6 Ways To Start Corporate Ladder Climbing As A Single Mom

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Corporate ladder climbing as a single mom can be hard but if you want to know how you can start moving up the corporate ladder as a single mom? IT CAN BE DONE. It can be hard yes, I am not going to sit here and lie to you but TRUST it can be done. I have done it as a single mom in every sense of the word which is why I am here to help you.

And in case you are new to my blog and you are wondering exactly who I am and what makes me qualified to give you such advice. My name is Dr. Sophia Reed, National certified counselor (be sure to check out my about me page).  Also, as a single mom that has moved up the corporate ladder I am the perfect person to tell you exactly how to do this. You can also watch my video below on how I leveled up as a single mom. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

Now that we have gotten those introductions out of the way, let’s get into the tips, shall we?

1. Corporate Ladder Climbing As A Single Mom ~ Change Your Thinking

When climbing the corporate ladder as a single mom you need to change your thinking. I wrote a blog on the power of positive thinking which you can click here.  I know that it is hard to advance your career as a single mother but it being hard does not mean that it is impossible. I have literally gone on interviews very visibly pregnant and have been on jobs where they knew I was a single mother.

And I gave NO cares about it.  I do not want to sit here and tell you it is all about thinking but your thinking affects your attitude. If you think you are a single mom and you cannot have it all or be at the top of your career; when you work or go in an interview that is the type of attitude that you will project.  Like you are a single mom that is unsure if you can even handle the workload and that is the sure way NOT to get the job.

But if you are confident that you can do the job and that you are the BEST person for the job then you can convince other people that you are too. And you will start to behave in a way that is followed up by what you think TRUST me.  I also talked about this in my video on how to have more confidence which you can watch below.

2. Corporate Ladder Climbing As a Single Mom ~ Find A Job That Fits You

I know as a single mother when you look for a job it can be frustrating because you may not find a job that will work with your schedule, leaving you with the feeling that you will never get ahead.  I have a blog on how to perform the perfect job search (click here).  When you are climbing the coporate ladder as a single mom I also encourage you to research companies beforehand to see if they are family-friendly.

In this day and age where being a single mother is not unheard of, there are MANY family-friendly organizations. Some have daycares right in the buildings where you work. Some have teleworking options and these are the type of places that you want to go for. AND those are the type of organizations that you are more likely to move up in because they value family not see it as a hindrance.

To get you started on finding family-friendly companies I have compiled some articles that will get you started.

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Really go for a family-friendly place of work. There have been several times where I saw jobs that required me to work later than I could or travel too and it just did not work.  One time I got in trouble at work because my boss wanted me to stay over and I told her I had to pick up my son and I left. That is where working in a NON-family friendly environment will get you.

No matter how much of an amazing opportunity that job is, if it does not work with you being a single mom then it is not going to work. And you are not going to be able to move up in a place that is too demanding and does not fit into your lifestyle as a single mom.  Working at such places and trying to move up at such places is going to be a waste of your time.

Instead of applying for every job just to get a job, if you want to advance in your career only apply for jobs that will work well with your current lifestyle. Yes, it may take you longer to get a better job but it is worth it to know that you are stepping into a job that will work for you and not against you.  You can easily move up in a company that has more flexible hours as a single mother as opposed to a company that expects you to work 70 hours, you not being able to work 70 hours a week, and then letting you go for being an underperforming employee.  You can also check out my video down below on how to look for a job.

Corporate Ladder Climbing Case in point: I have a single mom friend that is a high government employee in her late 20’s.  And she has her own business so girlfriend makes BANK.  What makes her so successful is that she has an understanding supervisor that now allows her to work from home because she is such a wonderful employee and so she only has to come into the office 2 days a month to check-in.  It is a lot easier to move up and to get promotions when you have an office environment that understands and these types of environments are out there you just have to find them.

