4 Pieces Of Advice All Single Christian Women Need To Hear

3 Essential Pieces of Advice For Single Christian Women To Follow

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Hey all my single Christian women, let’s get into this advice for single Christian ladies that you need to hear. Not to be confused with what you WANT to hear but what you need to hear. Let’s me real,  often times as Christian single women, desperation can become apparent (also click here to see my blog on how not to be desperate and single).

But that should NOT be the case.  Christian single women should know that your standards should be higher, you have God in your life, I should not see you running around like you have no home training doing anything and everything for a man. Going to church in your best too hot to trot outfit so you can catch the attention of all the single men of the Church to let them know that you are open and ripe for the picking. NO SIS.

Before I get into the post don’t forget to check out my video below for more tips for Christian single women that I know will help you out. And click here on the link to view each video for more tips.

One thing that I need you to remember in case you feel the depseration coming in is that God is your father, you are a princess (click to read my blog here) never forget your royal position. I know it is human nature to get all bent out of shape over our relationship status because the world tells us we are not complete without a man. But that is what the world says as a Christian single woman you are set it apart. Just because we LIVE in the world does not mean that we have to be OF the world (John 15:19) and believe what the world says about us and you have to change HOW you feel about yourself.

1. Single Christian Women Consider Becoming Celibate

The first tips for single Christian women is to be celibate.  I am a single mother and I was NOT impregnated by the Holy Spirit and therefore I am not going to sit and pretend I am a virgin.  But I am celibate now (click here to read my blog on why) and I have learned the reason why God tells us to not have sex before marriage. AND IT IS FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT. I have an extensive blog on the benefits of celibacy (click here to read). But once you start practicing it you will realize how important it is in your relationship development and your development with God.

As a single Christian woman do you want to do it God’s way OR do you want to do it the world’s way. The world’s says casual sex it cool but what does God say about sex outside of marriage. (Here’s a hint, he says not to do it). So consider this,  how can you ask for God’s best when you do not want to follow God’s direction?  Before you click off thinking that I am completely full of crap. I HIGHLY suggest you watch my video below and you will learn how and why celibacy as for single Christian women can WORK in your benefit.

2. Most Single Christian Women Covet & Have Idols

So many single Christian women have idols. I know this is starting to sounds like the 10 commandments BUT single Christian women have a bad habit of coveting and iodolizing relationships.  Hear me out. How many times have you sat on social media and been jealous of someone else’s relationship? (Click here to read my blog on social media depression).

Or how many times have you been jealous of someone else’s relationship or their marriage (click here to read my blog on how to get rid of jealousy). How many times have you told yourself that you cannot or will not be happy until you have a relationship. That is idoltry and covetness my friend.  Because you are putting something above God. You are literally saying God is not enough to fulfill you and you must have a relationship in order to feel complete.

I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God Exodus 20:5

If I could offer you advice for single Christian ladies then know this. God is not going to tolerate you wanting or needing another man more than Him. And if that is the case then God is not going to give you the relationship that you desire because He does not want to give you something that causes you to focus less on Him as in God.

Remember what is for you is for you, in time you will have your own relationship that is uniquely yours, so why covet someone else’s. You need to focus on showing God that HE is first and foremost and that whatever relationship you have will only bring you closer to God not take attention away from Him.

A lot of time when people think of idols they think of bowing down and worshiping calves or something.  An idol is anything that you want more than you want God.  Are you going to Church to meet a man? Are you going to Bible study looking way to provocative because you are trying to get the attention of a man? Are you casting your relationship with God to the side to put yourself in a position to meet a man?

If that is the case then you are an idol worshipper, my dear.  Or perhaps the idea of a relationship has taken precedence over your life and you do not even talk to God anymore. And if you do talk to God the ONLY thing that you talk about is Him bringing you a man.

When you idolize something that much then you are setting yourself up for failure. Because when you are in a relationship no matter who you are with, they are ALWAYS going to fall short.  You cannot expect for a man to just come along and being in a relationship will fix all your problems.

Then you are ready to get a divorce thinking that you made a mistake. The reason being is because you WORSHIPPED this person and the relationship that you thought they could bring you. So instead put your worshiping where it belongs with God not in man.  You can check out my video below where I you can asked yourself do you idolize marriage?

3. Single Christian Women Thou Art Loosed

Often time as single Christian women our real issue with God is that He will not do what we want Him to do when we want Him to do it and therefore we are frustrated. Especially when it comes to bringing you a man.  So if you have been praying for a man and you are pissed because you do not have one yet then there may be a reason for that.  And the reason may be because you need to fix some things.

But what I have learned, is that there are three ways that God can answer your prayers. Yes, No, and Not yet (read my blog here). And the not yet, could be that God does want to bring you someone BUT because you got some healing you need to do. God is not going to bring you someone and allow your issues to torment the other person in the process.

God can be telling you to go to school, move, and to get your life together.  And instead of you doing it, you are going down the same path of foolishness, walking around the same mountain, and making the same mistakes.  Then wonder why God won’t bless you with a relationship. Why would  He? You can’t even handle your own stuff let alone someone else’s stuff.  One thing He is not going to do is to give you a great man, and you drag him down with your foolishness.

I wrote about this in my equally yoked blog which you can click here to read.  If you want to be married God can be telling you to work on yourself, work on your depression, or make yourself better.  But because you are NOT willing to do that than he is NOT going uphold His part and give you someone.  It would not be fair to them. You need to bring something to the table.

If God is not telling you to do anything then the answer may be not yet.  Who is to say if the other person is ready or not.  You do not know. But instead of being mad about it, just continue to live your own life and doing your own thing.  It can be a very miserable wait for a relationship if you are just sitting at home waiting for Mr. Right to knock on your door. Also check out my video below on why you should chase the purpose not the man and when you chase your purpose and get about living your OWN life then the man will come.

4. Remember Single Christian Women You Won’t Be A Christian Single Woman Forever

You can click here to read my blog on women of the Bible that single women can learn from.  Often times there are lessons that God is trying to teach you in your single state. What I also like reading in the Bible is that often times God can choose a spouse for you.

God can even put you in a position to find a great man.  Look at Esther (click here to read my blog) and Ruth (click here to read my blog).  If God is willing to put them in a position to find great men then why can’t He do it for you?

Can we ever remember Ruth without a Boaz and can we remember Esther with her being a queen of a King?  Situations that they found themselves in, by the grace of God. In the end, if God cared so much to put these women’s stories in the Bible, He wants to speak to us single women around the world and let us know that there is nothing too small, including your relationship status, that does not concern Him. But sometimes we have to stop doing things by our own effort and allow God to work His magic on our relationships.

Being a single woman is not a curse, and being a single Christian woman is a better blessing because you know that God is going to take care of you. You should know that He is not going to just let you be with ANYONE. You are the apple of His eye, and trust that He wants the best for you. Check out my video below for more times that God went above and beyond for Christian single women to bring them the relationship of their dreams. So why can’t it happen to you.

I hope that these tips and advice for single Christian ladies help you and no this is not the 101 guide to how to end your Christian singlness in 24 hours.  But these are things that you can work on now while you are single so that you can go forth and have a good, happy, and healthy relationship that is God approved and that will last.  That is the goal right?

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