8 Amazing Blogs For Single Christian Women To Follow

Blogs for single Christian women

In this post, I am going to bring you 8 of the absolute best blogs for Christian single women. And I do mean that they are the best. From advice on relationships, singleness, dating, courting, praying, and finding purpose, these 8 bloggers are going to have your spiritual journey covered as a single woman from all aspects.

Before I get into the list, I want to give you an explanation as to why these bloggers and even vloggers have made the list. There are plenty of blogs for single women out there, but these made a list because I felt they were the best, more personal and they really encourage you to get yourself right with God above all else.

Sometimes advice such as being celibate can be hard to hear because we live in a world where it is so easy to do what you want to do (good or bad) and no one sees anything wrong with it. BUT in ALL of these blogs, I feel all the creators not only talk the talk, but they also walk the walk. These blogs help women understand that Christian singleness is not a curse and encourage you to get closer to God, get to know yourself, and practice Biblical-based teachings. You ready let’s get into it.

8 Of The Top Blogs for Single Christian Women

Blogs for single Christian women #1 Heather Lindsey

Blogs for single Christian women

Heather has been around for such a long time and I have been her followers for years. Now, Heather has over 400k Facebook followers and has an annual conference that she calls Pinky Promise. One of the biggest things that Heather is known for is not kissing her husband until their wedding day, and in case you were wondering neither of them were virgins. I also wrote about her in my Successful Christian women with a purpose blog.

Here is an excerpt from her blog How I knew My Husband was the One

As you all know, my single life wasn’t the prettiest picture. I was a , to say the least. I struggled by jumping from relationship to relationships on a crazy search to be whole. It was SO hard for me for a LONG time. THEN, I got SICK & tired of being SICK & tired. And I broke up with my then boyfriend in March 2008. Then, I felt like a email blast went out & all these guys kept asking me out. I knew it was a distraction.

So I turned down a ton of good Christian guy “I had NO peace about those guys. I just knew that they weren’t it. I knew that I had a call on my life to go into Ministry “there was no question and whoever I married needed to have the same vision. And it wasn’t enough for them to just SAY it I needed to be able to watch their relationship with Jesus myself & see some stuff working.

My husband WALKED by me for three years straight at church. On January 4th, 2009 after church we started talking for the first time about the church fast that was coming up. I asked him if we could eat honey or soy milk. So then, he said answered and said, I’m going to put a cow in the ground & grow it”– (the fast was food from a seed in the ground only).

So, YESCornelius started flirting with me on the low! I entertained CORNELIUS for the first time in almost a year because there was something different about him. During that time where I finally got single, I started really getting on my FACE daily before God. I went on dates with Him, talked to Him about EVERYTHING“ would spend weekends with a jug of water and my bible & just spent crazy time with Him. I had an OVERWHELMING sense of peace when I met my husband. It’s like God was like FINALLY. I’ve been able to connect them both when they’re both finally single.

Heather’s Top Christian singleness include:

How To Recognize A Woman Collector

I Can’t Leave My Boyfriend

Why We Waited Until Our Wedding Day to Kiss & WHY IT’S WORTH IT.

Heather does not update her blog as much as she used to but she does deliver fresh content via her YouTube Channel. Check out her latest single sermons she had at one of her conferences.

Blogs for single Christian women #2 Sophia Reed PhD NCC (ME)

Blogs for single Christian women

You know that you could not be reading this blog if I did not put myself up here. The remarkable thing about my blog is that I seek to empower a single woman in ALL areas of their life and your relationship status is just one of them. I want you to have the best man, the best relationship, the best job, and I even want you to look your best.  If you are a reader of my blog, I feel like you need to be at your best for God to bring you His best. You can read my about me page here, but a little bit of my story is that I am a single AND I am a single mom. My son’s father was incarcerated for the first 7 years of his life which was followed by more uninvolvement on his part.

I got so sick and tired of him, and the bad relationships that came before him and after him. The last straw was when I found out he had a wife (yes as in married) and a girlfriend, and me on an endless string of stupid. That is when I stopped focusing on me and starting focusing on doing the best thing for my life. That caused me to get a Master’s degree, a Ph.D. degree, and now I am a National Certified Counselor. You can also check out my single mom story here.

Below are some of my top blogs for Christian singleness.

The Secret To Finding Your Boaz And Ditching The Fakes

Let Me Teach You Exactly How To Attract a Godly Man

6 Bible Verses About Women’s Beauty ~ Its Okay To Be Sexy

You can check out my video on being single over 30. This video was recorded a few years back. Don’t mind my makeup because I have grown so much with my makeup skills since then.

Blogs for single Christian women #3 Girl Defined

Blogs for single Christian women

Girl defined is a blog run by sister’s one is married while the other is not. Since launching GirlDefined Ministries in 2014, their goal has always been to help modern girls understand and live out God’s timeless truth for womanhood. In a day and age when girls and women receive so many conflicting messages about their value, purpose, and identity, they desperately need to know that the only one who can define them is the One who created them.