3. Corporate Ladder Climbing ~ Be Loyal

When climbing the corporate ladder as a single mom another consideration when looking for a job is that you need to look for a company in which you can move up.  The great thing about a lot of companies is that even in the beginning if it is not perfect, the longer you are there, the more you prove yourself to be a trustworthy employee, the more flexibility they will give you.

If you have been working in an office for 3 years and they know you are a single mom with a good worth ethic, your workplace is more likely to understand you having to leave early to pick up your child or allowing you to telework to get your work done. Hence that is what happened with my friend above.  She did not start out working from home 5 days a week but after proving herself, she was.

Yes, you may have to make some momentary sacrifice at first but once you prove yourself an understanding work environment may give you a lot more freedom in the long run.

Never use being a single mother as an excuse to miss deadlines or do a bad job.  It shows that you are not able to juggle your personal and professional and will not show an employer that you can move up and handle more responsibility. So if you are at a company and you want to grow, check out my how to get a promotion post.  Work hard, be loyal, and many companies will be willing to meet you halfway once they trust you and you have proven yourself.

4. Corporate Ladder Climbing As A Single Mom ~ Don’t Let Being a Single Mother Be Your Excuse

When climbing the corporate ladder as a single mother myself there have been times where I had to call out sick because of my son, left early to pick him, or having to take him to a doctor’s appointment.  This type of thing is normal BUT it does not happen all the time. The last thing you want to do is to take off from work 4 out of 5 days out of the week and use your being a single mother as an excuse.

The fact of the matter is that there are many single mothers who do a lot and they do not miss that much time at work.  The work environment is only beneficial when you are giving the work what they need and vice versa.  Your job needs a good valuable employee and you need a job.  If there was to be anything that disrupts the flow of that then there is no promotion. For example, you use your kids as an excuse as to why you are never on time with your assignments, are always late for work or are never at work. Then you will not get a promotion, you will more than likely lose your job.

So have a backup plan, a backup babysitter, or even better if you have a family member or family friend you can call on for the sick days or the appointment days even better.  I have had to use a backup babysitter to go to work when my regular babysitter got sick.  These are just some of the preparations that you may need to make to prove that you are a loyal employee. And once again, once you prove yourself there is a chance that you can have a lot more freedom in the end.  But just know that overusing you being a single mom as an excuse can have you come across as a bad employee and that is a sure way not to get a promotion or to move up.

5. Corporate Ladder Climbing ~ Do Your Own Thing

I showed some examples in my nothing can hold you back as a single mom post (click here to read). In this day and age, there are so many single moms who are breaking the mold using blogging, writing, YouTube, or Freelance work among other things to make their own brand.

If you are a mother that wants more time with your children and to just have the freedom to do what you want. Then do your own thing. Start your own business and build your own brand. That way you will not have to worry about anyone else controlling your career, you will be in control of your own career by defining your own success. Don’t just move up the career ladder, be the career ladder. Also, check out my blog on how to start a business as a single mom. 

Corporate Ladder Climbing Case and point Me: You can view my video below on some of my work experiences that made me want to go into business for myself.  There are some jobs that are not understanding, that will not promote you, or give you the money that you want and sometimes you can create your own ladder instead of trying to move up into someone else’s.

6. Corporate Ladder Climbing ~ Get Education

I wrote a blog on how to go back to school as a single mom which you can click here to read.  The more skill and the more education you have, the more indispensable you are to a company.  We cannot deny that having a nursing degree, medical doctorate degree, or a law degree will almost guarantee you a GOOD job. The more educated you are AND the more qualified you are can increase your chances of moving up the career ladder.  You should never underestimate the power of education.

Education can determine if you are going to get a job AND if you can determine how far you can go in a job.  So if you want to go far then do not limit yourself. Get the required degrees, certification, and skills set that would make you an asset to a company.

These are some of the tips that I have on moving up the corporate ladder as a single mom. It is not impossible and your prospects are not limited. Just can work at a billion-dollar company if you really wanted to, just know that with the right determination and drive being a single mom will not hinder your success if you are able to do it right and if you are able to do it at the right company.

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