How 5 Broke Women Turned Their Passion Into Profit

How 5 Broke Women Turned Their Passion Into Profit

In this post, I am going to show you 5 incredible women who were able to turn their passion into profit AND they did it while tittering on the edge of being broke and struggling. The reason why I love doing posts like these is that I feel that if they can do it then you can do it. If something amazing can happen to them then why not you?

Often times we get so caught up in our struggle that we feel our life is never going to change.  But these women will show you that just because you struggle it does not mean that you were not meant to do something GREAT. AND your struggle should not keep you from doing something GREAT. In fact, it is often your struggles that pushes you to do something GREAT.

I have written about this in a blog before which you can click here to read, but the biggest way that you can be successful is to take something that you are really passionate about and learn to make money from it.

And I also have a video on how to find your God-given purpose and make money from it which you can watch below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

I know it sounds easier said than done which is why the best training that you can get it to actually look at other people who have turned their passion into a profit and see what you can take away from them to imitate their success.  Also, feel free to check out my successful single moms post, and how they turned their passion into profit no education needed.

#1 Huda Kattan the Founder of Huda Beauty

How 5 Broke Women Turned Their Passion Into Profit

I follow Huda beauty on Instagram and when she just announced that she has reached up to 25 million followers on Instagram she said the following message that really touched my heart because I mean look at her she is gorgeous I mean let’s be real and to imagine that she struggled but NOW… (no more words needed) it really is inspiring right?

How 5 Broke Women Turned Their Passion Into Profit

Often times when we see people at the height of their success we just assume that everything just fell in their lap. For Huda, she started in the finance industry, a job she hated. She decided to leave that industry to pursue her real passion which is makeup. She went from being a makeup artist to a blogger and now to the creator of one of the most on and popping makeup lines.

Notice one thing that Huda says: HARD WORK.  I am not one of those people that thinks that you can just wish upon a star and say some affirmations and your dreams can come true.  I do believe in affirmations, I have a Christian Affirmation E-book for goodness sake which you can CLICK here to buy.

But affirmations are like prayers, they help, and they help change your mindset but how can you get an answer to your prayers or your affirmations if you have not actually done anything.  So understand yes, it may require hard work but hard work accounts for a lot and it can be the MOST important thing when turning your passion into profit.  Even above having a lot of money to start up. The hard work is what gets you there.

Whenever you turn a passion into a profit it does not mean that it is going to happen at the snap of your fingers. Often times you have to take small baby steps to reach your ultimate goals.  She started off as a makeup artist, a blogger, and then she has a makeup line. Never become impatient when you are not starting off at the height of your career. Often times you just have to work your way up and start where you can.

And for all of my Huda Beauty of even makeup fans, check out some of her awesome palettes.

 #2 Necole Kane Founder of Blog Necole Bitchie & then XO Necole

How 5 Broke Women Turned Their Passion Into Profit

Necole came into the limelight for her celebrity gossip column Necole Bitchie before she walked away from that site and decided to focus her new site XONecole.  Before Necole became a famous blogger, she felt like she was failing. In her own words on her personal site. 

After a few stints working in radio, and pursuing opportunities in the entertainment field, I found myself back in my hometown on the Eastern Shore of Maryland living with an aunt. I had no job. I had no money. And years prior I had lost both of my parents just two years apart. I felt lost and without a sense of purpose.

That is when she decided to start her gossip column, but the downside to blogging is that not everyone understands. While she was working on her blog her aunt thought she was playing on the internet all day and decided to kick her out of her house. Which according to Necole turned out to be a good thing.

That was the biggest blessing in disguise! She took the crutch from right underneath of me and forced me to stand on my own. I packed all of my things and headed to Atlanta, which ultimately allowed me to attend events and network within the industry, and over the next 6 months my site experienced unexplainable growth. Within a year, I had become the fastest growing urban blog site in the nation.

What we can learn from Necole’s success is something that I have said so many times before.  Hard times are not meant to break you but they are meant to make you stronger (click to read).  But it is up to you to become strong and stay strong. Do not get into this mindset of feeling sorry for yourself because XYZ happened to you when in reality things happen to a lot of people have probably gone through the same thing that you are complaining about and while you are going on and on about why you can’t; someone else did and mastered it.

#3 Jamie Kern Lima Founder of Its Cosmetics

How 5 Broke Women Turned Their Passion Into Profit

I first heard about Jamie’s story from a sermon from Joel Osteen. Jamie was a news anchor and she suffered from really bad skin problems also known as rosacea.  She quit her job and set out to create a foundation that would help her skin.  Although the product was a great idea no one would really give her the time of day.

No one ordered her products and she was not making any money, in fact, she was going broke.  Her breakthrough came when she was at an event and her cosmetics table was set up to sell. The representative from QVC came over loved her product so much that she decided to put her on QVC.

The founder of Its Cosmetics is now one of the most beloved brands on QVC. And I have to say that my favorite product of hers is the Bye Bye Undereye (click to buy).  They actually have my shade and it covers any under-eye circles, puffiness, and/or dark spots under the eye.  As I have gotten older, this product has gotten to be essential.