Some of the best blogs on their site for Christian singleness are

10 Misconceptions about Biblical Womanhood

One Thing Every Single Woman Needs to Know

136 Questions to Ask in a Relationship

And their video Your Relationship Status Does Not Define You

Here are two of the books that they have on sale

Girl Defined: God’s Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity

Love Defined: Embracing God’s Vision for Lasting Love and Satisfying Relationships

Blogs for single Christian women #4 Married & Young

Blogs for single Christian women

The owners or married and young are well¦ married and young. BUT much of their site is dedicated to singles as well. Married and Young was started out of the desire to share their marriage journey with others. Their mission to see Married and Young increase the marriage rate and decrease the divorce rate in the World by helping singles, courting, engaged, and newly married couples establish a solid foundation for a successful Godly marriage! They believe that for a marriage to be successful that Christ must be in the center of it. Married and Young is reaching over 30,000 singles and couples monthly with the message of having a thriving Christ-Centered marriage.

Some post about Christian singleness on Married and Young Include

You Need More Jesus Not More Sex

Are you in Need of Healing Perhaps You Should Stop Dating

If God is Faithful Then Why Am I Still Waiting

You can Watch Jamel’s and Natasha’s Love Story Here

Some of the books that were written by the creators of married and young are.

25 Ways to Prepare for Marriage Other than Dating

A 42 Day Devotional for Couples.

Blogs for single Christian women #5 The Praying Woman

The Praying Women is a Lifestyle Blog designed for women of all walks of life. They offer tips and ideas to help strengthen your relationship with God. The Praying Woman was created by Dreana Weston as a means for women to Inspire, Encourage, and Uplift one another through daily prayer and conversation about real-life issues. Our topics include News, Parenting, Relationships, & Spirituality.  When she first started the blog, she was unemployed. And after being rejected for job after the job she realized that her calling was not to get another 9-5 job, but her calling was for her to run her blog the praying women. Since it’s launch in 2011, The Praying Woman has become one of the leading and most visited Blogs For Christian Women all over the world.

Top blogs on Christian singleness

The first one was a guest post written by ME! 3 Couples in the Bible We Can All Learn Something From

5 Things Single Christians Should Do During Their Single Season

5 Sure Signs You’re Settling in Your Relationship

Blogs for single Christian women #6 Tony Gaskins

Blogs for single Christian women

Tony Gaskins is a more down to earth type of guy that went from selling drugs and losing a sports scholarship to being on Oprah, the Tyra Banks Show, and 700 Club. Tony is a Christian and his advice specializes in advice for single Christian women but it more specifically focuses on relationships. He delivers in a straightforward type of way with his country accent and all. His content is mostly provided through his podcast and his YouTube Channel.

Some of the best podcast Tony has on Christian singleness

Casual Sex And Soul Ties.

I’m The Other Woman.

Respect Yourself

When To Give A Relationship A Title.

And check out his more popular videos on when to let a relationship go

Blogs for single Christian women #7 Ashley Empowers

Blogs for single Christian women

Ashley is married, and she is also a huge advocate for dating with a purpose. Ashley’s main platform is YouTube where she gives advice and answers relationship questions with her husband. Ashley Brown, affectionately known as “Ashley Empowers” is a speaker, entrepreneur, author, and top media personality. She is a pioneer within the relationship community, and she works daily to change the tone of the conversation about marriage and relationships around the world.

The most popular video on her site about Christian singleness is

“Dating With Purpose” | Kirk Franklin’s Wife Tammy & Daughter Carrington

Some of Ashley’s books you might want to read.

Dating With Purpose: A Story of How God Turned a HOT MESS into a Housewife

Before the Next Step: Questions Before “I Do”

Blogs for single Christian women #8 Alyson Rowe

Blogs for single Christian women

You can turn to Alyson if you just want single women encouragement over all. She will not talk too much about actual dating but instead focuses on encouraging single Christian women to live in their purpose while single and get closer to God.

Allyson Rowe holds the title of Miss Washington, USA 2014. She is a powerful speaker, worship leader, pageant coach, and entrepreneur. Having overcome self-image issues, eating disorders, and a long-term destructive relationship herself, God has raised her up with a fearless passion to see others released into full freedom in their God-ordained identities, and see them set free from any chain that would try to bind them. Alyson does have a blog, but most of her work can be seen on her YouTube Channel.

Top Video About Christian Singleness Ladies! The man GOD has for you will pursue YOU.

There you have it, folks, my top 8 Christian blogs for single Christian women and I promise you that you will get encouragement from each and everyone one of them in such a different but enriching way. Some focus on relationships, singleness, preparation for marriage, courting, dating, and just maximizing your single overall.

If you know a fellow single Christian woman that is looking for encouragement, then please share this post with her.

And last but not least consider getting my book for Christian single women that you can click here to get. Learn everything from relationship, dating, and everything in between.

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  1. Beautifully written! I believe everyone needs to embrace a period of singleness. One must love themselves fully before you can love another fully. Thank you for sharing.

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