Infatuation Vs Love: 7 Dangers Of Falling In Love Too Fast

6 Truths About Falling in Love Too Soon

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There are dangers of falling in love too fast. In fact there is a falling in love to fast psychology that most women tend to fall into. But most people do it because their desire to be in love is so great that they just jump without looking and end up falling in love with anyone.  This is so true for women who tend to think more on the emotional end of things and not always logic (sorry ladies).

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in love, but you would much rather be in love with the right person than just any person and if you choose to fall in love too fast you put yourself at risk of accepting anything. If you are a woman who falls in love too soon then I have some advice you may want to consider. Are you in love or are you in infatuation (click my blog here for more on that topic) and infatuation types of feelings can mimic love.

The TRUE form of love that you really want to strive for can be explained in my video below and that is love that stands the test of time.  Not the love where you just see someone and think that you are in love because they appear to be everything that you want when really you do not know anything about them from the man in the moon.  Don’t forget to click here to subscribe to my channel for additional content. 

Now that you know what it is to be in love and the benefits of waiting for love lets find out what happens when you fall in love too fast and the dangers of that.  Because yes, being in love with someone or better yet anyone may give you the satisfaction of someone but I want to convince you that taking your time in real love and finding real love is the love you want and that is the love that will last.

1. Falling in Love Too Fast Pyschology ~ Makes You Desperate.

I have a blog on desperate women that you can read here. Most women do not know that they are desperate but desperation can make you act very desperately and make you think that you are in love. Go figure right? When a desperate woman gets into a relationship or is even dating a man (click here to read my blog on the difference between dating and a relationship). She wants to be with someone SOOOOO bad that she just hangs on to the first man she sees.  She then falls in love with a man because she wants to MAKE the guy the one. As a result, she is not really falling in love with the actual guy. She is falling in love with the idea of the guy and being in a relationship because she does not want to be alone. (Check out my blog here on how to be single but not lonely).

So many women will go on the first date and have love in their eyes and hear wedding bells all because one date went well.  They may even go home with a man and sleep with him after one or two dates because they think that he is the one.  And then when the guy has gotten what he has wanted from her which was just sex and he ghosted her she is stuck wondering what happened.

2. Falling in Love Too Fast Pyschology ~ Infatuation Vs Love

In this case the woman is in infatuation because what happened is that you were desperate.  What happened is that you showed up to the date talking about marriage and the man knew he could take advantage of you because you had that freak um dress on because you wanted to get his attention so bad.  While you thought you were being desirable, he saw you exactly as what you were. A big ball of dripping desperation ripe for the taking.

Women who fall in love too fast because of being desperate tend to change the way they behave. They do not determine if they are a good fit for a man instead they change themselves for a man because they want the man to be so bad and they are willing to do, show, and do anything to get him.  The woman is bending herself pretending to be what she thinks the man wants in a relationship so that he loves her. Once again I suggest you check out my video below about why you should not rush a relationship to give you more context on what I mean and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

3. Falling In Love Too Fast Psychology ~ Infatuation Vs Love You Become Infatuated Because Of Sex

I have a blog on the dangers of hooking up too soon (see my blog here). The fact of the matter is that when a woman chooses to have sex with a man there are hormones released that tell the woman to attach to the man. So really this feeling of love is not to love at all, it is more like a false positive. It is like you have shared your body with someone and now your body has told itself that you are one flesh with this person (as you have created a soul tie) and now you are bonded to them.

I know we are in a world of free love and sex and all this nonsense but sex is the most intimate thing you can do. You are sharing your body with someone else and if you somehow think that sex will make you fall in love with someone, make someone love you, or having sex too soon will make you think that you love someone when really you don’t. It will make you overlook all of their flaws and the fact that they don’t love you back all because you are blinded by all the tricks that they have turned in the bedroom and this is how people stay stuck.

They stay stuck for years with people who treat them like crap because they are too blinded by the sex.  They stay stuck on someone after the breakup that they were only with for a few months because they had sex too soon and now those effects are lingering. And they are sitting in depression over someone they never really loved anyway because the sex has messed with their psyche and made them believe a lie. Now, if you were to ask me I am all for celibacy. It may sound crazy to many of you but hear me out in my video below. It is very difficult to fall in love with someone too soon if you are not giving up your body. It is a way to protect you.

4. Falling In Love Too Fast Psychology ~ Infatuation Vs Love Really Get To Know The Person

As I mentioned before some people just throw the word love around without really knowing someone. Some people do not even know the difference. Before you fall in love with someone you really need to determine if you KNOW this person.  By knowing I mean a deep meaningful connection. Going a few dates with someone from time to time, them being a good kisser, and you being attracted to them means NOTHING. That does not mean love. Many of us know everything about our best friend.