If you want to listen to the same Joel Osteen sermon that told her story just watch the video below.

What You Can Learn From Jamie on how to turn your passion into a profit is about just owning your flaw.  She turned her skin issue into a major business. I have written a blog about owning your flaws and turning it into your profit, click here to read.  What you can learn is that what you see as wrong and weird about yourself is not always wrong or weird. Or perhaps it is, but those could be the same things that can make you stand out and propel you to success. Just like Jamie.

The second thing to learn is that even though you may feel like you are going nowhere fast, you do not need a lot of opportunities.  You just need one opportunity and the RIGHT opportunity. For Jamie, it was meeting the right person at the right time that turned everything around for her. In that one moment, everything changed.  So if you feel like you are working and there is no end or opportunity in sight, just keep going all it takes is one opportunity and the right one.  And as long as you keep putting yourself out there then you are putting yourself in a position for an opportunity.  Not doing anything will get not get you anything.

You can also check out some the best selling Its Cosmetics below:

#4 Lilly Singh YouTube Phenomenon Turned Comedian

How 5 Broke Women Turned Their Passion Into Profit

Lilly is one of the most famous YouTubers out there.  She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and it was her parent’s wish for her to go to grad school to become a psychologist. It was not what she really wanted to do and so in her last year of college, she became really depressed.

When she graduated from college instead of going right into grad school or even getting a job, she told herself and her parents to just give her a year.  What if in a year she could not make a career out of what she wanted to do then she would go to grad school.

A low and behold she became the wonderful Superwoman that we know today. Not only is she a YouTuber, but she has a Comedian tour, a documentary, and a bestselling book. And she is one of the rare YouTubers that transitioned into the mainstream and she has her own night show on mainstream television.

What you can learn from Lily is that you need to read her book to find out what you can learn from her. I did and I loved it, it changed my mindset. I mean the fact that she built a business in a year simply because she had no choice and the work ethic it took for her to do it. MAN! It lit a fire under my behind for sure.

She talks about one year suffering from depression and feeling like she was on the road to nowhere, to literally 5 years later taking a picture with her favorite celebrity the Rock and doing YouTube videos with him.

She is a prime example of what hard work looks like and you will never know how hard homegirl works unless you actually read her book.  Click here or the picture below to purchase.

How 5 Broke Women Turned Their Passion Into Profit

The second lesson to learn from Lilly is to follow yourself and your heart. Yes her parents wanted her to be a psychologist, but in the end, those are her parent’s wishes.  They were not her wishes. Often times we follow what we think we should do based on other people’s opinions of us.  But we have to learn not to care what other people think (Click to read). Your life is your life and you have to do what you want to do with it.

 #5 Heather Lindsey Preacher

I am a huge fan of Heather Lindsey. After she and her husband got married one may think that all her hope and dreams would come true. But they didn’t.

After she was married she and her husband went to Mississippi to try to start a church. Instead of building a megachurch that they dreamed about, they were stuck being broke and eating mostly eggs, rice, and beans as their meals because that was all they could afford. The church that they tried to start in Mississippi also failed.

Heather knew that she was called to preach but she did not know HOW exactly God planned for that to come to pass.  She soon started her blog and then her organization Pinky Promise. From there came recognition and from there came her opportunity to preach.

In the present, Heather writes a book almost every year.  She also goes around the world preaching and even though her first church failed, she and her husband have a thriving church in Atlanta. You can see some of her books below:

As a Christian myself I know that so many Christians get disappointed and mad at God when stuff does not work out how they want it to work out and then they want to blame God. Or they start to think that they heard God wrong. BUT you just have to trust God.  Heather knew that she was called to preach but did she think that turning on her computer and blogging would be the way to do that.  Probably not.  She just knew that it was something that God told her to do and so she chose to obey and low and behold God had a plan the whole time. You can see my video below on my struggles as a single mom, losing my job it was so terrible. But all of those unfortunate events lead me to my purpose to start my own business.  Bad times do not mean failures it just means learning experiences.

Often times when we are trying to turn our passion into a profit we sit and try to figure out what God is doing. But sometimes it is not meant for us to know what God is doing, what it is meant for us to do is to obey what God is telling us to do. And just to trust Him.

If God can use a computer and a blog to bring about the calling He had for Heather, then surely he can use anything to  bring about the calling for you, even making the rocks cry out (click here to read my blog if you do not understand the reference). Just trust the process.

Now that you have looked at these five women from very different walks of life, I hope you understand that you can turn your passion into profit.  If it has to be anyone then why can’t it be you? It does not matter if you are broke, struggling, and/or depressed about your situation.

“Do not let suffering stop you because on the other side of your pain is a purpose waiting to be birthed.”

I am sure that you can tell from all of these women that they were all hard workers and they had a plan. They did not let things get them down. If you know someone who may need to read this post to hel them to passion into profit then share it with them.

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