7 Tips For Buying Inexpensive Work Clothes That Look Expensive

In this post, I am going to talk to you about the best way to find inexpensive work clothes as well as give you some of my suggestions that I use personally. You could be a single mom, you could be just starting your career, you could be on the broke side, or you can just be cheap like me.

If anyone of these is the case, then opting for inexpensive career clothes is your best option. And know that just because they are cheap does not mean that you have to look low budget. I am a master of someone who loves looking good on a budget and therefore I am going to share some of my how-to find cheap career clothes tips with you. (post contains affiliate links)

1. How To Find Inexpensive career clothes ~ The Thrift store

The thrift store is by far going to be your hub for inexpensive career clothes. BUT there is a way to pick clothing from the thrift store so that you look fashionable and not busted. I have a full blog on how you can find stylish clothes at the thrift store that you can click here to read. But just as a brief tip. Go to a thrift store in a nice area of town where rich people donate their clothes. This increases the likelihood that the clothes are gently used, made from a more expensive quality, and still in style.

2. Inexpensive Work Clothes ~ Case in point:

Below, is a dress that I got from my local thrift store. They are a national thrift store called Savers. They have a massive amount of stock and a large variety. As you can see it is still unique, fashionable, and it certainly does not look like a second-hand dress.

Inexpensive Work Clothes

3. How To Find Inexpensive work clothes ~ Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find inexpensive work clothes BUT Amazon is one of those places that can be a hit or a miss. They can have items pictured on their site, but then when you get it in person, the item can look nothing like how it was pictured. You can get cheap career clothes from Amazon, but there is a key to making sure that what you get is good quality.

There is no need for buying something and it falling apart and not looking like how you thought it would look.  Check out these awesome shoes below that are my work shoes. They come from Amazon, and they only cost me $23.99 (click here to buy). I knew that when I got these shoes, they would be as desired. Because I implemented the following buying tips on Amazon.

inexpensive work clothes

4. Tips To Consider When Buying Inexpensive Work Clothes

  • Buying products that have a ton of reviews and the reviews are verified purchases.
  • If you do not want to be disappointed, skip over the items with no reviews because you never know what you are going to get.
  • Read through the reviews, starting from the lowest. If people consistently write reviews of the items being made cheap or falling apart then don’t buy it.
  • Most importantly, look at the pictures of other people who have bought the item. Nothing can give you more reassurance on how the product looks than seeing other people wear the actual item.

Below is a sample of an entire Amazon outfit that is both affordable and can be worn to work. Here are the links to buy the outfit below.

The cost of this entire outfit is: $196.97

Click here to see the full blog on affordable work outfit suggestions from Amazon.

inexpensive career clothes

5. How To Find Inexpensive work clothes ~ Off-Price Retailers

Manufacturers often buy back merchandise from department stores and sell it to off-price retailers such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and even Ross. These stores often have name brand items, and the clothing is severely marked down then what you would pay in a regular department store.

I have gotten Micheal Kors from there and even some Jordans for my son for like $25. Meaning that you can find some excellent deals at these off-price retailers. I encourage you to read my looking expensive on a budget blog where I talk about this type of store in more detail.

6. How To Find Inexpensive Work clothes ~ Never Underestimate A regular Store

Inexpensive Work clothes

There are some stores like Target, Walmart, and even Old Navy where you can get good quality AND inexpensive career clothes. So never overlook these places when you are trying to shop. If you check out my picture above I got this white, blazer, cape jacket from Old Navy and I felt that it was both classic, clean, and a wearable item to work. Among my other favorite stores is Target where they have really moved up in the world as far as fashionable clothes.

7. How To Find Inexpensive Work clothes ~ Think Capsule Wardrobe

If you do not know what a capsule wardrobe is then you can check out my blog here for my capsule wardrobe for work to get a better idea. But most of all it is a wardrobe that is versatile, can last you over time, and it includes individual pieces that you can switch out. For example, you may only have three pairs of pants, a skirt, and then 10 shirts. You caan watch my video down below on how to mix and match.  And most of the pieces are from my capsule wardrobe ebook which you can click here to down look 100% FREE. 

You can create very different looks off of the idea that your shirts are so different and you are mixing and matching them with your pants. Since you do not have to buy so many bottoms and spend your money on tops, you are saving more money overall. Below is a picture of some ideas I came up for an everyday capsule wardrobe AND every piece is under $30.

I really hope that these tips have helped you learn exactly where to get and how to find inexpensive career clothes. It is okay to be frugal and want to save money. But I also know the dilemma of being on a budget but want to still step into work looking and feeling like the boss career woman you are.

You will want to be that woman that looks like a million bucks even though she only has about $20 dollars to spend on her outfit. It is possible, and take it from me as a career woman who literally goes to work in inexpensive career clothes every day, no one really knows the difference if you are able to pull it off.

For all of my fashion and beauty oriented fashionistas then I have something free that you are going to FREAKIN LOVE.  YES LOVE.  It is my 100% free ebook, the Sophie-sticated Mom Stylish, Chic, & Modern Christian Women’s Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe Plan. That’s right your forever wardrobe.  No more being the frumpy, bumpy, boring modest wardrobe, just because you are a Christian. Be Godly, frugal, relatively modest, chic, stylish, on a budget and look good doing it.  Outfits for all seasons (spring, winter, fall, and summer) and most occasions work, casual, dates, gym, chilling or whatever and you will still be fashionable.   Just click here or the picture below

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