6 Successful Single Mom Entrepreneurs & 12 Ways You Can Be Too

Single Mom Entrepreneurs

In this post, I wanted to showcase 6 successful single mom entrepreneurs from all walks of life, of all ages, all races, that are successful. I do this so that you can see that there is no limitation on your own situation as a single mom. If they can do it then you can do it. Not only will I talk about these single mom entrepreneurs BUT I will give you ways on how you can duplicate their success.

The single moms that I am going to showcase, although some may have an education you can still follow in their footsteps without it. A question that I often get, is do I need to have the education to move up? Education can make things a lot easier depending on what you want to do as I spoke about in my how to thrive and not just survive as a single mom blog, but as you will see that in this day and age you can make a career out of anything. Especially since we have the internet.

So if you want to be a mompreneur and you feel like you are starting at the bottom, don’t feel that way. There are many options for you yet.  BUT the one thing that is consistent is hard work. Never settle for less than what you deserve as a single mom (click my blog here) and only you can determine what you deserve. And as a single mom myself that has moved up from being broke to do doing much better, I can tell you first hand that you deserve a lot. And if you feel like you deserve to own a 6 or even 7 figure business then I believe you can do it. Also, check out my blog on advice from single mom bloggers for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

And check out my own single mom level up story in the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Now on to the single mom entrepreneur success stories

1. Single Mom Entrepreneurs ~ Successful Single Mom YouTubers

If you did not know, YouTube is a career for people.  There are people who are making 6 and even 7 figures from YouTube. As nontraditional as it may be, it can be one of the hardest and easiest careers to do. (Also check out my blog on being Net Famous).


As long as you have a computer, internet, and a camera you can use YouTube.


Just because you are on YouTube does not mean that you can succeed.  And there is no way that you will know when or even if your channel will take off. But there are some things that you can do to ensure your success such as creating quality videos, having a skilled personality people want to see, and being consistent. Also, check out my blog here for success on YouTube.

2. Single mom entrepreneur success stories ~ What you need to succeed on YouTube:

First, you need your stuff to look professional.  Have a professional background shooting space and lighting.  You can view my video below on how I set up my shooting space in an affordable way.  If you have ever heard the term act as if, even if you are new to YouTube act as if you are successful and put at the best quality you can according to your budget.  If people come and see you have a great quality channel that can help a lot with your growth.

Secondly, you can check out some of my suggestions below on things that you need to shoot with.  And because I understand that you are a single mom I am not going to suggest equipment that costs a lot of money.  But if you can invest what you can, to make your videos look as good as they can it makes the world of difference.  Which you will see from these two single mom YouTubers I will mention below that have their own massive homes and if you look at the quality of their channel you will see why they are successful.

3. Single Mom Entrepreneurs of YouTube Ellarie

Single Mom Entrepreneurs

Single mom entrepreneur success stories: Ellarie is a 30 something-year-old single mom with a daughter who she calls Yoshidoll. Her daughter also has a channel.  Ellarie started with a following on Instagram after being laid off from her job in 2014.  Not only does she has a massive following on YouTube but also on Instagram.

Ellarie started doing beauty tutorials and makeup related things but like many YouTubers, her income streams do not just come from YouTube. But rather sponsorships and collaborations with other brands. Earning her a mid-6 figure income. Ellarie does have an MBA in marketing just an FYI but beauty is where she found her passion.

You can watch a video below to see a day in the life of her being a single mom and an entrepreneur and how she manages it all.

4. Single Mom Entrepreneurs Of YouTube Raven Elyse

Single Mom Entrepreneurs

Single mom entrepreneur success stories ~ Raven Elyse is 24 years old and has a daughter name Ziya that is 2 years old. She was actually on YouTube before becoming a single mom, but being a single mom had certainly changed her brand. Even though you do not need an education for YouTube, I will give Raven her props in the fact that she has a bachelor’s degree in fashion.

Raven joined YouTube in 2013 and most of her videos are beauty, hair, fashion, and now even parenting related. Also, like her YouTube counterparts, her money mostly comes from brand deals, which as having her own wig line and sponsorships.  You can check out her interview on Beauty and the Vlog in which she shares her story and tips for starting a channel.

You can also see her video below to see a week in her life as an influencer and a mom and how she manages it all.

5. Single Mom Entrepreneurs Of YouTube ~ How You Can Imitate Their Success

YouTube is not a one size fits all formula, but anyone can do it. It sometimes takes people several years to take off and some people take-off faster than others. But here are some tips that will give you a boost.

  • Upload good quality videos a lot.

YouTube is like a second TV in this day and age.  You need to have good videos, good quality, and upload on a consistent base as in at least three times a week especially at the start. 

  • Have a good personality

It is so much easier to make it on YouTube when you have a good personality or something to talk about. No one wants to see you be dull in front of the camera. Have a personality, be yourself, that will get you a lot further. 

  • Have something to do

The above YouTubers do beauty. But you do not have to do beauty. You can do fitness, advice, or whatever it is that you are good at. But do not just sit around looking at the camera with nothing to do or talk about.  You need to entertain your audience in one way or another for them to want to subscribe to you and/or teach them something. 

