8 Ways On How To Let A Godly Man Pursue You

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In this post, I am going to be telling you how to let a Godly man pursue you and what a godly man looks for in a woman? Before we get on with the post I need to tell you that in true Dr. Sophia (aka me) form you are going to expect me to keep it real with you.

A godly man is different from a worldly man so using the wordly tricks such as games, sex, and manipulation tactics to lure him in is NOT going to work. Which is why you need to know how to let a Godly man pursue you so that you don’t get into toxic habits that end up running him away.

Just like the Bible says:

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2 

Meaning that there are certain traits of a godly woman that you much adapt in order to not be like everyone else and stand out in the eyes of a godly man.

And lucky for you I have an entire video dedicated on telling you exactly how to become that high-value woman taking women of the Bible and using what they did as an example and don’t forget you subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

So let’s go ahead and get right on into how to let a Godly man pursue you, shall we?

1. How to let a Godly man pursue you ~ Be a woman of God.

The first tip on how to let a Godly man pursue you is to be a woman of God. I mean I kind of feel like this is a no-duh type of situation but being a woman of God goes beyond just a basic and surface level.

I wrote about this in my why you should not be unequally yoked blog which I encourage you to read here.  But if you want a godly man he is going to want you to be a woman of God.

Take this Bible verse for example:

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14

It would not be fair for a godly man to be out here praising the Lord and having a wonderful relationship with God and you do not even know who God is.

Or you are just pretending to know who God is just so that you can attract a godly man.  If you want a godly man to seek you out then you need to have your own relationship with the Lord and not expect him to do or be that for you.

Just because he has a relationship with God, his salvation cannot be passed down to you. You need your own relationship.  Not only do you need your own relationship but that needs to be apparent to him.  Also check out my video down below on some of the traits Esther had that helped her get her king.

Which brings me to my next point:

2. How to let a Godly man pursue you ~ Be a woman that is confident in her religion

The second tip for how to let a Godly man pursue you is to be a woman of God. I once heard a very interesting question when I was in church.

If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

 If you want to attract a godly man that is willing to exalt his God, how can he be with someone who is trying to hide their God in the closet? And only using God when it is convenient for her.

“Never be ashamed of your God and never be ashamed of what you believe.”

Let me give you an example, I am celibate because this is what God told me to do.  It is not something that I am doing for a man, not something that I am doing to show out, and it shows that I take my walk with God very seriously.

I am willing to tell a man to take a hike if he does not agree with what I am doing because my relationship with God matters more than giving a man sex and appeasing him. And although women think this would run a man away. It does not.

It actually shows a man who you are as a person and that you are serious about your relationship with God and the type of woman you want to be. It also shows him that you are not going to go cheat on him or sleep around with him because that is how dedicated you are to being a godly woman.  Also, check out my video below on what lead me to be celibate for over 5 years.

I am no virgin but it is something that God convicted me on (see my blog here on why I stopped having sex). You would not believe how many people and even Christians think that I am crazy for this.

But this is also a prime example of when as a godly woman who wants to one day marry a godly man, I have to choose to be confident in my religion and stand on what God told me to do regardless of how other people feel about it. Godly men love women who are willing to stand for their own convictions.

3. How to let a Godly man pursue you ~ Thou shalt watch what comes out of her mouth

The third tip for how to let a Godly man pursue you is that if you want to know what a Godly man is looking for then know this.  He is not looking for a liar, he is not looking for a woman that makes plans with him and then changes her mind.

He is not looking for a woman who says she is going to do something and then doesn’t, he is not looking for a woman who is full of curse words, he is not looking for a woman that is always nasty and/or angry, or who always has bad things to say to people.

None of this is of God, and not only is it not of God; they are just bad characteristics to have for ANYONE to have. But sad to say so many women do.  And remember what we talked about in the first paragraph you can choose to be like other women or you can choose to be a godly woman.

Choosing to be a godly woman is what will set you apart in his eyes.  Also, check out my video below on how to be on your grown woman status for more onthis topic.

4. How to let a Godly man pursue you ~ Thou Shalt Put Some Clothes On

I am not telling you that as a woman you need to walk around in long sleeves, a turtleneck, stockings, and wear clothing that covers every single part of your skin.  I believe that you can have some sensuality as a Christian woman (see my blog here), but never mistake feminine allure for just letting all of your godly charms to hang out for all the world to see.