We could tell you everything from their favorite color, food, their facial expression when they are mad, their family history, if they want kids, their flaws, their good traits.  But if you ask the same person the same questions about their partner they have no idea how to answer these questions.  Why put different expectations on a romantic partner then you would a friendship. I would imagine you want your partner to be closer to you than your friend once again you are sharing your body with them eventually and that is the biggest bond then you can have.

So instead of wasting time kissing, talking about sex, and rushing into things.  Take the time to get to know that person. Which I talk about in my video down below. In and out so that you can be sure.

Does what they have to offer go along with what you even want?

  • How do they treat women?
  • What are their goals?
  • What is important to them?
  • What is their spiritual background?
  • What do they want out of life?

If you think that falling in love with someone of some superficial stuff is sufficient, then you are going about this love thing all wrong.

Infatuation Vs Love: “A physical attraction is what may draw you to the person but it should not be why you love a person.”

The reason why you love a person is because of who they are as a person or who they are on the inside. Just like the Bible says beauty fades, as you get older that person is not always going to look like that but it is who they are as a person that is what is going to keep you in love and connected.

5. Falling In Love Too Fast Psychology ~  Pay Attention To What They Say And Do

Infatuation vs love, to keep yourself from falling into infatuation pay attion to what they say and do. Plenty of people can say plenty of things to make you fall in love with them. But just because they say it does not make it true.  People say things to make you fall for them, but more than anything you need to observe what they are doing. If they say they respect women but they walk around punching women in the face or worse punching you in the face, then do they really respect women?

Always pay attention to what men do and not what they say because people can say anything. They can tell you anything to try to convince you of what they are saying and get your mind off of what they are actually doing. So always stay focused and be observant of their behavior and their behavior toward you and determine if their behavior towards you makes you feel loved.

On the opposite end, plenty of women ignore what a man is saying and hear what they want to hear.  A man can say that he doesn’t want to get married, doesn’t want a commitment, doesn’t want to be with them and a woman will think something very different or think that she can change his mind.  She will keep putting in all the work and fall in love with him and then gets angry with the relationship that goes nowhere and he leaves her.  When really he was telling what he wanted all along, you just did not want to listen to him. Also check out my video down below on infatuation vs love so that you can learn more of the difference.

6. Falling In Love Too Fast Psychology~ Infatuation Vs Love Before Falling In Love Too Soon Ask Yourself Do You Feel Love

Infatuation vs love: The most important aspect of being in love is that you must feel loved in a relationship. One thing that I cannot stand is when women are stuck on a man that cheats on them, hits them, does nothing for them, and disrespects them. That is not love. What about that relationship spells love.

This normally happens when a woman is falling in love too fast with a man that is a dog or who has no interest in her and so he has taken to treating her as his pet and she “feels” as if she cannot pull herself away from him because she loves him so much. And it is probably because she is also having sex with him which intensifies her false sense of love for this man and blinds her from seeing that he does not love her back.  Do not be the one that just jumps and says the L-word with a man that isn’t actually showing or doing anything toward you that would indicate he deserves that affection.

Falling In Love Too Fast Psychology~ Infatuation Vs Love

7. Falling in Love Too Fast Pyschology ~ Infatuation Vs Love You Trick Yourself

Some women think that just because you have been dating X amount of time or he says that he loves you that you must love him. Even if you think you love him and you say it but you are not sure.  Do not trick yourself to thinking that you are in love just because there is some magical timeline that you must follow. Only say it when you feel it and only when he deserves it.  Don’t say it because he said it and you don’t feel it and now you don’t want him to feel bad.  Your words have power (read my blog here) and if you say it so much you are convincing yourself. When really you may not be in love at all and the man you are saying you love may not be worth being in love with. Even though he has said it to you.

I hope this sheds some light on why you should not fall in love too soon and helped you to understand that it is okay to wait and process your feelings and do it the right way.  Yes, it may take longer but know that by doing so you are accepting quality relationships over quantity.  I personally have only said I love you to three people and one time I really did not mean, so trust me I know from personal experience the dangers of that.

If you know someone who has a habit of falling in love too fast then share this post with her. AND, did you know I have an amazing book for single women that you can buy here for more advice on how to have an amazing relationship. It is even on audible.  Just click here to buy or if you are not sure you can click here or the picture below to get the first few chapters for free.

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