Short & Tapered The Zury Sis Jenna Wig Only $30

Zury Sis Jenna wig

I am going to give you a full review of the Zury Sis Jenna wig that retails for about $30. When I first saw this wig online, I was on the fence about it. I did like the style of the hair, but with it being so short I just was not sure how it would actually look on my head. It had the potential to look good, or it had the possibility to look like a wig that my grandmother would wear. (post contains affiliate links).

Zury Sis Jenna Wig First Impression (Click to buy)

Wig On The Model

When I took this wig out of the packaging, I quickly realized that it was not going to be one of those wigs that you can just pop on your head and go. It needs a lot of work and customization to keep it from looking like a hot mess.

Zury Sis Jenna wig

The main issue that I had with the wig was the amount of hair on the top. It did not lay the model picture at all, and instead, it was just a lot of hair stacked on my head, wildly, and it was not cute. The front of the hair was too long to the point that it ran over my eyes. The only option I had to was cut about two inches from the top of the wig. And really you would just have to eyeball how it looks as you cut the hair. Which is why I recommend that you cut the wig while it is on your head so that you can get a good idea of how the actual wig is laying on you.

Zury Sis Jenna Wig Specs

Zury Sis Jenna wig

The wig is NOT a lace front wig, and really it does not have to be due to the style. The wig is a synthetic wig which was fine with me. The hair did not tangle, and it does not look too plastic or fake. There is an adjustable strap in the wig, and the wig also comes with combs. The wig did not say that it was heat safe so if I were you, I would not try to apply any sort of curling iron to the actual hair because it would probably melt. The color that I got was 1b/30. The wig does come in many other colors as well that mostly include blacks and browns. You could also check out this YouTube video below to see the hair in black, and I personally think that it looked better on her then it did on me.

Zury Sis Jenna Wig Pros

What I did like about this wig was the fit of the wig. A lot of the times with short wigs you just never know how it is going to go. A short wig can be too, and the last thing you want is for a wig to slide all over your head. This wig was not like that, it will stay in place, and the cut of the wig does look like it is perfectly tapered to your head. Another pro is that the hair does take product well. In order to get the hair looking curly then you may need to put some type of curly moose or cream on it, which you can see some of my suggestions on what I used below.

Zury Sis Jenna Wig Cons

Zury Sis Jenna wig

This hair just took a lot of time to style and even when I did style it I am not sure that I am 100% in love with it. It still just gives off this grandma wig feel. Aside from having to cut the hair, the curl on the hair was irritating. I kept combing the hair to try to get it to lay someway that was decent and then the curls came out and turned into some feathered looking curls which made it even more of a grandma looking style. Once I put some product in it to help enhance the curls, I was able to get the original curl pattern back. I also had to use Eco Styler gel to slick down the sides of the hair to get it to lay the way I wanted it to.

Zury Sis Jeanna Wig Overall Rating.

Zury Sis Jenna wig

For me personally, it is not my favorite wig. I may just wear it when I need to put something on my head, but I cannot say that this would be my go-to wig for style or to look nice. Even though the wig does get better with some customization I just cannot shake the fact that I felt that the wig aged me like 15 years. It is too much of a grandma wig for me.

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  1. I am just now seeing this wig advertised, the Jenna Sister Wig by Zuri!!! I love it!! And I wish that I was able to get it. I don’t care about the reviewers who think the wig ages them. I think anyone, any AGE, with any sense of style can rock this wig, and this GRANDMA would love to get it!!! My color preference would be warm brown/light brown combination, or similar shades, and I would not cut it!! THERE!!!

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