don’t know what they mean just because you THINK that it will make you should smarter, that will just make you look like you are trying to hard.

You do not have to be a human dictionary and know every word in it, but you should have a good vocabulary and know how to properly pronounce the words you are trying to use.  Also, use correct grammar.  It is hard to sound classy when you say “I ain’t gotta do nothing, I’m not trying to do, lip smack, eye roll.” That sentence is so wrong I do not know where to even start.

And when you say it people will assume that you are ignorant and that you cannot even take the time to formulate a proper sentence. If you listen to me, sure I used slang however I also sound articulate as well.  So it is a find balance and surely you do not want to loose all personality just so you can sound super proper that is just boring.  But you do not want to overly slang to the point that the normal person on the street does not know what you are even saying. You can also click here to read my blog on how to sound smart for more tips.

Also, when you text or type, spell things out in the way that they are supposed to be spelled.  None of your social media or text messages should say “U r so cray.”  Also when sounding classy watch your tone and how loud you are. How loud you laugh. I remember being with a girlfriend in a nice restaurant and she was an educated woman.  But when she a laughed it was SOOOO loud to the point that people turned around and looked at her because they thought someone had stabbed with the steak knife.

There is no need to yell when you are speaking or sound very aggressive when talking to people.  Even if you get mad at someone properly articulate yourself (check out my blog here on assertive communication versus aggressive communication) and do not yell at someone back and forth getting into a screaming match. A classy woman knows how to properly articulate herself to get her point across AND walk away.  Not get into a screaming match with someone and tries to always be right.

There is no need to threaten to fight,  classy women do not do that. You are an adult.  If you disagree with someone a classy woman knows how to communicate herself assertively a trashy woman resorts to threats and saying she is going to punch someone in the throat because she does not know how to articulate herself to communicate her frustrations.  Also check out my video down below on how to be on your grown woman status for more on how to be a classy woman and how to be a high value woman based on how you act.

3. How to Be A Classy Woman ~ How To Be A High Value Woman: Act Classy

What Is A Classy Woman: On that note a classy woman needs to act classy.  I talked about some of this in the above paragraph. Meaning that you should not get into public screaming matches or crazy altercations with people, especially in public.  Forget what the reality shows say, fighting someone in the middle of a restaurant is not normal.  Acting classy, also means that when you go out you do not need to get sloppy drunk and fall out on the floor.

It also means that you do not need to get loud or rude with people for no reason what so ever.  If you are having trouble on how to act classy then think of a classy woman such as Michelle Obama or even Oprah. When you are unsure on how to behave then imagine these people in your head.  If you cannot see them acting the way that you are about to act then it is not a classy move. More than anything a classy woman has control over her emotions.

As human beings we get angry, upset, and/or frustrated. But acting classy about it is different from going off the hinges.  You should know how to control your emotions (see my blog here) and behave in a way that expresses your feelings but still does not bring you out of your character.

4. How to Be A Classy Woman ~ How To Be A High Value Woman ~ Learn How To Be A Classy Woman By Dressing Classy

In the world of Instagram models that are letting it all hang out over social media and getting popular for it, it can be so easy to fall into a world of showing everything. But classy women do not do that. Classy women know that there is a way to be fashionable without showing the world what you have under your clothes.

I have a blog on how to find your personal style no one is telling you that you have to dress old, you can find your personal style and still be trendy, LORD knows that this is what I am all about.  I believe in expressing your own personal style that is uniquely you, you can follow my Instagram to see my style by clicking here.

How to Be A Classy Woman ~ How To Be A High Value Woman what is a classy woman

But even by looking at my picture above, notice I still have some style, some flavor, some curves, I do not like boring, but you still maintain the classy flair in whatever that means to you. In case you are confused on how exactly to do that, you are SOOOOO in luck. I have a free ebook that you can download by clicking here that will teach you how to create a classy year long wardrobe.

year long capsule wardrobe

5. How to Be A Classy Woman ~ How To Be A High Value Woman: Do Classy Things

Do not underestimate “doing classy things” AKA getting yourself out there and getting cultured.  Did you know that golf was actually listed as one of the #1 business leisure opportunities among business people? Which means that if you were possibly in a situation where you were looking for a promotion for a job and your boss invites people in the office to go golfing over the weekend this could be a great networking opportunity if you could actually go and knew out how to golf.

