7 Tips To Make Colored Hair Wigs Look Classy Over Tacky

How To Make Colored Hair Wigs Look Classy Not Trashy

Are colored wigs tacky or classy? That is the question.  If you were to ask me I think that colored hair wigs can be tacky or classy depending on the person.  But do I think ALL colored hair wigs tacky.  No I don’t. Anyone who knows me knows that I love wearing different colored wigs.  But to answer the question they can be tacky and they can be classy.  What makes the difference is how you wear the wig, how the wig looks on you, and what you wear with the wig.

1. Colored hair wig when they look tacky.

If you wear colored wigs and match your outfit with a My Little Pony theme, then you may look a little tacky.  Because you look like you are going trick or treating for Halloween. If you want to go for a classier look when it comes to colored hair wigs you need to try to stay away from looking like any cartoon character what so ever.

That includes a Care bear, Rainbow bright, or a Tele tubby, Sailor moon or any type of anime character.  Of course if you are going to Comic Con or some other Cosplay event then wearing colored hair wigs that make you look like a cartoon are okay.  But if you want to go out in public without being embarrassed then you should follow the following tips.

Colored Wigs ~ Case Study Nikki Minaj and Blac Chyna

Look at the picture below. This is a prime example of colored wigs gone wrong and what for.  It is not colored right, it makes no sense, and it looks like she is aiming to look like one of those cartoons we were talking about. Rainbow Bright.

How To Make Colored Hair Wigs Look Classy Not Trashy

Look to the second picture as an example of colored wigs. Look at the difference.  They both have a lot of colors in them, but one comes across as tacky and the other fashionable.  As you can see it depends on how the colored is applied, the quality of the wig (i.e it being a lace front) and the overall look of the wig and how it looks on you. I also tried to recreate Blac Chyna’s look click here to see it. 

How To Make Colored Hair Wigs Look Classy Not Trashy

2. Colored Hair Wigs ~ Look At The Colored Wigs Quality

I am a fan of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs and as you will see I am a fan of colored wigs too.  Synthetic wigs use to be very unrealistic BUT they have stepped their game up and sometimes I prefer them over human hair wigs.  But there are some synthetic wigs that are out there, that still look insanely crazy.

Colored Hair Wigs colored wigs

That is why you must understand how to look at the quality of a colored hair wig to understand how it will look on you. Some things to look for are a lace front wig.  This will allow for the wig to look like it is growing out of your head and it will allow for a part to be in the wig (click here to see my blog on how to make your lace front look more natural). When you can part the wig and it looks like you have a scalp that is always a good thing as far as quality. (Also see my blog here on closure if you are confused on what lace fronts are).

Colored Hair Wigs colored wigs
Human Hair

The feel of the hair.  Some of the cosplay type wigs feel VERY plastic.  Even if it is a synthetic wig you want it to look and feel like human hair.  If the wig is too shiny or just looks like Barbie doll hair, then don’t do it. You are setting yourself up for failure.

3. Colored Hair Wigs ~ Look At The Colored Wigs Color

Just because you want to wear color you really have to know how to look at a wig and be able to tell if the wig on you is destined to be an epic fail or destined to make you look fabulous. The whole idea of wearing colored hair wigs and keeping it on the classy side, is that you want to make it look more like your hair as possible. Choosing a wig that is colored and has too much of a one dimensional color and no black colored roots, will make the wig look a lot more tacky over classy.

A big thing that I like to do is to ensure that the roots of the wig are black. Because I have black hair it is easier for the roots to blend in with my own hair.  Therefore making it look more realistic. The same goes for choosing an ombre wig over a one tone colored wig. And even if the wig is more one toned then try to ensure that the hair looks more dimensional.  Meaning it has highlights. This pink hair I had below, even though it is a brighter pink notice the highlights it has with other colors.  It makes the hair look a lot better, classier, more dimensional, and less like a costume wig.

How To Make Colored Hair Wigs colored wigs

As far as what color to choose, I think that you can make any colored wig look pretty good for the most part.  There are some colors that may not, look good.  Like neon green or yell.  No matter what, colors like these will probably look tacky.

4. Colored Hair Wigs ~ Look At The Colored Wigs Style

As you get more and more into colored hair wigs you will learn what style to look for and what frames your face.  You can wear pink in a shorter style and it look amazing but then you can get the same color pink in a longer style and it look at hot mess.

Colored Wigs Case Study. Jackie Aina

Look at Jackie Aina below, notice how this hair is a short pink color that looks really good on her. If you notice it is an ALL pink color. Meaning that there is no dark roots.  Typically that is a no no if you want you want to look as natural as possible, but her wig is a human hair wig and a high quality wig, which gives it a different look from a fake hair wig that would be the same color.  The second point is that the shorter, all pink, looks great on her probably because it is a shorter style. You have to consider the style of the wig and how it looks on you.

Colored Hair Wigs colored wigs

Now look at this pink wig also on Jackie Aina.  Notice that she followed some of the previous rules that I mentioned.  It is still a pink wig, but it is longer, and the wig has darker roots and darker highlights in the hair.  The pink colored wigs gave different variations and depending on the style you can determine how each style will look on you.  It may not be a good idea to have that lighter pink wig in a longer style because it may come off as too bright or that Rainbow Bright character we were talking about, the one you need to avoid looking like.  But there is an exception to each rule, how a colored hair wig looks on you is something you will have to determine based on your personal features.

Colored Hair Wigs colored wigs

5. Colored Hair Wigs What You Wear With It

If you are wearing a colored wigs, then coordinate your outfit in some way with the wig.  It would look really odd if you are wearing one wig color, and then your outfit is some more random colors, then you will just look all miss matched.

You do not have to go overboard and have your wig, your pants, and your shirt all matching. But overall you wig should complement your outfit. You wigs should not be a stand out piece that looks really odd with your outfit.  That is like wearing a nice outfit and wearing shoes that are mismatched and do not go with what you are wearing. It is noticeable and can throw your whole look off.

But the best tip is your eyes.  They are your friends, if you do not think you look right in your wig then you probably don’t.

6. Colored Wigs ~ Last case study is myself wearing very white hair.

This is where I allowed my EYES to guide me along with my rules.

For the short white wigs below, you can see my review on both of them by clicking my blog here. 

The first wig, I followed the ombre rules.  Notice that the wig starts dark, gets gray, and then fades into white.  Ombre allows for the color of the wig to not be so overwhelming.

Colored Hair Wigs colored wigs

The second wig, does have dark roots as I mentioned darker roots can often times let the wig look more blended into your actual hair. Like the other wig it is still short, but also more overwhelmingly white. The style of the wig is what I love about this wig the most. This goes to show that the wig can be a brighter wig, but the style of the wig can make the difference on if it looks good or looks a mess.

Colored Hair Wigs colored wigs

The third wig is a long gray wig. Even though the wig is bright, it has a lot of highlights of brown at the root and throughout the wig (you may not see from the picture). As I have said before, often times with longer wigs that have color it is better to have highlights in them.  Which is true for darker skinned people such as myself.

Colored Hair Wigs colored wigs

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