When people look at you, they will believe what you show them over what you say. None verbal communication is the most of your communication. A godly man is looking for a godly woman. If you are walking around with your breast and your butt cheeks hanging out, do you think that a godly man is going to look and you and say

Behold, this is the woman that God has sent to me to make my wife.

Therefore, have some respect for yourself and put some clothes on.  You can be attractive without letting it all hangout and the last thing you want to do is send mixed messages about what type of woman you are by wearing the wrong kind of clothes.

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5. How to let a Godly man pursue you- Don’t Be a Nag

Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife. Proverbs 21:19

I am not telling you to be a doormat and a woman that just allows her husband to walk all over her and she has no opinion. But I am telling you to NOT be that woman that just nags, argues, and fights about anything and everything. That is not attractive and that is not something that a man looks for in a godly woman.

Instead, learn how to articulate yourself and your point properly, (I have a blog on this). Do not walk around cursing like a sailor thinking that it is cute. Learn how to speak and learn how to shut up. No godly man wants a woman that wants to sit, argue, and fight with him all the time.

Also, what my video below on where I talk more about this. And once again don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

6. How to let a godly man pursue you ~ Be who you say you are.

I wrote about this in my how to find a godly man blog. But it is so sad to say that many women who want a godly man but they are not a godly woman.

If you are portraying yourself as a good godly woman but on the first date you are leaning over to a man, telling him all types of sexual innuendos, and that you are ready to get bent over in the bathroom of the restaurant then you are a living oxymoron.

Which all that really means is that you are putting yourself out there to be one way but when the situation serves you, you are willing to turn into someone very different and that person does not include God.

Be who you say you are. Do not praise Jesus on the altar at church on Sunday or be a Bible study teacher on Wednesday, but every other day of the week you are someone else.  Also check out my video down below for more traits of a godly woman.

7. How to let a godly man pursue you ~ Get your life

No one is perfect, but if you are looking to attract a good godly man then you need to have your life together. Have a place to live, have a way to pay your bills, have a plan in life, have a life that says I am ready for a relationship.

I am so sure that there are so many godly men out there right now praying for God to bring him the right woman. The right woman is probably not a woman that is currently strung out on drugs and spends her night in the crack house trading sex for drugs.

That she is not trying to use him for his money or that he has to save her from the life she jacked up on her own. Your life needs to reflect that you are that right woman that he has been praying to God about.

Typically those things include a job, being able to provide for her own life, having a steady place to live, and/or good circle of good friends to surround herself with. These are just to name a few examples but your life should be together.

And you should already know that I have a video on this.  It is called chase the purpose and not the man because when you do the man will come.  If a man feels that your whole life is consists of trying to find a man and that you have no life of your own then he becomes your saving grace.  And no one is your saving grace but Jesus.

Instead have your own life, it shows a man that your purpose goes beyond having a ring in your finger and that if he gets with you, you will have something to add on to what he already has, not take away.

8. How to let a godly man pursue you ~ Taking care of your temple.

I am not asking you to be a vain woman that only cares about her appearance (See my blog here).  But I do think that you should take care of your temple as a woman of God. Your body is your temple and your body is where the Holy Spirit lives.

Godly men are still men and they do want someone that they are attracted to. Just because they are godly that does not mean that they are just willing to accept any woman that comes his way.  There has to be some form of physical attraction first.

Therefore I urge you on account of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. Romans 12:1

As I explain in my video below, since your body needs to be offered up as living sacrifices, take care of it. Both the outside and the inside.  And show the godly man and the world that your body is a living sacrifice of God that you take pride it.

Now I know that this blog may have not been what you expected.  There really are not games or manipulations tactics to becoming the type of woman a godly man wants to pursue.  It actually requires you to be something for your own life.  Shocking right, and know that when you are the best godly woman then, of course, you are going to attract the best godly man.

 If there is someone that you know can use the information then please feel free to share it with them.  Did you know I have a book for single Christian women “Fix It Jesus For Single Women Only“? You can click here to buy it or you can click here or the picture below to get the first chapter free.

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