The Ultimate Maybelline City Mini Palettes Review

In this post I am going to be doing a review of the Maybelline city mini palettes. You guys know that I love affordable makeup brands BUT I cannot say that Maybelline has been at the top of my list of things to buy or try.

The reason why these sets caught my attention was that I was at my local drug store and I was feeling the colors and the price so I decided to give them a try.

There are a lot of different options that you can choose from when it comes to the Maybelline City Mini palettes, as in a lot of colors. But I only bought four of the mini sets, which are the ones that I am going to review in this post today (post contains affiliate links).

Maybelline City Mini Palettes First Impression

The first impression was pretty good since I walked into the store and decided to buy four of them, I wanted to buy more but I figured I would see if I liked these four first. From my understanding Maybelline has bigger City palettes if you want more variety but for me, the minis were good for what I wanted them for.

The Ultimate Maybelline City Mini Palettes Review

The reason why I chose the Maybelline city mini palettes over get the bigger City palettes is because I thought that each mini-set was really complete on its own. The Maybelline City minis have 6 colors in them that are pretty cohesive and have all the colors that you need to make a complete look. The colors are a mix of matte colors of metallic colors.

This mini types of palettes are good for two reasons: 

  • You can make a color choice faster as opposed to trying to decide the out of 12-24 colors in a bigger palette. 
  • And it is great for travel and use in a carry-on. You know how TSA can be with carrying things on a plan. 

Since I am also the type of person that loves to travel and have a variety of looks.  The Maybelline city mini palettes will not only give you a complete look, but they are small enough to travel with, and if they break in your luggage or something crazy then you still feel like they were affordable enough so that it is no big deal.

Below are the four Maybelline City Mini Palettes (Click here to buy all the color options)


Maybelline City minis – Shayla

I am starting with the Maybelline City minis Shayla because it was the favorite one that I tried out of the four that I bought. I really like this palette for the colors. The metallic in the sets were amazing.

I did use a metallic color to highlight my brow and I used a metallic color on my lid. The colors were true to color and they showed up really well on my skin considering that I am black.

The Ultimate Maybelline City Mini Palettes Review

If you are feeling the hair that I am wearing in the above picture then click here to see my full review on it

Urban Jungle (Click to buy)

Maybelline City minis – Urban Jungle

My second favorite of the Maybelline city mini palettes was the Urban Jungle. So maybe it is just me, but this set reminds me of like militant army colors or something.  You can tell because the outfit I wore below literally looks like a militant jacket.

The colors are darker which makes this ideal for a night time look or even a smoky eye look. My favorite color out of this set is the dark black metallic color, which I did use for a smoky eye. The colors are so pigmented and all I did was put that dark color on my lid, highlight the brow, and use a brown to blend.

The Ultimate Maybelline City Mini Palettes Review

Because I am darker and the colors in this set are darker, I also used the set for a neutral tone look especially if you choose to use the gold and bronze metallic colors.

PS. If you are feeling the hair that I am rocking in the above picture then click here to see a full review on it

Maybelline City minis Concrete Runway (Click to buy)

Maybelline City minis – Concrete Runway

Purples and blues are some of my favorite colors which are why I decided on getting this set. I did like the set, but not as much as some of the other sets.

For example, the above two sets that I just mentioned really stood out because of their metallic. The metallic in this just kind of fell short for me. The colors were really nice and still pigmented, but I just wished the glitter factor was better.

The white color in the set confused me a bit, it was hard for me to find a way to use this color without it coming across as looking very clownish.  The color just did not mix well with my skin tone. Another color that I was not a fan of is the brown color. I mean I am brown the color is brown and once again it did nothing for me. You could not even really see it.

The Ultimate Maybelline City Mini Palettes Review

Instead I stuck to the silver, blues, and the black. Which worked very well. But to use 3 out of 6 of the eyeshadow colors, I am not really sure I would say that was a success.

My hair in the above picture is a finger wave wig, click here to get. 

Maybelline City minis Downtown Sunrise (Click to buy)

Upon glance the Downtown Sunrise set was one of my favorites, I like the colors there were really light and very metallic. And in case you have not gotten my drift from the past review metallic is really my thing. When I put it on, there were a few colors that were pretty pigmented and a few colors that fell dull.

The orange and silver metallic colors were fabulous. They showed up well on my skin and it blended well with my skin. It gave me the desired look that I wanted.

The lighter pink metallic color, was a pretty color but it did not show you so well on me. It was more like a light shimmer.  Which was not bad, but it was not a color that stood out.  I ended up using it to highlight under the brow.

As far as the matte colors, I really like this brown. Unlike the brown in the concrete runway, this color was a really good transition color as a crease color to blend out the shadows on my crease.  It is a little darker than my natural skin tone which is why I think it worked too well as a blending color.

The Ultimate Maybelline City Mini Palettes Review

The other two matte colors which are beige and a peach looking color were really a no go for me.  They were pigmented and showed up on my skin, but I cannot say that I would just choose to use these colors to enhance my look because they just did not look right on me, because well I am black. Depending on your skin tone, you may get a different vibe.

And I also know you see that my cheek is shining in the above picture. You can click here to see my highlighter recommendations for dark skin.

Maybelline City mini palettes ~ Overall rating

All and all I say that these sets were a great buy. There were some colors that I did not like but I think that is to be expected with any makeup palette, not every color is going to go with every skin tone.

The thing that really sticks out about these sets is of course the metallic colors, which are pigmented and very pretty. Plus this is drug store makeup so it is affordable and pretty good quality.

And even if you do not like the above Maybelline City Minni Palettes, then there are so many other colors to choose from that I did not use.  Some of them are listed below.


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