Feeling Rejected? 7 Boss Ways To Deal With It

Feeling Rejected By Everyone? Here's How To Get Over It.

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Are you in a place where you are feeling rejected by everyone? When people reject you and people don’t get you, they don’t get what you are about, you cannot turn to anyone, or you may really NEED a helping hand or someone to talk to but you look around and no one is there.

First and foremost I want to tell you that I can relate.  When I decided to become a blogger and start my own business everyone thought I was insane and told me so.  No one supported me and everytime I turned around family and friends would told me to get a “real” job as if what I did was not work.  They were like you are a counselor and have a PhD, so you want to blog? That makes no sense.

AND When I lost my job and went through a terrible time, I seriously suffered from depression and no one wanted to deal with me.  I was just this loser with all this education that had no job and therefore the rejection from other people came in.  Even from those that were closest to me.  Which I talk about in my video below.

Rejection can happen but we cannot control how other people see us but we can handle what WE do and how we choose to deal with them and handle their rejection.  I am not the type of person that will believe that you should wallow in a pity party on what is or is not happening to you based on what people are or are not doing to you. I know it can be easy to do that BUT doing so will get you no where and will get you feeling MORE rejected.

Which is why, I am going to teach you what to do when YOU are feeling rejected by everyone.  And that does not include going off on people and trying to MAKE them accept you BUT rather stepping in your own power and not caring if they accept you or not. Also, check out my video below which talks about what to do with people don’t believe in you for more tips. And click here to subscribe to my channel for more awesome content. 

1. If You Are Feeling Rejected And What To Do When People Reject You

Being a mental health person you should have know that I am going to ask you to have a self reflective moment.  The reason why is because sometimes you just may be freakin sensative and you  may feel like everything is supposed to go your way.  If that is the case then no one is rejecting you BUT you may just be being a brat.  I love you, BUT I also issue tough and real love.  Me lying to you will serve you no purpose.

If on the other hand you are feeling rejected by everyone because of the way people are, then you need to find the source of WHY that is (which may have nothing to do with you) so that you can deal with it.  For example:

  • You are feeling rejected by everyone because your boyfriend has just broken up with you, or you have had a combination of bad relationships, or no one wants to marry you, or no man wants to settle down with you.  Either way, you may fit into this category because you are feeling rejected by the male species overall and you may be feeling unloved.
  • You are feeling rejected by everyone because no one likes you, you have no friends, people are mean to you, they bully you, they tease you because you are different or you are weird and there is no way that you can find a way to fit in. You may have been like me and have goals and dreams and people want to laugh and you or make fun of you because you do not just fit into the box that they want you to fit in.
  • You are rejected by your friends (AKA frenemies, see my blog here). People who pretend to be your friends but deep down their soul mission is to tear you down but they use the disguise as wanting to help you or being your friend to openly give you their rejection. They tend to think that if you think they are your friend then you are more likely to be their punching bag.
  • Your family rejects you.  You are the black sheep of the family. They think you are aimless, they do not get you, they may like your sibling better, they make you feel bad about yourself, they constantly tear you down. (Also check out my video down below on how to deal with toxic people) 
  • You are feeling rejected by everyone because you fit into all of the above categories.  If there is a person in your life then they are rejecting you.  Your family, friends, boyfriend or lack thereof.  Anyone and everyone is rejecting you.

I did not go into this long list of things to rub in the fact that no one likes you but to rather have you reflect on where this emotion is coming from so that you can learn to deal with it, which brings me to my next point.

2. Feeling Rejected By Everyone ~ When People Reject You How To Get Over It

Now that you know why you are feeling rejected by everyone, what is not going to happen is that you are not going to throw yourself a pity party on why no one likes you and how life sucks.  The fact of the matter is that no one is going to feel sorry for you as much as you feel sorry for yourself (See my blog here for more on this topic). Most people are not sitting around thinking about how they rejected you and the only person that is sitting here feeling rejected is you.

This is a cold hard fact.  Even in my sitaution it sucked that they rejected me SURE but I also understood that they did not care at all.  It was no sweat off their back to reject me so here lies the choice.  To sit there and try to MAKE them see, which they probably won’t, wallow in self pity because of what other people are doing and I told you how I feel about that, or accept it and move on.  And since YOU are the only one that is affected then YOU need to change something, not them.  Because you cannot change them.

3. When you are feeling rejected because of a boyfriend or lack there of

When you want to be with someone and they do not want to be with you, of course, it can hurt. Especially when this has happened time and time again you will start to get into the mode of “I am unlovable” which is NOT TRUE.  You are lovable BUT maybe NOT by the men that you have been trying to be with.

And think of it like this, if they don’t see your worth then that is their problem.  You can feel bad because of a breakup but get over it (see my blog here). Do not allow a bad relationship or a few bad relationships make you bitter (see my blog here). A rejection in one area in your life is not a rejection of you as a person and if you start to ACT like that, then you will get more of the same.

When you are feeling rejected by everyone especially in love, it will show in your face and body language and then all of a sudden you will start to be a feeding ground for the WRONG type of men because they can sense rejected women a mile away.  Thus you will get into more the same type of relationships with the same type of men, trying to get validation from them, and they won’t give it you; and therefore you will feel more rejection.

View my video below on how to be confident no matter who you are.  When you learn to embody this, you will attract better relationships and even if those men reject you, when you have confidence you will not take it so personally and feel like this is an attack on your personal character but rather see it is their lost for not choosing you.