You laugh but legit I learned the basics of golf for that reason and bought some pretty affordable golf clubs from Amazon.  AND I also have taught my son to some capacity and he even has a set of child clubs.  Never understand estimate the power of getting cultured.

Classy women’s hobby do not consist of going to a bar, getting drunk, and passing out at the end of the night. You can click here to read my blog on how to have a grown and sexy night out.  No one is telling you that as a woman you cannot go out, but choose to hang out in classy spots instead. Going to happy hour a nice restaurant where you have to dress up over choosing to go to happy hour at a bring your own bottle place.

Or going to an art gallery or fine art events, over going to a club.   How you spend your time can say a lot to you as woman.  Because I am a military brat I had the chance to live in Europe and I once I was there I fell in love with art like legit, and sought to increase my own knowledge by taking an art history class in college. High Stakes Poker is also consider an “classy” event which I taught myself to play AND watch on TV just so that I am educated about it if I were to find like minded people.

In case you are wondering what the point is.  If you are a classy woman know you are going to be in classy circle and talking to other classy people and you need to be able to hold a conversations based on topics  and hobbies they find interesting.  And if they invite you somewhere you need to be able to go and actually know what you are doing.  Below are a list of other hobbies you can take on.

  • Dancing.
  • Scuba Diving.
  • Cars
  • Traveling
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Artby-the-water
  • Aquariums
  • Golf
  • High Stakes Poker
  • Boating
  • Fine Dining
  • Wine
  • Skiing
  • Antiques
  • Fitness
  • Charity

6. How to Be A Classy Woman ~ How To Be A High Value Woman:

Get Exposed

And on that note you need to get exposed. How can you ever know that there is an ocean out there if all you are used to is a fish bowl.  I love to travel. When I got to live overseas that was the first time that I stepped outside of my fishbowl and realized that an entire ocean existed and how self absorbed I was. You would not believe how important it is to get exposed to other cultures to other things that our outside of your comfort zone.  Which I talk about in my video down below on where to meet quality men.

Even taking a staycation and staying at a 4 or 5 star hotel can give you a different perspective then staying a motel.  How can you ever know what class is  if you are not exposed to classy surroundings.  Go to conferences or networking events.  Be around people who are professional and who are classy that way you can start to understand what that looks like and self refect on how you can improve yourself.  The picture down below is from when I went to the BlogHer conferance

How to Be A Classy Woman ~ How To Be A High Value Woman what is a classy woman

7. How to Be A Classy Woman ~ How To Be A High Value Woman:

What Is A Classy Woman She Walks the Walks

With anything it is important to be who you say you are.  You can say that you are classy but if you are always on the verge of being evicted or having your lights turned off, that is not a classy move.  That is a poverty mindset (click my blog to read more on that).  Being classy is beyond what you have.  There is a hood rich mentality, in which people pretend to be classy through their material belongings, but really when they get home they are struggling in poverty. That is far from classy

When I say walk the walk that does not mean that you need to go out and spend all of your money on getting car you cannot afford, just because the car gives the appearance of classy.  Walking the walk means that you have your stuff together. You have your bills paid on time, you have a job, you are educated, you are emotionally stable.  Being a classy woman does not mean that you are putting on a front of being classy. It means that you are classy.

Just like I am a woman I do not have to go around telling everyone I am a woman. They can see that from how I look, the way that I dress, the way that I speak. I am a female. It is the same about being classy.  You should not have to go around telling everyone you are classy. If you are really classy then people should be able to see that, not because you tell them but because how you are and how you live your life.

Being a classy woman has nothing to do with having a silver spoon in your mouth or where you were born.  I am a firm believer that you can become a classy woman no matter what your back story is, but understand that it may take some learning and transformation on your part.  Do not pretend to be classy in front of certain people and then return back to your trashy ways.  If you want to know how to be a classy woman over a trashy woman then BE a classy woman. ALL the way. Don’t fake the funk and put on a mask and pretend until a catch a good man and then you can go back to your trifflin ways.  Be classy through and through.

I hope that these tips have helped you learn how to be a classy woman over a trashy woman and I hope you know that becoming classy can happen at any stage in life no matter where you came from.  If you know someone who may want to read this post then share it with them.

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