3 Big Ways God Is A Father For The Fatherless

Father To The Fatherless Defender Of The Weak For Single Moms

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As a single mother, one of the Bible verses that I love is father to the fatherless defender of the weak. Because God is pretty much saying that he is going to be there for you and your child by being your husband, father, and defender. It can sound a little like incest a first, but I promise I will lay it out to you in a way that you can understand. Let’s take the actual Bible verse.

Father For The Fatherless Bible verse: “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows” Psalm 68:5

As a Christian, I do not want to pick and choose what part of the Bible verse I want to rename, but instead, you have to take the meaning of the verse in context, which is why a better interpretation is “father to the fatherless Defender of the weak, widow, or an unmarried woman with a child.”

I also encourage you to read my blog on single moms of the Bible so you can see exactly how God moves on the behalf of single moms of all kind, not just the widows but single moms no matter what their situation was.

Father to the fatherless defender of the weak –#1 A Father

As a single mom who has a son and his father is not involved, I never get too bent out of shape about it. The reason being is because God clearly tells us that none of us is fatherless including children that have a dead beat dad, uninvolved dads, or just dads that do not live with your child.

You can check out my video below that I did with my son where I talked about this and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

Whenever a father is not there and a fatherless child needs a father, then that child has one.  It is not enough to say to yourself and to your child that God is father to the fatherless, but it is more important for a child to know and understand what that means.  I have had an HONEST conversation with my son regarding his father not wanting to see him, not bashing his father conversation but an honest one.

2. Father For The Fatherless Case In Point

I have had a conversation with my son so that he can know and understand that his earthy father’s shortcomings have nothing to do with him. I have also had a conversation with my son about God being his father and to NEVER feel sorry for himself because he does not have a father in the household. The last thing I want my son to believe is that he is less than because he has no father. That is simply not true.

I know you may be saying that it is all fine and dandy but does that really work?

As someone (myself) who is also fatherless, I would say that it does.  I thank God for speaking to me at an early age. I remember when I was a teenager reading this verse, it changed everything for me. I was never one of those women who had daddy issues (see my blog here) or felt that my life was somehow lacking because I did not have a real father.

I had God as a father and because I counted God as my father that is why God and I are really tight to this day. Because that relationship was cultivated and I am closer to God than I am my real father and even my mother.

Not because she was a bad mom, but because that is how close I am with God. My relationship with Him is the most important first and foremost.  Over anyone else in my life. And because of it, God chooses to bless me for it. If you are someone who grew up fatherless then I highly suggest you watch my video below on daddy issues.

So do not count this verse as some feel-good fluff that I am telling you because your child does not have a father and you want to say something nice to your kid so that they do not feel bad about themselves.

As someone who lived by this verse, I was never the type of woman who just felt I was limited because I did not have a father in my life. I have a father, and He is a good one. AND I learned that He (God) could do more for me than even my Earthy father can do.

I am not saying that I am all that, but I am a product of being a fatherless child and the product of a teenage mom. Here I stand with three degrees and a purpose in which I want to empower and encourage other women, God gave me that. And that is more than any Earthy father or human being for that matter could even give me.

God taught me my self-worth, self-esteem, and how to feel about myself. God showed me my gifts and my talents even when I did not know I had them and certainly, no other person knew I had them. This is what God can do for you even if your real father won’t.

Which is what I teach in my child. If your child is a fatherless child, then God is their father. Never let them think that because their earthly father is lacking that it means that it is their fault or they are somehow doomed to have daddy issues and can never lead a productive life.

That is simply not true. Not only tell your child that God is their father but teach them how to cultivate that relationship with God so that they can actually feel the presence of God.

Father to the fatherless defender of the weak – #2 Husband

As quoted before the Bible verse states:

Father for the fatherless Bible Verse: “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows” Psalm 68:5

When you think of a widow, do not just think of a woman whose husband has died but think of it as an unmarried woman who has a child. When you look at the context of the Bible verse that is what God is saying.

A father to those who do not have a father and a husband to those who do not have a husband, and if you a single mother then this verse is talking about you.

I know what it is like to want to have a traditional family and to want to have an actual husband living in your house and being a father to your children. And as backward as it may sound, God is both my father and my husband.

You can check out my blog on the responsibilities of a husband, according to Christianity. But more importantly, if you need a provider, a helper, a redeemer, and you as a single mom just keep coming up short then God WILL be that for you.

I cannot name how many times God did more for me than what a husband could even do. Provided for me, made provisions for me, helped me out financially, answered my prayers, revealed what I needed to do to make my situation better, and helped me out with my household.

These are things that a husband is supposed to do BUT if you do not have a husband then God can do these things for you. Heck, even if you have a husband God can STILL do these things for you.

As a bonus, if you are a single mom that is having trouble dealing with a deadbeat dad then I suggest you view my video below.

Father to the fatherless defender of the weak – #3 Defender

And if you are lonely as a single mom (click my blog here) then I know that God is there for you may sound corny, because so many people do not understand how God can be a present just a present as a person. And that is what I am telling you if He is the defender of the weak, defender of widows, and the defender of those who cannot defend themselves He can be as present as you want Him to be.

You can grow with your relationship with God SO MUCH that even when you are sitting alone in the house it can feel like God is sitting right there with you, talking to you, and holding a conversation with you.  It only sounds weird, if you make it weird. But as someone who does this on a regular with God, it is not weird at all.  He wants to be there for you, so why not let Him.

Just because you are a single mom that does not mean that you have to go about your household all lonely, looking lost, sad, depressed, and trying to explain to your children that they are a fatherless child. Your child is not a fatherless child just like you are not an unmarried woman that has no one to go and fight on your behalf.

You do, and because you are a single mother, because your child may be fatherless, and because you may be more so at a disadvantage than other families that does not mean that you are less than and you do not have anyone to come and bat for you. God will bat for you:

Father To The Fatherless Bible Verse: “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Ephesians 3:20″

(also click my blog here for more on this topic).

Lastly, I suggest all single moms with children who are fatherless check out my video below it is very successful on my YouTube channel.

Your God is a Father to the fatherless defender of the weak. And if you are a single mom then that is YOU!

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