  • The basics of how you make money

In the YouTube world. When you get a lot of subscribers that is when big names want to work with you. So you need to work on gaining a following first. See my picks below for the tools you need from a good camera and lighting.

You can check out my video below for tips on becoming an influencer.

7. Single Mom Entrepreneurs ~ With Blogging

I am a single mom blogger myself but I just do not feel that there are that many single mom bloggers out there. This means if you want to start a blog then it is something that you can do because there is room.


You can do it from home, in your, pajamas, and you can determine your own brand and how much you make.


It is a lot of work and if you don’t work at it then your blog will not take off. Which is the case with any type of business that you start?

I have a blog on how to start a blog just click here and also check out my video below on my journey to becoming a blogger for more tips.

8. Single Mom Entrepreneurs Of Blogging Sarah Titus

Sarah is a faith-based, DIY, organization, and parenting blogger.  Her story is amazing in the sense that her husband left and she lived in a shelter with her and her children, and because she did not want to leave them by going to work so told herself that she would make a full-time income in a year.  And in a year she made a full-time income SIX figure income. You can read her full story here. Most of her income comes from selling her own digital products that she made herself. In January of 2018, she made over $200k in one month. I did not say the year she made that much but the whole month (see her income report here).

What you can learn from her is that blogging does not have to take a long time if you are committed. Sarah has an entire section on her website on how to make money online which you can read here.

9. Single Mom Entrepreneurs of Blogging Emma Johnson

Single Mom Entrepreneurs

She is the blog owner of Wealthy Single Momma. She creates products books and services on helping other single moms be wealthy.  Her single mother journey came after a divorce and her husband was in an accident. I believe he had a brain injury and they just grew apart due to changes in his behavior.

Her site is geared to professional single moms and has gotten a lot of attention New York Times, CNN Headline News, Forbes, U.S. News, Inc., Wall Street Journal Radio, CBS Marketwatch, Ryan Seacrest Radio, Woman’s Day, NBC’s TODAY, NPR, and FoxNews.com. I do not know how much money she makes but I think she is doing pretty well.

And Emma has several books as well that can help you do well.  Her first book is called the:

  • The Kickass Single Mom: Be Financially Independent, Discover Your Sexiest Self, and Raise Fabulous, Happy Children. Which You can buy here.

10. Single Mom Entrepreneurs  How to imitate their success

Many people think blogging is easy but it is not easy it takes a lot of work. But once you have a computer and an internet connection then you can start one.  You can check out some of my other articles on blogging by going to this link. In those articles, I give you more detailed information about starting a blog.

Some of the things that you will need are:

Blogs only work if you are in it to help someone else and you have valuable advice to give other people.  You can post your grocery list on a blog but unless it is helping someone in some way, no one is going to care. I can only give you very general information on how to imitate blogging success, but I can recommend some books that you should read if you are serious about blogging.

11.  Single Mom Entrepreneurs ~ In Business

So I know what you may be saying, are there any traditional single moms that just worked their way from the bottom up in a company. Some people just do not want to get into this whole internet thing but want to do it the traditional way. Yes, there are single moms who do amazing things by moving up the operate ladder.

12. Single Mom Entrepreneurs Of Business Erin Brockovich

Single Mom Entrepreneurs

Julia Roberts plays her in the movie that is how you know her story is amazing. She has no formal education as a lawyer, but her work in the Pacific Gas and Electric Company case was instrumental in winning the lawsuit for the people she works with. A field that started in the ’90s and still works into this day. Helping to win multimillion-dollar lawsuits. According to her Wikipedia. 

Click to get the movie!6 Successful Single Moms & How To Duplicate Their Success Without a Degree

You can watch the movie to see how she became successful. But her results are NOT common.  It took a lot of hard work and being at the right place at the right time in order for this career to be created for her. BUT I do believe that if you work hard, have a passion for what you are doing, then success will come. That was the key to her success was that this was her God-given purpose and when you are on your God-given purpose you cannot help but to make money from it.  You can watch my video below on how to find your God-given purpose and make money at it.

13. Single Mom Entrepreneurs Of Business ~ Joy Mangano

Single Mom Entrepreneurs

Another single mom that they made a movie about. Joy and she was played by Jennifer Lawerence. Joy is always known as the queen of QVC. Joy’s first invention was the self-wringing mop and she has been inventing ever since. Joy does have an education in business which I am sure helped her manage her business side. But the fact that she invents has nothing to do with her education, and more to do with what she felt like other women needed in their home to make their lives easier.

There is no doubt in my mind that Joy is worth millions to this day. If you want to imitate her success then watch the movie, no the movie will not make you successful, I am just kidding. But it really is a good movie. But the key to why she became successful is that she was able to find a problem, fix a problem, and use her God-given gift as a way to do it. Once again watch my video above on how to find your God-given purpose and make money from it.

6 Successful Single Moms & How To Duplicate Their Success Without a Degree

You can also read my blog here about how to find purpose in your life. But if you can find a way to use what you are good at to make money then you are winning and what do for work will never seem like work.

These are some of the most successful single mom entrepreneurs that impressed me the most because even though some of them have an education, what they did can also be done without education. Also, as you can see there is no one size fit all formula. If you have the gift and you have the drive, you can find success at almost anything.

If you know someone that could read this post then please feel free to share it with them.

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