5 Reasons The Wig Hat Is The Best Lazy Hair Day Solution

Vivica Fox Capdo The Best Option For A Bad Hair Day

I have been rocking this wig hat for a while now and I could not wait to review it. I know this may sound really petty but legit this wig hat has changed my life.

As a busy single mom, if I want to run out to store, go run an errand real quick I just pop this bad boy on my head and I go about my day. It will fully look like I did something to my head even though it looks like a hot behind mess underneath the hat.  Don’t judge me I know I am not the only one.  By the way if you want to see how I get ready in 10 minutes also using this “wig with hat” watch my video down below.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and you can click here to get the beauty bag in the video. 

But for this specific post, I want to get into the Vivica Fox Capdos I have.  I bought the straight one first, but then I loved it so much that I had to go out and buy the second one. One is straight and one is wavy.

wig hat hat with wig wig with hat

 1. Wig With Hat ~ The Basic Features Of Both

The benefit of a wig hat, this one per see is the first is obviously the cap.  The only cap color that is sold is black, which is actually a good idea because it will go with everything.  The downside to the cap is that it is not really made to be adjustable.

When I first tried on the cap it was very loose-fitting. And since one of the descriptions of the cap is that you can take it to go workout, I thought it was pretty bad that the cap could not be adjusted because if it is too lose it may fall off while you are bouncing around at the gym. Which would not be a good look.

But there is a way around that. My made-up way. You can attempt to adjust the cap-like normal and you can pull the cap tighter, but since the other end of adjustable strap is made to stay in place, you cannot pull the slack through the other side.  I did pull the strap tighter, but in the middle of the cap was a loose loop since it could not be pulled through to the other side. It was not really noticeable though, so not a huge downside to the style.

They are both affordable, no matter if you choose straight or if you choose wavy you will be able to afford this.  One of the main reasons is because the hair is synthetic and not human.  But that was not a big deal to me. The cap is made to be a quick easy to go type of style, which explains to the synthetic.

Vivica Fox Capdo The Best Option For A Bad Hair Day

The construction of the wig hat is the same, they are pretty much tracks just attached to the inside of the cap.  So legit, this is probably something that you could make on your own if you really wanted to.

As far as this wig hat, there is not too much hair or either of the capdos, meaning that the hair is a little thin.  I kept having to feel my wig hat to make sure that my neck or something was not peeking through.  That is how thin the hair was for this brand.  They could have made it a lot thicker. But once again not a big deal, you see that it did not keep me from wearing it. And you should just make sure that your real hair is tucked in under the cap. So if the wind blows your hair will not show.

Also, for the wig hat, the hair does not come all the way around to the sides of your hair. Or at least it did not for me.  I have a low hairline on the sides and so that could be why.  But there was nothing that a little edge control and gel could not fix.  I just applied it to my edges and placed my hair under the cap.

Both of the packagings comes with these fake-looking diamond beads that you can place on the cap.  I opted not to do this, just because it did not look adult-like to me.  To me, it just cheapens the look overall and I think it should be kept basic.

Before I get into the two wig hats that I actually own, I thought it would be good that an honorable mention of the Vivica Fox Capdo is that she has two other styles that I do not have and that I actually do plan to get.

One is a shorter style which you can click here to buy.  This one comes in many different colors and it good for if you do not want a longer style.

And the second is a braid style, this is probably not my favorite but I would still rock it.  It too comes in different colors and it really gives me that Poetic Justice feel if you remember that movie. Click here to buy it.

2. Wig With Hat ~ What is the Wig Hat Good For?

wig hat hat with wig wig with hat

Some of the looks that this is good for is the casual look. I showcased this cap in how to be casual but put together blog which you can see here. I typically wear this on a Saturday when I have to take my son to his activities, we go out and get a quick bite to eat, and go shopping or something.

I would not wear this cap too much during a day where you think that you may have to go inside and have to take your hat off. Because of course, your hair may look a hot mess underneath.  So I just limit it to my out and about days, maybe even the gym, of if you are going for a walk outside.  Just something really casual and quick.

3. Vivica Fox Capdo (Hat With Wig) ~ Straight (Click to buy)

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wig hat hat with wig wig with hat

The straight capdo is by far the more favorite capdo.  I really like the way it looked on me and I liked the versatility of it. You can choose to wear it straight down, in a low ponytail, and at one point I even put it in a side braid.

The straighter hair looks the best and just has more stylizing options in my opinion. The downside to the straight one is that because it is synthetic hair it is prone to tangling.  The straight capdo is the one that I have worn the most and even though it tangles, it takes nothing to get the tangles out and it looks all new again.  The hair does not shed or anything. So it is really a good deal for the price. Below are some other options for the straighter wig hat.  You do not have to get this brand by Vivica Fox but there are other brands that can give you a different look and different quality and colors.

4. Vivica Fox Capdo (Hat with wig) ~ Wavy Click to Buy

Since I fell in love with the straight so much I really thought that I would love the wavy. In this brand, the wavy capdo looks a lot thinner. This is why below I am going to give you more options for a wavy wig hat, because I do like the style but other brands may perform better.

The last issue with the wavy is that it is a one-trick pony. Of course, I am still going to wear the wavy one, but I do not feel that I can style it as much.  It is synthetic hair and over-styling it can make the hair really frizzy since it is wavy.  So I would not try to braid or do too much with the wavy wig hat. You just wear it down because you do not want to ruin the waves.

BUT I must say that out of the two capdos that I got a complimented on, the wavy one was the one I got the compliment on the most when I was out and out about.  So, it must be doing something right. Just know that with a straight one, more styling options and with the wavy it just looks more like an actual style. But the wig hats are so cheap that you can legit get both, no big deal.

wig hat hat with wig wig with hat

5. Wig Hat~ Overall rating

Out of a 10 I would have to give this capdo a 10 out of 10. I know I said some pretty harsh things about the capdo above, but overall it is worth the money (which it was still pretty cheap), it is an easy to go-to style, and they both looked really good.  People complimented me on the look, and no one knew that it was hair sewn to a cap. So regardless of its shortcomings, it will get no hate from me. I love both of them.

Also, know that so many brands create this wig hats or if you are really dedicated you can make one yourself. So just because I had some issues with this brand does not mean you cannot find others that do not have these issues.

To buy the Straight Capdo Click Here

To buy the Wavy Capdo Click Here

If you know someone that does not like to do their hair and needs to see this capdo so they can slap it on their head instead of going outside looking a mess, then feel free to share this post. Sharing is YOU caring about how they walk out of the house.

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