Girl Wash Your Face Review & Is It A Christian Book?

An Honest Rachel Hollis Book Review Of Girl Wash Your Face

This is going to be a pretty detailed Girl Wash Your Face Review. Is it terrible that I had never heard of Rachel Hollis? I feel bad because once I read her book, I completely became in love with her. I find there are so many similarities between myself and her that when I read her book Girl Wash Your Face, I was thinking to myself:

Is this woman inside of my mind because she is literally saying some of the same exact things that I would say.

Since she is Christian and since the Holy Spirit dwells in us all, then I guess it should not be shocking that we start to see things the same way. With that being said I am going to do a full book review on the Rachel Hollis Book of Girl Wash Your Face, and since you can probably tell that the book review is going to be good based on what I said so far, I am going to tell you why you should REALLY read this book. (post contains affiliate links).

Rachel Hollis Girl Wash Your Face Review and Why I Read It (Click here to buy).

So maybe this will sound crazy, but I legit feel like this book was showing up everywhere that I went until I told myself

Fine let me go ahead and figure out what this book was about.

It was showed up in my Amazon suggested reading list several times, my friend said that she started reading it, and then when I was at the BlogHer conference one of the bloggers that I met told me that I MUST read this book. And this was in the span of three days. So I just had to pick up this book and see what in the world it was all about. I did buy an audible version of the book which is my new thing now listening to a book instead of reading them. The book was read by Rachel Hollis herself which I actually enjoyed.

An Honest Rachel Hollis Book Review Of Girl Wash Your Face

Rachel Hollis Girl Wash Your Face is it A Christian Book?

I would say yes. During the first few chapters of the book, I did not really see how it could be Christian. There was maybe a God mentioned here and maybe there. BUT more toward the middle to the end of the book is where home girl really went in as far as God and Christian principles pertain to your life. And what I like most is that it was NOT in a judging type of way. She comes from the same belief as me. And that is that God loves everyone and that it is not up to us people to judge other people but up to God.

When it comes to Christians we can be very judgy, and we want to tell people who, what, when, and why and think that we take the place of God. She talks about how she came from a very white Christian judging background to having a gay black female best friend. And how she learned that it is our job to love everyone just as God loves us and just as God commands us to do. You know when Jesus said love thy neighbor as yourself. That is every neighbor, not just the ones you look like or agree with.

Rachel Hollis Girl Wash Your Face Review Some of the high points of the book


YES, SEX. And she quotes one of the more prominent Bible verses about marriage that I love.

Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. Hebrews 13:4

What this means is that sex in the context of marriage pretty much anything goes as long as you are not hurting one another, hurting other people, and doing something against God. I mean of course if you and your husband want to go rape women to get your rocks off that is NOT covered by the above verse because you are hurting someone else. But whatever you and your husband want to do in the confines of your marriage that turn you both on then go for it. Having sex it not dirty and in a marriage, it is something to be enjoyed by the BOTH of you.

I really like the part where Rachel said that she made it her and her husband’s goal to make her organism every time they have sex, sometimes twice if possible. I love when Christian women are relatable, and they are not afraid to encourage other women to enjoy themselves, their husband, and their sex life. There is NOTHING wrong with that.

Girlfriend has been through some things

Having not known or heard of her before I thought my impression was going to be

Here is a woman that has never experienced any type of hardship pain, is living her dream and now she is going to tell me how to live my best life.

BOY was I wrong about my opinion about her. Her brother committed suicide, and she found his body. She worked from the bottom to the top with only a high school diploma. She has had weight issues, daddy issues, eating issues which makes her very relatable to the everyday woman because some of us have experienced these issues ourselves.

Her relationship drama

She does NOT pretend to be perfect or a virgin. Granted she did marry the man that she lost her virginity to, BUT that was only after he dogged her out, used her, argued with her, and she just gave it up to him in her effort to try to hang on to him. I feel this scenario is so typical. And even though she broke up with him and he married her, she let us know this is NOT the norm. It is never acceptable to allow yourself to be used and abused by men just because you don’t want them to leave you.

An Honest Rachel Hollis Book Review Of Girl Wash Your Face

Rachel Hollis Girl Wash Your Face How I Could Relate To Her

I am going to go into how I related to her because I know that many of you will probably feel the same way.

Honor Your Temple

One thing that I loved that she mentioned is that taking care of yourself is Godly. As I wrote in my own book (click here to buy) and click here to get the first chapter free. Here is an excerpt from my book:

Once, as I was praying to God about not eating a cookie, I asked God why He had to make all the good things bad for you. As soon as I ask it, God revealed something to me.

God told me that the things that he created were the things that we see growing out of the ground. The fruits, the vegetables, and the animals. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God created processed sugar and all this stuff that we eat and is bad for us.

Those are all man-made things. Am I saying that you can never have sugar? NO, I am not. But to eat bad foods to excess, consume sugar to excess, and drink alcohol to excess will just wear your body down. 

Of course, the above words are my words, but she said something very similar. And like me, she agrees that it is NOT always about weight. There are some really skinny people with bulimia and anorexia that are not healthy.  I know used to eat and eat when I was younger because I could, and it was not until I got older that I started gaining weight and I had to pay attention to my health and what I was eating and how I was consuming alcohol (which she also talked about in the book). For so many Christians I think they do not pay attention to the aspect that God does want us to be healthy. Even reading the story of Daniel (also an excerpt from my book below).

Test us for ten days, he said. Give us vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then compare us with the young men who are eating the food of the royal court, and base your decision on how we look.’ He agreed to let them try it for ten days. When the time was up, they looked healthier and stronger than all those who had been eating the royal food. Daniel 1:12-15

Am I telling you that you need to become vegan? NO, I am not. But we cannot deny what Daniel was saying, that eating vegetables and drinking water is important to our health. If God thought so much to put it in the Bible, then it must be important to him too.

And so I really respect that she included taking care of your physical body as well as mental. And for her, since she struggled with bingeing on food as a way to punish herself. It really meant a lot that as to why she encouraged health.

Her worth ethic

As a fellow blogger myself it is encouraging to hear how someone created a community full of women to encourage them. Not only is that what I seek to do but as she pointed it is a lot of hard work. And even though it is work you love. You cannot forget to calm down and take a break. She tends to work herself so hard that she has gotten belle’s palsy where half of her face turns numb. So you have to have a good work life balance and learn to do things that will alleviate your stress and not work yourself into the bone until you cannot go anymore.

An Honest Rachel Hollis Book Review Of Girl Wash Your Face

Everything happens to people

Her brother did commit suicide, but she also went through a time when she was trying to adopt a child, and it did not work out for her for years. And then as she was trying to foster a child, someone called CPS on her and accused her of abusing children. Whenever you look at someone’s life, understand that it is not perfect. Everyone goes through things, and everyone has their crosses to bear. Just because you go through things does not mean that God is picking on you and it does not mean that God does not love you. It is just how life is.

There is so much that I can say about this book but I think I gave away so many spoilers already. As a woman, you should read the book, and I know for a fact that you will get straightforward encouragement from it no matter who you are.

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