In the end, if a man does not want you then it is there loss.  Also check out my book for single women where I give more tips on how to be a boss single woman that does not attract the wrong type of relationships.  Click here to buy.

feeling rejected by everyone and when people reject you

4. Feeling Rejected Because of When People Reject You

Why do you care about what other people think about you?  (Click my blog here to read more). I mean really? Are these people paying your bills, do they determine your destiny, do they pay your rent, are they going to get up every day and go to work for you? NO! So why give what they think about you?

There goes so more of my tough love.  I could never co-sign the idea of caring about what other people think.  Yes, I have been rejected by other people BUT ask me did it stop me from doing what I was doing. NO, because it is my life NOT theirs.  And many of the people who rejected me are stuck where they are while I am out living my life and doing what I want to do.

When you feel rejected by other people that is because you are allowing yourself to feel rejected by other people.  Do not give people more power over you then what they deserve. Someone is always going to reject you. ALWAYS.  You can be the most popular person, the nicest person, and want the best for everyone and someone is still going to have a problem with you. And your job is to choose not to care.  To choose to ignore it and to choose to prove them wrong by becoming the most awesome version of yourself because that is the ultimate payback.

So understand that rejection from other people is never going to go away. What is going to go away is how you feel about being rejected by other people, and how you allow it to affect your life.  And that is a choice that YOU can make.  I highly suggest the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life (click my affiliate link to buy).”

5. Feeling rejected by Friends ~ When People Reject You

If you are feeling rejected by your friends then you need to get new ones. I know when we are women we can get into this state of friends being “catty” to one another and thinking that this is normal.  I have cut friends off with a quickness because unlike family YOU DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM.  Don’t be so thirsty for friends that you stay with these so-called friends that are really not your friends at all. There are billions of people on this world and I am sure you find some that are actually more supportive of you.

Don’t be afraid of being friendless that you allow them to treat you any kind of way.  You have the power to determine who and who you will not let in and out of your life. And YOU determine how people treat you. You can check out my blogs on how to meet new people.  And also check out my video down below to see the difference between fake friends and real friends.

6. Feeling Rejected By Your Family ~ When People Reject You

You can read my blog here on why I do not care about what anyone thinks.  I am more of the different one in my family.  I am the only one that is not married, I am the thicker one body-wise in my family, I have been called fat, chubby, and miss piggy by my family when I was younger.

And in the same token, I know they love me. It can be tricky when you feel rejected by family because often times they do not even know they are rejecting you. Their rejection comes tends to come out of concern.  (Also, check out my blog on when a family brings you down). But you have to decide to accept that their rejection probably does not come from a place of malice and you have to decide not to care.

I know that is easier said then done, but I just listen to them and do what I want to do anyway.  Listening to family I would have not gotten a Masters or a PhD because they didn’t think that I could do it. That is because, despite my feelings of rejection by my family, I decided that I have my own life to live and I am on my own path. Just like they have the opprotunity to live theirs.  I choose not to argue with them and sometimes I choose to keep things to myself just so that I do not have to hear their rejection.  You just have to figure out a way to deal with them while also keeping your own peace of mind.

They are your family.  You cannot change who they are, but you can change how you react to them.  Let whatever negative words they have said to you motivate you (see my blog here). Shut your family up and become something great and wonderful, and the more you do that the more they will see that you are in control of your own life and decisions and you do not need their input.  Also check out my video down below on what to do about toxic family.

7. When You’re Feeling Rejected Or When People Reject You Ask Yourself ~ Is It You?

I  know that people tend to want to blame other people BUT it is also important to have self reflection. I am going to be real for you for a second.  If everyone that you come in contact with is rejecting you, then the common denominator is YOU.  It may be time for you to have some self-reflection and find out what it is about you that people want to reject and stop blaming other people for your problems (see my blog here).

Are you always negative, are you always complaining, are you always the one rejecting other people and then want to play the victim when they do it to you? Is your life a hot mess and people rather move away from you then be around you?  If this is you then I have a special set of advice for you, the world owes you nothing (see my blog here).  The reason why people are rejecting you is that you are a burden to be around.  And instead of looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as the problem you want to blame everyone else when really YOU are the problem. Another dose of tough love.

Just like I came down on other people for rejecting you, I am going to come down on you for being a rejection to yourself.  You cannot always point the blame outward when the blame is really inward.

If you are feeling rejected by everyone then choose to be a victor, not a victim.  Do not have a pity party.  Get up, you have more power than you think. You have the power of how you feel, you have power on how you let people treat you, and you have power over your life.  Use it.  If you give your power away, then that is how you get into this rejection mode with no way of getting out.  Because you have allowed other people to steal your power and use it against you.  Think about it.

Also, if you need some motivation then check out my Christian Manifestation Guide which postive affirmation and Bible verses in all areas of your life.  That will teach you have more confidence in yourself and give you the ability to not deal with or not care about other people’s rejection. Click here or the picture below.  And if you know someone that may need to read this post share it with them.


  1. I am a little offended ( I know thats PC right now) by what you wrote here. You seem to wbrush off peoples hurts and not offer much help or wisdom and what if you are being rejected in most of these ways not just one? The only thing I can think is Jesus has gone through that and understands. Not sure how to deal with the hurt and pain though in the moment.

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